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  1. ah man, i'd love a 80's ninja turtle vs bruce lee set. yeah, i'm shocked the 80's turtle line didn't get preorders needed.......... minimates are perfect for martial arts!! the street fighter ones are still my favorites (capcom vs marvel included).
  2. ha! i have that saved as a favorite and i check it to see random things. great time waster.
  3. i preordered from my comic shop but i have no idea when they put their orders in. i'm curious how all that works. but yeah, saw part 3 yesterday and would love the minimates
  4. found in houston, tx at the walgreens on i10 and bunkerhill. they had one full set so i grabbed it. will look around for more to help out folks.
  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! satan's war boner?!?! that is a great handle!! i was just in arlington last weekend and i was so tempted to go to every walgreens we passed....glad i didn't piss off my wife for nothing. and since i'm in houston i expect we'll be around the same time. thanks for posting!
  6. i love the mods! what'd you use for thor? its killing me that you got them in the UK before i could find in texas
  7. i would say funko just has more money/resources and leave it at that.
  8. hell yeah. but again, there was a lot of potential figures that could have come from this movie. my hope would be for her to show up in the future. some of the outfits we can get in later movies. i really wish there were a wave II of this though. i'll just focus on/worry about getting wave 1 for now though.
  9. Fuck. Hadn’t thought about this stupid kickstarter in a while. The day i bring it up one of the main ones lasses away. Rip chewbacca.
  10. i've always wondered if being behind the scenes ruined the experiences for you guys. these films have been such a freaking joy to watch over the past 11 years. Do you still get surprised when you see the films? i've always been impressed and i appreciate your interaction with the fans and the askdst columns (even though most of the 'questions' just seem to be people's wish lists). so i personally want to thank you for that. i know it takes time away from other things. i can imagine some comments can be discouraging. it reminds me of one writer's advice which said 'never read the reviews'.
  11. i crowdfunded agent 88 just for the minimates.......big fucking mistake. i just wanted all those exclusives and they never happened. i was really hoping DST would make it up to the backers but nope. i don't blame them but i find it a little insulting that they let digger claim he'd make them and then have him back out. they should have laid out the terms with him before letting him use their name. i know he's the man behind the original line but according to him the line was stolen out from under him.
  12. yet.....zach said there would be some. i doubt they'd skip vinimates too
  13. no minimates yet but some SDCC exclusives were announced:
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