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  1. word. DST's Jean Grey animated statue ships this week (i believe) so the products will start coming. question is when and if i'll find them. i seem to have no problem with the movie walgreens lines but the animated ones are spotty.
  2. i'm probably the most inept person when it comes to uploadign pictures on message boards but the figure is about 2x in all directions. so way too big to have him fighting superman but if you spray paint him grey he'd make an awesome dictatoresque statue to loom over your other minimates.
  3. heck yeah!!! that is a fantastic custom that is maybe only missing the cool knives the toybiz one came with. i'd love a set with him, maverick, sabretooth wore a similar one if i remember correctly (and if i don't i won't be offended, its been what, 25+ years?) and maybe an updated omega red. maybe as part of the cartoon line but if they're only doing two sets per wave then it may be a while before they get to these versions
  4. between Deathlok and Invincible Doom that's two of my most requested figures of the moment. Now we just need Maverick and Dept H Logan/Wolverine and i'll stop whining for a while (or whatever you call that wolverine when he's in tactical gear).
  5. HA! only product i bought from this series was the captain america statue! it came out at a time i didn't really watch much tv so that's why i have no attachment to it.
  6. man, i was thinking, was ROBOCOP ever considered? i saw the mez-its the other day and thought, man, those would make killer minimates
  7. i'll be honest and say as a person who has maybe 20 vinimates.....the mecha godzilla, cthulu, and flash (comic) were my favorites until i bought the rocketeer one. man, that is a perfect figure!!!! really makes me want minimates but i'll take this over nothing!
  8. you actually helped a lot! i found a file online that i had a friend print out and he already dropped it off. Looks good too! i have to sand and paint it but that can be fun. thanks!
  9. damn. i did google it and found some 3d files of some people have made. plus, i think its going to be a long neck that goes into the head and the lights will most likely be part of the neck. we'll see. probably best if i just try to find a 3d file i like. way cheaper than $350 i guess. but it is a damn cool toy. i bought a huge ashley wood 3a robot years ago but its so big i can't really display it anywhere. this is probably about the same size if not bigger. but thanks for the alternative suggestion!
  10. honestly, i'm more interested in just a battle damaged head. i'd buy one for the head alone and then try to sell the rest. if you're interested in selling a head let me know. hopefully each head has its own batteries so i can still light it up. i may just buy one and then sell it minus a head. figure looks incredible!
  11. well, Haslab announced a 2' tall Sentinel -- anyone else tempted to get one and cover it in minimates?
  12. i bought ALL OF THESE. only reason i bought the KH was for series 3.....which was then cancelled. ugh. i even bought the bike.
  13. i think it'd be a fun one but i think another company is already doing mini figures about the same size as minimates - just not block figures. i've never played the game but i love some of the designs of the other toys i've seen.
  14. i meant the light is great for the price and in addition to that, the display you made is really nice! my apologies for not being clear.
  15. awesome! i got one and its really cool for the price! great display!
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