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  1. i'd buy a book of minimate art like this. just fun to look at
  2. well, bigbadtoystore already sold out of thier SDCC set! maybe they only planned on ordered a few but that's cool. Ratchet is one of my favorites too and should be easy to repaint to ironhide
  3. maybe i'm dumb but trying to get the picture uploaded but can't:
  4. Transformers The Movie Minimates VHS Box Set A Diamond Select Toys release! You’ve got the touch! Reach out and touch this all-new Minimates box set, featuring new characters and new packaging! This four-pack, inspired by 1986’s Transformers: The Movie, features 2-inch, fully poseable, fully interchangeable figures of Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Thundercracker and Stasis Lock Optimus Prime. Limited to only 1,500 pieces, it comes packaged in a VHS-style slipcase, with original movie artwork. Designed by Barry Bradfield! SRP: $30.00
  5. Got the email!!! finally got another seeker and with the vhs box that means i'll probably buy at least 2!
  6. today is the day!!!! since this is my last sdcc for the forseeable future i am very excited there will be some minimates to bring home
  7. Oops, it’d been so long i didn’t remember someone else had already said it
  8. Weapon X, lies, and video tapes box set: wolverine in dept h suit (with alternate parts), sabretooth in dept h suit, maverick, updated omega red, and either silver fox, beast, or that weird android that appears (talos?). Great episode of the cartoon with lotsa great characters
  9. Just read #1. Pretty cool so far. Very curious about where its going. Act of serendipity- I went to my comic shop to get the trade and before i could ask they handed me #1 for free. Said it was a giveaway. Gonna pass it to someone else once i get the trade in my hands.
  10. nice!! i've been meanin to read the series...looks like now is the time before it gets spoiled for me
  11. So many options for figures. Mostly i’d just want the team in matching uniforms and the high evolutionary
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