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  1. Awesome observation! If the director is a fan then who knows - you might be on to something
  2. This is cool. i gave a minimate of ms marvel to a guy i met who loved the character. That was years ago. He was an extra on this week’s episode and he sent me that the director of the episode had posted this. What a coincidence. Cool folks working on the show have the minimate Now we need an official mcu version
  3. If it was Jem i’d want some light up feature. And misfits. They were cool
  4. i was referring to the second mystery license Zach mentioned -- he mentioned it was a hasbro property
  5. I’m hoping for a d&d set myself but we’ll see If anything just to get a minimate version of warduke
  6. Thanks!! i used to collect GI Joe pretty big and i remembered someone made these but couldn't remember who.
  7. hot diggity!! can't make it to my comic shop until friday but damn!!
  8. so the question is now, civilian from the comics or from the cartoon?
  9. i can't wait to see all the pictures of what you guys are doing!! i have a few of the minimate Halo vehicles i'll probably paint up once more figures are released. i gotta figure out how to get the cobra emblem on there. i've read a stamp is the way to go
  10. oh damn! now i'm even more curious.........but awesome! i wonder if it was one of the 'and knowing is half the battle!' kids.......
  11. and hail ivan:
  12. i had most of the 25th anniversary line (which is now 40?!) and the only main non-joe character i don't recall being made was Golobulus (sp?). i think Nemesis Enforcer was renamed to Enforcer or Nemesis but i wonder if that's what we're missing out on....... it'd make one of the coolest minimates. wonder if we can kitbash one.... my minimates have been in storage for over a year due to remodeling the house but i think there's at least one snake base, right?
  13. no, i got that. i'm just laughing b/c the set i'm looking forward to the most keeps getting the announcment pushed back. and i remember you saying the set changed from what they were back then too... i'm just really looking forward to this. shame on hasbro. i know licensing is tough
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh man, you're killing me. i think you teased the GI JOE announcement back in like December. the transformer set looks fun and i guess i'll just keep waiting for the joe announcement
  15. Somewhere there's a multiverse with all the MCU minimates we're wishing for......
  16. kinda just realized a 4 pack would be the turtles.......hopefully this leads to the rest of the series being released! was gonna army build the shit outta them foot soldiers!
  17. my birthday is next week. this news will be a good gift! thanks! are these confirmed to arrive in time for sdcc? this year looks like it will be my last sdcc so i hope to go out on a mm bang!!
  18. i'm surprised no one has mentioned 'what if?' -- there were some incredible designs there i'd love to see as well!! honestly, a six pack isn't enough.....we could easily get 2 and still be wanting more.
  19. it counts to me!! awesome!
  20. looks like Luke has a sealed one:
  21. The thing is good. Love the brow thing too (no pun intended). I think a moulded head works best in limited instances - rocksteady and bebop for example
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