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  1. I just want a Squirtle with two different pairs of sunglasses to army build a Squirtle Squad.
  2. I had Amazon credit and ALMOST ordered Spider Woman before I saw that they were going to be released in May. That's too long for me to wait, so I got a bunch of Funko Mystery Minis instead.
  3. It's great. I just got another one in a trade so I can swap out the hands with Captain Marvel. I might give her the heels too (as crazy as that sounds.....I like high heels haha). I hope the modding isn't too extensive. The shade of red is close enough.
  4. I love how you can tell who hates Chibimoon/Chibiusa/Rini by the fact that they call her Rini. The DIC dub made her so much more obnoxious than she is in Japanese. Speaking of Chibiusa and how annoying she is, I ordered some gashapon and totally got shafted (no Neptune and an extra Chibiusa) GRRRRRRR.
  5. Dorkside Toys has everybody from the Spidey wave (2099 and DD aside) for 22.99
  6. Ordered Hawkeye, Thor and Sentry this morning. Just need Iron Fist. I don't want the King Thor head if anyone wants to make me an offer.
  7. I think with only Hawkeye being double packed this wave is going to see a lot of restocks. If last year was any indication, we can look forward to this wave being consistently available at retail all year long. Hawkeye and Machine Man might warm shelves more than the others, but I don't think they are going to be hard to come by. Just be patient haha. Or order from Amazon.
  8. I snagged Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel from Amazon for 22 each and got free shipping
  9. Waves 7 and 8 are slam dunks for me, I want them all. Even Sheriff Rick and Flu Hershel. Not as much as I want Beth or Lori buuuuut they are definitely keeping my interest.
  10. Wonder Con reveals Gotta say I was never expecting Zoisite Sailor Moon.
  11. Well if any character deserves to get repeated it's Sailor Moon. I could live without Eternal Sailor Moon, that design is a little too busy for me. I think Super Sailor Moon is more regal. Instantly recognizable as the leader and not just the blonde with pigtails in a different colored fuku.
  12. Super Sailor Moon will be on display at Wondercon 2015. Really happy about it, I wanted this Sailor Moon and am not even sad about Pluto not being announced. I don't want the line to end!
  13. This doesn't have anything to do with Figuarts, but Megahouse is releasing petit chara figures of The Spectre Sisters. It's interesting to me that this is the first bit of merchandize since the beginning of the 20th anniversary to feature a villain, or any character other than the main 11 characters. If the Figuarts continue past Pluto I think there is a very good chance we will see them. Their designs are more striking than Beryl's generals and Crystal is going to be doing the Dark Moon Kingdom arc again so I think they'll be popular enough again. Koan and Petz are my favorites. I love how they contrast with Mars and Venus. Since they all eventually were healed by Sailor Moon they could be considered good guys. Hulu streaming new episodes of the new English dubs will make a lot of characters more relevant to US audiences I think. It make take a few years but I think it will eventually be like DBZ where the roster just keeps expanding. Sailor V Queen Beryl Queen Nehelennia Allen/Ein The Starlights Super Sailor Chibi Moon Dark Lady Mistress 9 Rubeus Naru Schoolgirl Usagi Shrine Maiden Rei Schoolgirl Ami Schoolgirl Makoto Schoolgirl Minako The Spectre Sisters Eternal Sailor Moon Super Sailor Mercury Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Venus Super Sailor Jupiter Princess Serenity Would all be instant buys for me, and this list could have been so much longer.
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