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  1. Can someone share the link? I am not finding the listing. Thanks
  2. damn, love this insight -- thanks @DSTZach
  3. Part of what got me into minimates was that they fit in the transformers alternators pretty well. I sold mine a few years ago though but maybe time to hunt a hound down
  4. i like it a lot. i always hated seeing the wasted packaging of the two packs when i'd open multiple at once. with regards to this packaging, i know its just a sample but i'd have made the logos bigger for both Fantastic Four and for Minimates. my only fear is that random one off characters won't have a way to get released anymore.
  5. So now that toyfair is cancelled does dst still need to wait till February to announce what this is? this is crappy news but I understand- lotsa companies are going to lose exposure. I hope dst isn’t too impacted by this
  6. Kinda glad its not simpsons. Very glad its not grey’s anatomy
  7. so simpsons or family guy? not what i expected. that or grey's anatomy. is walking dead still a thing?
  8. I guess if we gotta pay more than at least we get cool packaging. and shoot- so there’s a transformers sdcc set too!! This is gonna be awesome!!
  9. Actually- upon further reflection - if they make the packaging resealable that could help justify the cost
  10. um, should we be nervous? without revealing the retailer do they offer online sales or are they in all major cities?
  11. cool as that packaging is, i'm hoping this goes back to something less wasteful/cheaper. cool packaging like this should be reserved for special releases. it does look awesome though and i'm still excited as heck about this line!
  12. packaged shots of series 1 are just as aweome! i thought it was a little early for the sdcc reveals but i wasn't going to complain. glad minimates are part of the plans
  13. So………… this would make a great Christmas announcement- just saying
  14. i second Firefly. my favorite joe figure of all time (followed by duke and hit n run for some reason). i remember meeting a hasbro rep and he was all proud to show me the new 12" firefly that came in shorts for some reason.........i think he saw the dissappointment in my face (this was around 2001 at sdcc).
  15. any hints? something like Tuesday Morning or ??
  16. shipping to stores this week apparently!
  17. well, i think that would help build buzz for people to preorder the regular sets so it makes sense. freaking awesome though!!!
  18. well shoot! now i'm dying to know!! till july i guess though!
  19. i did say 'for a while'. with the world the way it is right now i'm happy to get the boxed set and the logan/deadpool ones. but once Blade and the marvels and FF hits, i'll be pretty sad if they don't minimated.
  20. thank you for confirming. think we're done with marvel movie mates for a while?
  21. So…….anyone else thinking no new spider-man movie mates either? 😢
  22. my wishlist at this point would be 90's (almost toybiz) based: maverick stealth wolverine (in his dept h outfit) strife other than that, i'd love a wrecking crew box set. secret wars is one of my favorite stories of all time and i've always wanted them for my set up and while i'm here, random 90's stuff like sleepwalker, new warriors. ok, so there're still a lot of characters i want. but i do think we knocked out a couple i was asking for this year so i'm happy.
  23. hmmm, this is a tough one but the later brown costume wolverine's have been pretty cool. the first cable (the one that came w/ x-23) was one of the ones that got me hooked on minimates. the deadpool/wolverine 2 pack is another. so i'm partial to those and the marvel zombies box set. but the marvel vs capcom has a lot of the best versions of a lot of marvel characters and for villians that dr doom just can't be touched. then there's modok. i bought extras of him just to have around the house.
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