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  1. Now you metion it, i don't think it fits. And the web gear is attached to the belt... In that case, I'll try to kitbash my own Morph.
  2. I'm happy to have another similar Cyclops even if it's only for the optic blast and the more neutral Byrne-ish face expression. Ad if it comes with alternative arms, the jacket will be a cool accesory for my Jim Lee Cyclops.
  3. In this pic courtesy of kastorskorner it looks like Cyclops could come with some kind of optic blast:
  4. Yes! I was hoping for a new Dark Phoenix but I thought that was unlikely after seen the regular Phoenix. I'm very pleased with the Marvel Minimates news.
  5. Wow... DST is definitely hearing us... I'd have prefered Dark Phoenix instead another regular Phoenix, but I'm happy anyway. I don't know about the other two in that wave, but I guess Wolverine in Fang costume would make sense.
  6. I'm biased toward classic characters, so each pack has something for me. Loving the reveals so far!
  7. So far, we've only seen one pic, but I can say I'm truly excited by the left hand of Constrictor and the right arm of Deathlkok.
  8. You can see the pic at Instagram:
  9. As a classic Marvel character minimates collector, I cannot be happier with the Marvel’s Chameleon and Spider Sense Peter Parker two pack. I've been waiting for a while for an updated classic Peter Parker and Mary Jane, both being two of the essential civilians of the Marvel Universe and they don’t disappoint me. The execution is perfect and the new sculpted hair pieces add a lot. And if it was not enough, for the same price we get Chameleon in his dressing gown none less and a lot of classic accessories (webshooters, belt, half-mask spider sense hair piece and my favorite: the hand with the radioactive spider). Thanks, DST! Peter Parker and his little family: This made me think that it would be nice if they released some kind of deluxe or ultimate packs including the super-hero, his civilian identity and a lot of accessories:
  10. Thanks, DST! This is a dream come true!
  11. Ms. Marvel is, indeed, fun and The Leader is an overdue update and enough 616 (at least for me),
  12. Quite so, but then you cannot display Mr. Fantastic with his stretched arms. BTW, I really like your instagram account, suicidewatch.
  13. I never thought I'd ever say anything like that, but I was perfectly fine with my Thing until I saw yours...
  14. Nothing wrong with her, but I'd like to display them in the traditional blue outfits. In the meantime, I kitbashed a Invisible Girl using the "Best of" Mr. Fantastic torso (kinda unisex) and TRU Sue Storm head and limbs.
  15. If so, I hope we get a classic Invisible Girl that matches the "Best of" Mr. Fantastic at some point.
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