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  1. 2 of the walgreens on my usual hunting grounds have remodeled recently. both of their toy sections have been cut in half
  2. houston has lotsa big malls and they're always packed. i try to go early before they get too full but no matter whath i wear my mask anytime i'm indoors in public. this being texas some people give me judgemental looks but nuts to them.
  3. ha! i got outbid on this one and then never tried for another. if its ok, i'd like my name in the hat. thanks and have a great weekend!
  4. they have the deadpool ones too -- way out of my price range but the pictures are great!
  5. i'm listening to the video now and the only minimates news is that they're not abandoning the line but that they are rethinking the approach to how they're released. we'll see what that means and i was happy it got mentioned.
  6. well, this stinks as we were all looking forward to getting these. no mention of when they'll actually make it out but i'm hoping for sooner rather than later: if you don't feel like clicking the article its basically just that the Joe minimates are delayed
  7. man, i remember getting one of these and being so happy b/c i finally had a minimate to customize.....then i never could. its such a cool looking mate. that's all. sharing my love for this one. i was collecting minimates but wasn't hardcore yet
  8. yeah, i wouldn't give up just yet. you never know. a year ago it was 'we will never revisit old movies' and now we're getting the avengers box set and logan/deadpool. so you never know what's around the corner. i'm with you that the mcu mates are what got me hardcore into minimates so i need to tell myself this i'm still hoping for a final battle whiplash minimate
  9. the marvel movies is my main focus for minimates so i would have too....... but after no Shang Chi i kinda figured this would be the case. i think whenever BLADE comes out that's the one i will cry if it doesn't get any minimates made
  10. just read the latest ASKDST -- makes me think there are no Eternals minimates. Chad P., Are you guys making any figures based off of the new Eternals movie coming up? DSTChuck: I am sorry but we do not have any product planned at this time.
  11. i am not asking to be included but i want to point out the obvious of how freaking cool this one looks!
  12. Got mine yesterday!! thank you very much!!! and thanks for the other goodies too!!!
  13. somehow, this never occured to me as a great minimate license but here it is as a playmobil: damn, now i want to see this happen!
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