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  1. Leaving out Xmen and FF because of the whole feud.... Daredevil yellow and Elektra Black (wave 1 tribute and ties into daredevil having a show now) Black suit spidey (with symbiote pieces a la deadly foes carnage) and Falcon (classic duds) Black Panther (coming into MCU now) and Wasp (hope is in ant man movie, could really use an update) Vision (classic look) and Iron Man Stealth (blue suit) I could see Elektra / Wasp being a stretch because both haven't been seen in MCU yet in costume , and since they are female characters and DST doesn't seem to put those in Best of waves..... So I could also see them being swapped out for another Hulk/Thor/Cap
  2. I do both, as in bagged individually with accessories and organized in the Plano box. I use all the dividers it comes with and usually can fit two figures in each slot. I put them back to back so I can hold the closed box upside down or right side up and see the figures in there.
  3. kaipo

    Wave 60

    I really like accessories like this, that are part of a surrounding environment instead of a prop. Maestro's stand, Mjolnir in the rock from Civilian Thor, and Alicia Master's Thing bust all come to mind.
  4. Another solution to getting our most wanted minimate?? "Lan Stee" the evil twin and Mastermind?
  5. Edwin Jarvis is Howard's butler in the MCU and is on the Agent Carter show. I would guess Tony named the AI after him.
  6. As long as they're not too hard to find.. Still having difficulty tracking down 19. And I'm sure others are as well.
  7. Will there be a TRU assortment as well as the two LCS waves and army dump? Saw the new trailer today, gives us a good glimpse at some drones. Hopefully Hulk gets made with an alt head and packaged with Hulkbuster
  8. Comic guardians might be a possibility considering their popularity? Id love spider verse too tho
  9. Civil war seems like a good spot for spidey.
  10. revising my wave prediction/wishlist from the wave 61 thread 62 Captain America/Thor Nick Fury/Iron Man Vision/Ultron Drone Ultron Mark I/Ultron Drone TRU Ultron Mark II (final form)/War Machine Transforming Hulk/Hulkbuster Iron Man Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch Hawkeye/Black Widow Box Set Battle Damaged Captain America/Maria Hill/Baron von Strucker/Andy Serkis character
  11. Movie?timing would probably be right if 60 is out in January/February, 61 say March/April, 62 around May (although if it's anything like this years movie waves it'll be about 4 months after the film hits) I would think DST would be placing a high priority on getting the movie Avengers wave (waves?) out as close to May 2 as possible. I'm sure it would be prioritized over everything else. 62 Captain America/Thor Transforming Hulk/Iron Man Vision/Ultron army builder Ultron/Ultron army builder TRU Captain America/Thor Transforming Hulk/Hulkbuster Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch Hawkeye/Black Widow
  12. No females yet in three Best Ofs. Daredevil Yellow and Elektra Black would be cool. Too looks not been redone since Wave 1, and would be a cool "tribute" to see. Wasp would also be nice and her only minimate not counting a zombie head was awesome and still is. Though with Ant Man just released I'm not sure who she'd pair with. Maybe Vision? I could see Prof X being done here as well with the new DOFP wheelchair, possibly paired with Phoenix or classic Cyclops Two anchor characters could be a Stealth Iron Man with Black Suit Spidey, perhaps with some of the carnage tendrils to simulate the Symbiote effect
  13. Still waiting for bulked clobberin time thing... My favorite look for thing
  14. Spider verse wave? 2099 Kane Scarlet Spider Noir Etc etc
  15. Fantasticar Broken sentinel pieces/Danger Room Iron man armory Cap or Wolverine "tanks"
  16. 2099 Bag Man / What If FF Kane scarlet spider spider ham Spider hulk / Lizard Doppelgänger Noir Negative Zone Peter Parker / Quick Change / Wrestler Unlimited
  17. kaipo

    Wave 60

    The shared char is Wolverine I just know it. Just because.....
  18. So keeping em in little ziplocs isn't a good idea?
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