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  1. Zoey Age: Early Twenties Prolog to Left 4 Dead: Before first infection, Zoey was a college student at Aldrich in Philadelphia. She was there on full ride scholarship to become a filmmaker. But instead of going to class she spent her time locked in her room, watching old horror films, claiming to her disapproving mother she was gathering "research" for her major. Zoey's love for the genre of horror films was influenced by her father, Wade. Wade introduced Zoey to films such as The Evil Dead, Alien, and Nightmare on Elm Street at a very young age, much to her mother's dismay. Wade also took Zoey to the shooting range since she was a young girl, in the hope of one day she would follow in her father's foot steps and join the police force. Over the years Zoey became an expert marksman, especially with her father's hunting rifle. Zoey’s mother, Carolyn, was always against Zoey becoming a police officer, nor did she ever see eye to eye with her husband and the two divorced during Zoey's third year of High school. But now it was the end of Zoey's first semester of college. Already in danger of flunking out her mother came down to Wade's apartment, where Zoey was staying for a "family dinner." With Zoey's future in the air, her parents soon got into a heated argument over what was best for their daughter. However during Carolyn and Wade's "discussion" “an Infected” broke in though the front door. Wade ordered the sick man to stand down. With a billowing shriek, the infected man attacked Carolyn. Before Wade could reach his fire arm the infected man pushed Carolyn to the ground and sunk his teeth into her cheek. Zoey watched in horror as the monster ripped the flesh from her mother's face. Just then Wade blasted the creature's head clean off with his police issued 9mm. The dead man slumped onto the dining room table in a fountain of blood and Carolyn fell to the floor. Rushing to Carolyn's side, Wade ordered Zoey to call 911. Running into the kitchen for the phone, Zoey could hear her mother letting out weak, short breaths. The emergency number was busy Zoey yelled, Wade ordered his daughter to try again. The continuous tone of a busy signal echoed in Zoey's ear, she could hear her father in the other room, saying comforting words to her dying mother. Just then Zoey heard her father scream in agony. Sprinting back into the room Zoey witnessed her mother jumping on top of Wade and taking a bite out of his throat. Pushing Wade to the ground Carolyn began beating him to death. In seconds the struggle was over, Wade lay motionless on the wood floor. Covered in her ex-husband's blood, Carolyn stood and turned to face her shocked daughter. Blood trickled down her lips and dripped off her pale face. Zoey froze in horror, only being able to whisper the word "Mom?" With a wail of animal rage, this thing that was once Zoey's mother descended upon her. Zoey screamed as she stumbled backwards. That's when the monster’s head exploded in a burst of gray matter and its body tumbled to the floor next to Zoey. Looking up Zoey could see her father leaning against the wall, with a smoking pistol in his hand. Zoey rushed over to him. She could feel the tears start to roll down her cheeks as she looked at her father covered in his own blood. Through stammered breaths and tears, Zoey told her father he'd be all right; all she had to do was get the first aid kit. That's when Zoey's father said, "Remember all those zombie movies I snuck you into, and remember the part in all of them when they had to shoot the one guy before he turned?" Zoey knew what her father was asking but she couldn't speak. As the tears rolled down her father's face and mixed in with the blood smeared across his skin, he handed his daughter the 9mm. "I love you, Zoey." he said. Zoey could hardly see the pistol in her hands though the blur of tears welling up in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. The metal of the gun was cold to her skin, the trigger smooth. "I love you, Dad."
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