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  1. seeing pictures of series II on instagram and they look fantastic!! gonna haul ass to the comic shop at lunch to see if my set came in
  2. Email sent! Thanks for the suggestion and for chiming in!
  3. Finally opened my set and my reed has two right arms. Anyone get two left arms so we can trade? i hesitated to open it for the longest time bc it is such a nice looking set.
  4. Ha! it’d help if i linked the article. there was an article on bleeding cool about marvel reprinting all the trades for young avengers in the spring
  5. Hmmmmm.......... could it be the minimates are timed to coincide with something?
  6. I’d buy at least 4 2-packs. Maybe more. I still have some crazy 88 packs i haven’t opened yet but i may have bought about 8 of those 4-packs
  7. just glad they didn't go with the shirtless shredder. even as a kid that always bugged me so i never had a shredder figure (i was a weird kid -- now i'm a weird adult)
  8. looking a the lineup for the cancelled animated sets that would be the 8 2packs minus a foot soldier perfectly. i'll take it. would love *cough cough* some extra foots though.
  9. i've got a weird fondness for Rat King. either him or Baxter Stockman (was that his name?) would be my choice for any open spots.
  10. obviously i hope this means more (4?) sets, each with a turtle and a foot soldier
  11. This is exciting news!!! any hints or you still have no idea about the lineup for 3 & 4?
  12. hi @DSTZach -- just want to clear up that the point of my rant was i don't think there's a solution that would please everyone so my hope is that more people become aware so that there are at least more people to buy what i think is the coolest products out there. i was not trying to tell anyone how to do thier job or what they're doing wrong. my apologies if it came off that way
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