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  1. that villians set looks sick!!!! (saw pics on instagram)
  2. Hasbro just announced some cool d&d figures. Only pumps me up more for the minimates!!
  3. Oh wow!! So will they be available after the show from you guys?
  4. you're not lucy pulling the football'ing us again i hope!
  5. i too love this packaging. i'm really hoping they ditch the gi joe carded packaging for the vhs type packaging. the first few releases of GI Joe, cool as are (just get them out already). anything else, switch to this. love it.
  6. Luke put a bunch for sale last week so i snagged some at really good prices
  7. i forgot about that venom punisher -- that was a bad ass figure. i used to love me some kubricks.
  8. new daredevil/electra? hope so!! those new costumes are awesome. love the new punisher (anti-skull/hand) costume as well!
  9. do your research: minimatedatabase is awesome!!
  10. i hope its not the packaging. if so, move it to the vhs design, save us some money and most importantly - get us our toys!! :D i think we've all been super eager to get these in our hands!
  11. What about the guy who got shot in the dick?
  12. i've actually been checking ebay for some of the ones i missed...... some great sculpts in this line
  13. wow. that's the most direct answer i think i've ever seen!
  14. as much as they could! the robocop vs terminator comics are great too -- walt simonson!!
  15. Woo hoooo! just got my email from you reminding me i ordered this!
  16. man, not trying to upset you more in any way but where did you see they were coming out this friday? as far as i have seen there's still no release date planned
  17. i think robocop has been at the top of my movie related minimates list for a while. if the gi joe license gets to the character sci-fi i used to use him as my robocop when i was little. helmet is pretty darn close
  18. aw sweet! thanks for the answer!
  19. funny how great packaging can make a cool toy even cooler. looking forward to see what else you put in a VHS box for minimates. hopefully a cool Joe set? any idea when they're coming out?
  20. I'd take some sandman ones even if they are from the show and not the comics -- the show is fantastic!
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