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  1. thanks for the update. guess it gives me something else to look forward to 2021 for
  2. i prefer to use legos/building blocks for my minimate sceneries (playing). i probably have enough ninjago type legos to build something like this. i love the smashed concrete on the floor though -- i'll need to come up w/ a cool way to recreate that.
  3. saw this on diamond's shiplist today and i think it'd be awesome for street fighter type minimates: according to amazon its about a 11" deep, 9" tall which makes me thing its about 14" long sideways. Anyways, thought it be a fun one but not worth spending $30 to find out if i'm right or wrong
  4. so, i wonder how far in development the other marvel movie minimates are: basically marvel has now pushed everything back about a year
  5. so i hit about 6 walgreens and found just the GamerVerse. i do think these look better in person but i also wish we'd gotten a ms. marvel in this set. but this cap looks awesome
  6. i doubt its a new license (but what do i know) so i'm hoping for more infinity war. Rescue needs a mate for certain. i couldn't think of any other character that got left out though. i'd love a final battle thor
  7. HA! guess i'm sneaking out to hit some walgreens
  8. man, now you've got me wondering what you've looked into!!!! as someone who is not a lawyer, nor a retailer, distributor, etc (but used to work as a retailer and still talks shop w/ old pals) i know a lot of them are annoyed at hasbro b/c they don't/can't get a discount from haslabs. so to them, they have to pay up front, then wait, then mark it up and have everyone know their margin. a reasonable person would understand and accept it but that's not always the case. some grown folks tend to act like kids when it comes to buying toys. so, i would say spin off a new related party co
  9. here are some great pictures i hadn't seen yet:
  10. i personally appreciate that we don't know about them in advance. that said.....i would love to see those animated x-men!!!! but yeah, i find it nerve wracking thinking something is out. if covid has taught me anything, its not to go to 20 walgreens a week.
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