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  1. Wish I had never seen the store locator link, checked it Monday and it said all the Walgreens in the town 20 miles away were in stock so I spent my evening going to all of them only to be told they have no clue what I'm talking about. Out of the 6 stores only one employee was helpful, while another employee in another store told me they won't stock anything new until they sell all the items on clearance. This morning all 7 Walgreens in my town said they were in stock, so I made a run before work only to be told they have no clue and if it's not on the shelf then they can't help me. I understand that it isn't a toy store, so they don't know the product, but to be so unhelpful and to act like you couldn't care less about helping me is a shame. If it weren't for these mates I would never go back to Walgreens, out of 13 stores only one had an employee that actually cared about the customer.
  2. Got my Mallrats blank in the mail yesterday, thanks again to Shane and everyone at DST for making this contest possible.
  3. Sooooo glad to see all that money raised through Kickstarter was put to good use making that oh so awesome website, photoshopped posters for the pilot episode, an app(which unfortunately is still under construction, my life won't be complete until I can access news of the Minimates not being made with just one click on my phone) and travel expenses for him to go to SDCC. I really hope someone who visits the Agent 88 booth lets him know what a wonderful and awesome dude we all think he is. Wish I could afford to go to SDCC this year, would totally be worth it just to go and punch him in his smug face and be banned from SDCC for doing so to congratulate him on a job well done.
  4. Clearly, you have never been to the Gulp-and-Go off of I-80. While I haven't had the pleasure of patronizing that particular establishment, I do think gas stations would be better outlets for blind bag Ninja Turtles than Kmart and Sears would be. Where I live, they're both struggling to stay afloat in a sea of Walmart and Targets. Maybe in other parts of the country Kmart and Sears are thriving retailers, but if they're anything like here then they'll be lucky to be open for another year. Of course any exposure for the Minimates brand is a good thing and I really hope this leads to other retailers carrying Minimates in the future.
  5. Noticed that the TMNT blind bag description says "Sold at comic shops, specialty stores, Kmart, Sears and Toys "R" Us." It's great that Minimates are going to be available in more retailers, but to me Kmart and Sears seem like two of the worst places for Minimates to be sold. Maybe 20-25 years ago they would have been good places for Minimates to be sold(when they both actually had customers), but both businesses are on the downward slope of their existence and I'm really surprised both are still open. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to either retailer(easily more than 10 years ago) and didn't even know Sears sold toys other than out of the catalog. Does the Sears catalog exist anymore?
  6. Everything looks amazing, only thing missing is a Badger and Skinny Pete 2pack.
  7. For all of the Jack Kirby and NFL fans, here's some artwork the NFL commissioned from him in 1973
  8. 1. Classic Heroic Age Spider-Man. Great colors and one of the last Spider-Man's to have web tampo around the whole wrist 2. Santa Spider-Man. To quote Waylan Smithers "but she's got a new hat" 3. Zombie Spider-Man. The exposed ribs and knee are so well done, plus it's a freakin zombie version of Spider-Man 4. Symbiote Spider-Man. So simple, yet so good. 5. Spider-Man 2099. Could use an update, but still one of my favorite looks for Spider-Man - Hail Ivan
  9. Was trying to edit my post and accidentally deleted it. I recently re-read the two Walking Dead compendiums and was comparing outfits and character likeness to the 'mates(DST has done a very good job so far) and I always thought he was Caucasian so I can understand if a mistake was made, but the link you provided does say he's African American. So karamazov is probably right, that he is most likely a lighter skinned African American. Edit - Here's a link to the gallery of "Woodbury" Bruce He looks Caucasian in most all of the pictures to me so it's understandable why they made the 'mate Caucasian, but it is odd that he would be approved if he truly is African American.
  10. Technically the whole TRU Star Trek Legacy series was exclusive to TRU since all the 'mates were different than those available at comic/specialty stores, but if I remember correctly only the Janeway/Seven of Nine pack had the exclusive sticker. Not sure why yours didn't have the sticker though.
  11. Pic of Affleck in the Batman costume and more of the Batmobile revealed
  12. That quote literally had me laughing out loud. One of the best episodes ever.
  13. You need to make an apartment scene box set then and I can just pop Marvin's head off to have him from the car scene lol. Or... Hail Ivan That was actually the first thing I thought of and I even have an extra of that head in my parts box. Unfortunately, I don't have the incredible customizing skills that you possess(Not that there aren't many great customizer here, but you definitely make some of best customs on the forum).
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