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  1. I don't remember Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman ever playing a game of basketball to a cheesy pop soundtrack or going up against an evil cosmetic corporation that melted Alex Borstien's face with their evil face cream. My point being that you glossed over alot of the stuff that makes Halle Berry's Catwoman so effing bad. Cats bringing them both back to life is where the similarities begin and end.
  2. 40ish. There are a few things I like about the english dub (the cat's voices, the fact that I can understand it) but ultimately as an adult, the fact that they butchered so many plot points and made it SOOOOO kid friendly makes it unwatchable. Sailor Moon/Chibimoon could use less annoying voice actresses as well. Im looking foreward to it.
  3. It's not about design its about proportions for me. The difference between TAS and TNBA Harley is basically the difference between Catwoman and Ivy. TNBA females were smaller, more nymph like than full figured woman. TAS were more......voluptuous. It's an animation style that does translate into sculpt.
  4. Amazon needs to hurry up with my Sailor Venus. I think it will be another week but I paid for it a long time ago. Instagram pictures can only sustain me for so long, I need to hold it.
  5. I am disappointed that Ivy is the NA version, I'm not a fan of the proportions for the females on that show. Here is hoping we get a TAS version sometime, and that Harley Quinn is TAS so at least she will fit in with this Joker.
  6. It would be pretty awesome if Neptune/Uranus were a set. It would be more money going out at once but the wait between Senshi has been pretty irritating.
  7. People said tge same thing about the Wonder Twins/Gleek and they still sold out.
  8. The only justifiable reason for Yoda having a soft goods robe is if the body is going to be used for Ewoks later.
  9. Hasbro has cancelled more figures that they have shown prototypes for than any other toy company ever. It's ridiculous. There must be 30 ML/MU figures we never got since they took over the license.
  10. Saturn looks great. I feel like they have been recreating the look of the anime so well that I already know what the outer senshi and Chibiusa will look like before I've seen prototypes. In related news, the pretty terrible Sailor Mercury bootleg is only $15 shipped on Amazon. May be good for parts/customizing.
  11. The only thing I remember about Queen Beryl was that her doll was noteworthy as being an incredibly rare breed of 'villanous female' in the doll world. I think she has the best chance at a figuarts of any villan, but I think alot of that can be chalked up to Toy Nostalgia, much in the same way POP has evolved into MOTUC figures while still drawing influence from it's original toys. I'm confident Beryl's prominence in the minds of US audience is because of that doll, because there were certainly better villans (design-wise and story-wise) throughout the series.
  12. You might have been thinking of the 4 inch TM figure in a pink box or the 'hang on Tuxedo Mask' gashapon set. No figuarts yet.
  13. I think we'll see a Super Sailor Moon at some point. I wouldn't mind Chibiusa (in her civilian or first senshi form) being a Luna type figure without much articulation included with either the rerelease of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask or Sailor Pluto. Super Sailor Chibi Moon is probably tall enough to share Saturn's buck, but it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to tool an entirely unique figure of such a despised character (at least in the US) for her earlier forms. I'd really like to see the Akiyashi (?) sisters, especially Catsy/Koan. Queen Beryl I could live without. I still think we will see a Sailor V (not just Venus with a mask). I'd enjoy a civilian Serena/Usagi with some goofy facial expressions. There is a Tuxedo Mask proto? Where? Not sure if anybody here caught this but Sailor Venus will also have a hand with the mask attached.
  14. Look who finally got official photos. Nice! Figured she'd come with the antenna and that face, good to see it confirmed.
  15. I'm a fan of females looking feminine, and eyeliner and eyeshadow are a staple of that. Bravo. Shame on Hasbro paint apps.
  16. I'm sure there are alot of things that make Figma Captain America better than any of Hasbro's offerings therefore worth double the price, I'm just sick to death of the character. Especially movie versions. I'd be alot more excited for comic Figmas, or even DOFP. Enough with The Avengers already.
  17. A New Hope Leia is at the top of my wants for this line. I think the fact that she is actually wearing clothes will inately improve the look of the figure, since Slave Leia's joints are so ugly. I have a feeling we will see one of Jabba's dancers as the SDCC exclusive, ala Han Solo in carbonite. Other than that, there aren't many females I can see happening in the 6 inch line. Aayla Secura? Episode 1 Amidala in the maroon outfit her first figure was in? Army builder hand maidens? Haha. Star Wars is a boys club for sure.
  18. I was an incredibly spoiled child and got everything I ever asked for, eventually. I think it helped that I only ever wanted things that were under 10 dollars (humanoid action figures were always my thing), so I was basically only limited to what I could find (hunting is so much different, easier and more expensive these days. Completely different topic though.) I remember being economical in my choices (like, for the price of a fancy Lego set, I could get 10+ figures) and the cheaper, more plentiful items always won.
  19. Do you think we'll see 5 packs like the ML Thunderbolts and All New X Men sets? I do. At 89.99 I could see a 5 pack of Stormtroopers selling out at a con. At TRU, something like A New Hope (Tatooine) Luke Obi Wan R2D2 C3P0 Hologram Leia Death Star Luke (ST disguise) Han (ST disguise) Leia Stormtrooper x 2
  20. I think a Stormtrooper disguise Luke/Han with alternate heads would sell like hot cakes. My top 10: A New Hope Leia (con exclusive hologram version would be rad) Emperor Palpatine C 3P0 Hoth Leia Hoth Han Hoth Luke Dagobah Luke Yoda Jabba's Dancers (all of them haha)
  21. Jabba at $40 is tempting. Thankfully Slave Leia is cheap, though I expect that to change when Jabba is released.
  22. So that pretty much confirms the fourth boxset to be Elle Vernita Budd and a fourth, likely trailer fight Beatrix.
  23. I *might* get Buffy, but I don't know. Angel and Oz are crap and it just seems to me that you're paying for a really cool vintage box with a Happy Meal toy inside. Definitely keeping any I get MOC.
  24. I went on a bit of an Instagram tangent with my figuarts today. The backing cards worked better than I expected. Lo-fi filter and flash on.
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