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  1. i second another iron man one that includes the final battle whiplash!!!
  2. may.
  3. i had an idea...what if the box set came with more than just 2 heads per body? and what if there were only 3 of the white suits and the fourth character was a villain army builder we maybe missed out on the first go round? i'd buy 3 or 4 instead of just 2 for sure.
  4. i consider this the best line outside of MARVEL related ones. if more was made i'd buy it, but i'm also happy with what we got.
  5. ah ok. well, i'm happy to get a coat version since she seems to wear it a lot in the film. and yeah, the hair i figured was another reason to do the coat as a painted on one. thanks for clarifying!
  6. i have bought a lot of the dc vinimates but never opened any. i got the comic book flash yesterday and opened it right away! that thing is beautiful!!!!
  7. i think i got rid of my issues but i found this:
  8. i'd assume its b/c the hair piece then sticks out like Batwoman's and then its just kinda ugly w/out the jacket: but i think Zach said it was a late design idea what that means. maybe it means they were planning on it but then decided for some reason they couldn't do it or it wouldn't work.
  9. i am using the cat from alien. the color is a tad off but close enough.
  10. is it too late to convince DST to do an army builder 4 pack of the maddrox? make it a con exclusive or something. i'd buy 1
  11. I thought it was a rehash of the x-factor box set that came out a few years ago but each character is a different take. Nice!!!
  12. Was really hoping Random would be in there but oh well, i can’t think of who i’d remove from here. Looks awesome!!
  13. i think the only thing that would catch my interest would be if they did something like what neca is doing -- re-using the hasbro toy concepts. i'm guessing too many new molds would make this cost prohibitive. what neca did w/ terminator, alien(s), predator, & avp is freaking right up minimate dreams!
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