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    wave 79

    @DSTZach this was great! short enough that i could watch at work w/out feeling guilty and yet gets to the point! thanks!
  2. i hadn't gone to a walgreens since this started. i ended up buying all the new figures (latest animated wave/black widow movie mates) off ebay for decent prices. went yesterday and went ahead and picked up another black widow set but nothing newer than that. i'm not sure we had a date on the iron man/ghost/spidey/prowler set but they sure look nice!
  3. i'm old and forgetful, but i think the spot wave was only online. as for the later animated waves, yeah, Houston seems to get them last but i have seen the ghost rider wave probably more than previous waves. last time i saw it though someone had stolen the ghost rider. made me wonder if that was a good thing or a bad thing that someone wants a minimate enough to steal it. i went with ultimately wrong b/c they're denying the chance for someone who would pay for it to get it.
  4. that crossbow looks like one of those knock off joes. the corps?
  5. again, this is awesome of you, zach! thanks for doing this!
  6. i think there's a psychological aspect to kickstarter that is unique though. at least i feel like i'm supporting it more directly and that my purchase is making a difference. even projects that i know will happen w/out me i feel like this is the chance to put my money where my mouth is and support it. if a property i didn't feel that strongly about went to retail first, lets say like the pathfinder minimates, i ignored. but had they gone to kickstarter i probably would have supported. and i actually just got the idea, has anyone ever floated any mystery science theater minimates? that would probably work better on kickstarter than in retail. they did the comeback shows on kickstarter (or some crowdfunding site) to put it on netflix i believe. kickstarter does have a different market than retail (and i'd love a patton oswalt minimate).
  7. hahaha! please. and i'll be happy to share my excel with you (i have it pivoted by Phase, movie, character name, and figure name so you can quickly see how many war machine's have been made and from which phase/movies)
  8. so i finally updated my checklist of Marvel Movie Minimates and i see that Black Widow has put us over 300! the final tally is 303 from my count. this is including all of the variants and exclusives and yeah, i'm that nerdy (also counts the avengers endgame QRS as two -- for example Captain America and Thor =2). i thought that was kinda cool.
  9. awesome! thanks! when you said spider-verse though i was thinking hoodie and chucks. probably can whip up a custom....... i know nothing about ghost outside of the ant-man movie but the two non-movie figures both look awesome!
  10. congrats to Padrino (godfather?) and thanks to Zach for doing this!
  11. not 100% positive but i think they've updated the policy a little. that said, its always a risk i still support kickstarters, just won't ever support digger ever again. i should have known his was gonna go sour b/c it didn't meet the funding until the last second. something tells me he put the money himself just to get over the line and be able to take everyone else's money. i see him at sdcc every year but i haven't built the courage to confront him in person. its not like he can magically pull the minimates out of his ass nor do i expect him to hand over the $130 or whatever it was. plus he's always hanging out with friends of my boss so i don't want to upset that side of things either. what's weird is i must have posted something he noticed b/c he was following me on instagram and would randomly like some of my posts.
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