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  1. they're a lot more on ebay than there were a few weeks ago. makes me think they're still rolling out.
  2. so i noticed the guy i bought my iron man/ghost pack from has more available plus the miles/prowler set. no one else seems to. you think its that these are just available there or that they're slowly leaking out or ??? i just find it weird. i guess minimates aren't a hot item that everyone knows to scalp but i just find it weird this guy is finding so many.
  3. 😆😆 i was gonna go with that but didn't think the reference would fly
  4. Luke's says Jan (whom i trust more) while BigBadToyStore says May........ so March?
  5. images of the lego sets for eternals leaked out. i'm very curious if there will be minimates.
  6. if available, i'll be happy to get one as i do not have one!
  7. damn, i check this site daily.....but haven't b/c of the holidays. my loss. thanks for doing this zach!!
  8. you're right. i think my original idea was the hand but i couldn't remember so i just thought of something quick. not likely to happen regardless though so..... i think a more doable idea would be a generic red ninja, a generic yellow scientiest, a generic green terrorist, and a generic special agent. the problem with that is it would be less likely to get made since no one cares about generic non-licensed rando's.
  9. my suggestion was a shield agent, hydra agent, aim agent, sentinel or hellfire club. make it a 4-pack and have it available for a long time. i bought a ton of the crazy 88 packs but over the course of like 2 years. i think it was 2 at a time every six months. problem now is you gotta get it when its new or you miss out.
  10. sorry to hear about that. other than that, how does the size work out for minimates?
  11. i picked one up at toysrus when they were going out of business. love it!! been looking for some good backdrops to print out for it
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