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  1. curious when (if?) the minimates will be announced.......... some cool designs here i'd love to add to my collection
  2. kinda funny you say that. i'd run over a shia lebeouf figure but if they made spike and his dad or when hot rod and arcee got turned into humans i'd be all over those.
  3. i just packed mine away (we're moving) but KREO was closer to lego in scale so it could work but not perfectly. i bought the joe ones for use w/ expendables and minimates in general. i think its close enough for a cool display
  4. the designs for scarlett and storm shadow look like the originals from the cartoon. i hope scarlett comes w/ a smiley face too though. Snake Eyes is the V2 and cobra commander looks like a hodge podge of various designs but the classic elements are there and i think he looks fantastic. when i first moved to the states my earliest memories were getting the jeep, the tank, the bad guys jeep and duke and major blood and the mail away cobra commander. what i love about this line is that i'm currently getting rid of all of my toys except for my minimates and i've found the joes to
  5. fingers crossed! thanks again to whoever made these happen!
  6. man, i'm looking at the vehicles i have from other minimate lines -- halo and Aliens specifically and wishing i had more. i never got any of the minimate max jets but i'm wishing i had now. i got lotsa legos in the meantime
  7. now that the first box set has been announced i'm eager to hear what the plans for the rest of the line are! but this will be a great start!!
  8. Images for the GIJoe set which will include Snake-Eyes, Scarlet, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander have yet to be released
  9. bad ass! i'm about to remodel my house so this is great inspiration!
  10. COWABUNGA!!! oh wait, wrong cartoon..... in all seriousness, this has me very excited and i can't wait to see this line continue for years to come!
  11. yeah, my hope is that this isn't the end for these characters and hopefully not the end of some of these designs.
  12. i love this wave! dethlok has been on my wishlist for YEARS!!! the rest look cool too and we're getting other new characters. the next two waves look good too!
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