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  1. Out of curiosity, how did you handle the Age of Ultron blind bags? And you can check and see if customer service has a correct Crossbones head, no matter what packaging it comes in. Just send a photo. Hi Zach,I didn't purchase any of the AoU blind bags, or Ninja Turtles blind bags for that matter. With all due respect, I am not a gambler and I don't like spending money on items I don't want. Unless the entire wave is a must buy, then I can't see purchasing blind bags at all. In any given wave there are 'mates that I am less interested in (and I know I'm not alone in this). I am willing to spend on those figures because I at least I am guaranteed to get the figure it is packaged with. With blind bags, there is the possibility of getting stuck with unwanted mates and never finding the choice figures unless one spends nearly $100 on the entire box. Mass Effect was another example. There were a few mates that I really wanted because they were visually appealing but found it frustrating when I got stuck with the same unwanted figures over and over (don't own the game so I don't know the names). When Game Stop reduced the price, I could justify spending until I found the figures I was looking for. I will follow up with customer service about Crossbones. Thanks! So blind bags has not kept you from being a collector of any line, you just did not buy the blind figures that were offered. Correct? You still buy Marvel? Non-bagged TMNT? Cheap Mass Effect, because a little gamble is okay? Just trying to gauge what is being said here.I have every marvel wave from wave 1 (and speciality packs), all dc waves, the pirate waves, the fantasy waves, the femme fatale waves, and most of BSG and trek waves. Bought the mass effects 4-pack because I knew what I was getting and loved the look of the characters. Bought the turtles classic 4 pack but that's it.I guess my major gripe is opening a blind bag with an item I have zero interest in and getting instant buyers remorse. Does not motivate me to plunk down another $5 and risk getting the same unwanted figure when I can pay $9.99 for a sure thing. I would rather pay for a pack with a known, specific character than run the risk of dropping increasing amounts of cash and being "surprised" with characters I don't want. So you didn't buy the TMNT TRU two-packs? Because the TMNT blind bags exist? Or are you non-US? I live in NYC. My local TRU has been very inconsistent in stocking minimates. The TRU TMNT figures overall were a little too cartoony for me (I was a fan of the original comic series) and the figures that I was interested in sold out online before I could pick them up. My buying habits are as such: I focus mostly on comic book waves and box sets in addition to individual interesting figures. I thought the Pathfinder and Dragon Age series were brilliant. I enjoy that genre in general. I also liked the Star Trek mates, the Sony mates and the Kill Bill waves. Not a fan of Pulp Fiction so those were a pass. Same with NBX and BTTF. The Predator and the Aliens figures looked cool but not enough for me to buy them. Not into the Muppets or Sponge Bob at all. When I purchase 'mates, I generally buy custom cases so I know I am getting the mates that I want. I'm on a tight toy budget so I want to make the most out of my purchases. For me, blind bags carry too much risk with less reward. Hence, while I thought the AoU set was great, the idea of getting multiples of the same figure while trying to complete the set irked me. Same with the TMNT. There were certain figures that I wanted but did not want to contend with the probability to wasting money on a figure in which I had no interest. I am ok with buying a less-interesting figure as part of a set as long as I can get the figure that I want. With blind bags, I may purchase 5 bags and still not finding the one that I looking for.
  2. This may also be one of the Scarlet Witch's "messing with their heads" scene and may be Thor's nightmare...
  3. I think Mystique as the assassin was just from the cartoon, but I could be wrong.Disregard. It WAS Mystique and the Brotherhood. Actually, the assassin was Destiny during a battle with the Brotherhood. Kitty deflected the shot by phasing through her and causing some dues ex psychic overload. She immediately jumped back to her future self at the end.
  4. pioad

    TRU Wave 16

    And the cancellation emails commence. Ordered these at 5 am the day they appeared on line. Just got a cancellation email for the Emma/Colossus set.
  5. Sorry. This played on TV and I figured after the long conversation on this page that it was public knowledge. Modified it as best as I can
  6. Spoilers!!! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. New Iron Man trailer just played on NBC showing Pepper in armor! Tony "threw" the armor onto her and she then had to "Rescue" him from the attack on the lab.
  7. Does anyone know if DST replaces parts from Toys "R" Us? My Air Walker came without the shoulder caps that hold the wings in place. Last time I asked them for a part (Cosmic Spiderman only had a left foot) I never even received a reply.
  8. Got my shipping notice for the Air Walker/ Firelord set but its listed as wave 14. Were other people getting this message? I believe I read this before but can't find the post.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the excellent pictures! I didn't see this in skimming the previous posts but can anyone explain how AirWalker's wings are attached? Thanks!
  10. I agree. Is it just me or does it kind of look like a lobster?
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