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  1. thanks for the update. guess it gives me something else to look forward to 2021 for
  2. i prefer to use legos/building blocks for my minimate sceneries (playing). i probably have enough ninjago type legos to build something like this. i love the smashed concrete on the floor though -- i'll need to come up w/ a cool way to recreate that.
  3. saw this on diamond's shiplist today and i think it'd be awesome for street fighter type minimates: according to amazon its about a 11" deep, 9" tall which makes me thing its about 14" long sideways. Anyways, thought it be a fun one but not worth spending $30 to find out if i'm right or wrong
  4. so, i wonder how far in development the other marvel movie minimates are: basically marvel has now pushed everything back about a year
  5. so i hit about 6 walgreens and found just the GamerVerse. i do think these look better in person but i also wish we'd gotten a ms. marvel in this set. but this cap looks awesome
  6. i doubt its a new license (but what do i know) so i'm hoping for more infinity war. Rescue needs a mate for certain. i couldn't think of any other character that got left out though. i'd love a final battle thor
  7. HA! guess i'm sneaking out to hit some walgreens
  8. man, now you've got me wondering what you've looked into!!!! as someone who is not a lawyer, nor a retailer, distributor, etc (but used to work as a retailer and still talks shop w/ old pals) i know a lot of them are annoyed at hasbro b/c they don't/can't get a discount from haslabs. so to them, they have to pay up front, then wait, then mark it up and have everyone know their margin. a reasonable person would understand and accept it but that's not always the case. some grown folks tend to act like kids when it comes to buying toys. so, i would say spin off a new related party co
  9. here are some great pictures i hadn't seen yet:
  10. i personally appreciate that we don't know about them in advance. that said.....i would love to see those animated x-men!!!! but yeah, i find it nerve wracking thinking something is out. if covid has taught me anything, its not to go to 20 walgreens a week.
  11. got mine a few days ago but still haven't opened. looks good!! i went ahead and got the pennywise too. that one looks freaky!
  12. i hit the one in houston and honestly, i forgot all about it until you asked this. its bad. very limited selection and just not at all like what we had growing up. i don't think i saw any marvel legends or starwars (i could be wrong, its been a while). i remember legos and nerf guns and a lot of board games which surprised me but the action figures were not well represented. i don't recall if they had video games.
  13. there was a TRU walking distance from my house. i could sneak over whenever i wanted to look for new minimates. even though its been a while, i remembered it recently and missed it. probably b/c it just now has been converted to a different store. the space had been vacant since TRU went out of business.
  14. whoa! i remember when the Superman Red Son Vinimate went up for order i ended up not buying one b/c of the shipping fees. looks like BBTS has them in stock!
  15. yeah, the other factor to consider is that con exclusives typically get jacked up on any resale. i bought both and paid about $15 shipping. seems fair -- would rather not pay that shipping but it is a necessary evil. i probably would have paid $20 for that GL anyways so i see it as paying $5 shipping for the IT.
  16. man, i check a lot of minimate sites daily and i've never seen the x-men animated anywhere. color me curious as well! as for the distribution.....i live in one of the biggest cities in the US. the movie waves i seem to find no problem but the animated ones i've been using either ebay or the goodness of fellow collectors to help me out. the wave that had kraven seems to have been skipped completely here but i was able to find the ghost rider/dr strange wave. but the venomized i found no issue. not sure how this works. i consider us lucky to have minimates to hunt so i'm not complai
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