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  1. Well since you’re teasing (and up early)- any hints?
  2. Advertising in it was kinda where I was going. Or mail away offers in the book. Something. If I had to buy 4 issues to get a mailaway army builder i’d buy at least 20 issues. Something like that. Probably obvious i’m not a marketing guy and typically buzzed when I’m on the boards at this hour Have kirkman mention the toys in the letters column.
  3. i'm reading that the new Image/skybound reboot of GI JOE and Transformers is getting lotsa orders. anyway to cash in on that? Robert Kirkman once published some free pages for Terry Moore's Rachel Rising (great book) for free just because he was a fan. i love that kind of enthusiasm. if i need to write him a letter to suggest this to his team just let me know.
  4. for me the appeal of the Joe line is all about the potential. the ones that have come out so far have been fine by me and i wouldn't change a thing (other than maybe give snake eyes his uzi). but there were so many characters in the ARAH cartoon and toy line that will look so good as minimates. plus similar to minimates, joes were easy to take apart and put back together in a mix and match fashion. i used to customize so many of them. but i was born in the late 70's and these were the first action figures i remember having. i collected them for only about 7 years but in that time i had a ton of them and it was pretty much all of elementary school for me. i think i quit joes when toy biz started putting out marvel figures which prior to toy biz i think i had only seen them as secret wars which i only had spider man. when the 25th anniversary line came out i bought everything and had money to army build and it only increased the love. when the minimates got announced i sold all of those in preperation for the minimates........which i'm still kinda waiting for. but one of the things i'm most fond of was the tiger force which was where they took old figures and repainted them as a special unit. simple idea these days but back then it was new to me. then they did night force, python patrol, slaughter's marauders, and i'm sure i'm forgetting others. anyways, the appeal is a mix of nostalagia and potential. the appeal of minimates combined with the appeal of my favorite toy line as a kid and to be able to collect a big line again and have easy access army builders sounded like a lot of fun and i hope we can still get at least some of that. all of us excited all have our wish list based on our favorite characters and it probably covers a wide range of the line and not everyone was going to get thier favorite but they'd likely get at least one or two off thier bucket list (firefly for me).
  5. wishful thinking, i think. now that i think about it i remember you saying something about no exclusives until next year's sdcc but i could be making that up.
  6. me being a dumbass and responding to the wrong thread. meant to put this in the nycc thread....which i just saw won't have an exclusive so mute point anyways
  7. if its ARAH related i may need to go fly there in person to pick up a set or 3. not likely, but i'd like to.
  8. this video game could help sell GI JOE Minimates. Series 1 featured right there as the main playable characters
  9. got a notice from HASRBO PULSE that this has been pushed back to october. (please note, i only ordered from them to encourage them to carry more minimates)
  10. i use lego and mega blox w/ my minimates. its never perfect but its better than nothing and some of them i'm able to move or add parts to make it look decent. the megabloks castle greyskull or snake mountain work particularly well as does a lot of the halo stuff
  11. Glad i was wrong!! Just checked though and the fella that said it (no names) corrected himself. Whew!!
  12. So, saw on facebook the vinimates are cancelled. Did I read correctly?
  13. very much so!! is the mentioned price of $40 correct?
  14. Man you just love bursting my bubble, huh? 😘 i’ll keep hoping. Would be at least a year till we saw this mixed with super7 just did tiger force (though I assume the deal is different). Worst comes to worst - target exclusive tiger force minimate joes, right?
  15. i love all the characters you selected but a couple things: i hope (if we do get these characters someday) that they start mixing up joe's and cobras. i hate getting a bunch of good guys only to hope they have enough bad guys to fight and a tiger force set i went ahead and bought another series 1 to make a custom duke and roadblock until some real ones get made.
  16. that is awesome and thanks for letting me know how to clear my pictues!! so many times i've tried to upload and couldn't b/c of the limit. this looks awesome by the way and glad to hear sales are in its favor!
  17. so, anyone get their sets yet? dying to see yay shots
  18. i bought 2 at sdcc and finally opened it last night -- it is a great set!!! love having a second seeker but now i am just hoping we get the third one soon. i wouldn't mind a whole repaint wave -- 3rd seeker, nightstick (jazz), twincast (blaster) ,and soundblaster (soundwave). easy. of course i wouldn't say no to new molds but just thinking of how to save money and get cool characters. i bought the funko unicron. debating if i should rip the head off and punch in the eyeballs to make it like the end of the movie
  19. ooooooo lotsa good stuff. first spider-verse story if i recall correctly. superior spider-man (which i know was done already but the story that led up to it was great and had one of the coolest doc ock's) plus more.........whatever, i'll get it in the ultimate verse we got miles morales. he's kinda hip right now, no?
  20. i don't care if they're at gas stations! just get them out there so more can be made!! noticed the ones put out at sdcc seem to have sold. we walked by and there were some, then there weren't anyways......
  21. finally got my set! damn well done! now bring on the bad guys!!!!
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