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  1. Hey thanks guys! I've made a FleaMarket post with what I have available
  2. Oh hey, long time no see. This may come as a shock after five years of no updates, but I'm not really in the Minimate customs game anymore! But, I'm going through some old stuff and found some final customs I never shared because really I never finished them. These were both commissions for Punisher, and I just dropped off the face of the Earth before ever finishing them, seems like Pun disappeared shortly after I did as well. These pictures might be really big, I don't know how to work this forum anymore. First up is Fighting JC based on the ThreeA figure by Ashley Wood. This one is mostly done, I never got around to making the boxing robe thing. I was really proud of those tattoos. Next up is Year 100 Batman based on the art of Paul Pope. This one is more incomplete, there's some very WIP painting going on around the boots. He's got three alternate mouths painted around the head, each a bit more crazy than the last. This is not a return to Minimate customs, I just wanted to share the last of what I've got. If I ever hear from Punisher again I hope to be able to get these to him if he's still interested. I'm still painting things, they're just less blocky these days. On that note though, anybody wanna buy some old customs? I might put some up on eBay if there's interest.
  3. Look at that, trying to get me back in the game with a Tron Minimate.
  4. Todd Mcfarlane hilariously misunderstands the appeal of Lego
  5. My favorites change all the time. The only constant is that The Thing is my favorite horror movie Of course now I have to include a disclaimer saying I mean the 1982 one, ugh.
  6. I'd accept that one character you really want if I could get that one character I really want.
  7. Wait, his jetpack doesn't actually fit on that fire base does it? That's a trick right?
  8. Wow Boyd, congrats! Little bit jealous, right here.
  9. Dang guys, thanks for all the votes. And conglaturation to everyone who participated! And of course special thanks to Bob, Hell, and Lurch
  10. Custom of the Year 2013. Please oh please make molds when you're done.
  11. Hey it's kinda funny that I'm home sick right now, cause I'm coughing like a Smoker! If you haven't played Left 4 Dead, the Smoker is a fine chap that pulls you away from your teammates with his tongue. Also he makes smoke and coughs, cause yeah. NECA's recent Valve figures made me wanna tackle some of the Left 4 Dead special infected. More to come soon maybe?
  12. I suppose I could just change it to "Painting pants" I Never want to paint pants.
  13. Hey, so I have another one. It's my least favorite thing about one of my most favorite things. I hate finishing up a really interesting bit of painting with lots of cool details, and having to start painting something really boring like a pair of pants. That's gonna put this custom on hold for a little bit...
  14. These guys, Skinny Lister. I saw them open for Flogging Molly last month and have been obsessed since. Every song of theirs is great.
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