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  1. well, i just read that a third party is using the micro machines brand name to bring back GI JOE: interesting. i'd certainly go nuts for GI JOE minimates......i bought most of the KREO and the ones i didn't buy i certainly regret not buying.
  2. if you can convert mine to loose please do -- for environmental reasons more than cheaper shipping. hell, i'd let you keep the shipping difference.
  3. i went to a soccer match this weekend and they were giving away bobbleheads of a player to the first 5000 people. apparently a bunch of people get into collecting bobbleheads through promotions like that. i'm thinking a movie event like this would be cool. just throwing it out there. i know they do freebies at sdcc and nycc but i can't remember the last freebie (other than donatello and no one got that one). but looking back, it was a freebie at toyfair that was my first minimate (the black larger one). from there i bought a few here and there but then a free comic book day one got me really hooked.
  4. yeah, i didn't see it on diamond's ship list.
  5. ordered two sets. one of my favorite comic moments was in x-cutioner's song where he had the one man congo line going. i had actually written to DST about making an army builder pack out of this figure for shows and what not. cool to see my idea was deemed viable enough for someone to attempt. thanks!!
  6. i will order it blindly. but waiting a day isn't going to kill me. question is do you have a bundle deal with the full set?
  7. ah man, i'd love a 80's ninja turtle vs bruce lee set. yeah, i'm shocked the 80's turtle line didn't get preorders needed.......... minimates are perfect for martial arts!! the street fighter ones are still my favorites (capcom vs marvel included).
  8. ha! i have that saved as a favorite and i check it to see random things. great time waster.
  9. i preordered from my comic shop but i have no idea when they put their orders in. i'm curious how all that works. but yeah, saw part 3 yesterday and would love the minimates
  10. found in houston, tx at the walgreens on i10 and bunkerhill. they had one full set so i grabbed it. will look around for more to help out folks.
  11. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! satan's war boner?!?! that is a great handle!! i was just in arlington last weekend and i was so tempted to go to every walgreens we passed....glad i didn't piss off my wife for nothing. and since i'm in houston i expect we'll be around the same time. thanks for posting!
  12. i love the mods! what'd you use for thor? its killing me that you got them in the UK before i could find in texas
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