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  1. It is disappointing that Halo didn't go to LEGO or DST. But it kind of makes sense that Mega Bloks got the license as they seem to produce more realistic and war themed sets (and the vechicals do look pretty good). Where as LEGO and Minimates are usually a bit more light hearted and fun. You are right though Two-Face, the Mega Blok figs are pretty much the uglist mini-figures made.
  2. Thanks, Dux. It's too bad they ended the Batman line so soon. After playing the game it would have been great to pick up a set. A set including a minifig of Killer Moth or Hush would have been really cool. Dux, how well are the Indiana Jones sets selling? I'm hoping that the line continues long enough for LEGO to make a circus train and tank battle sets from the Last Crusade.
  3. I think the movie has had a lot to do with all the inflated prices on these sets. At onetime the Batman sets were one of the easiest LEGO lines to find on sale, I picked up most of the sets at 50% off or more.
  4. I'd love to see the concept art for the unmade series but DCD is extreemly closed door about that sort of stuff. I'm thinking we would have seen some event tie-ins with Countdown and Death of the New Gods. So maybe Mr. Miracle/Desaad and Orion/Darkseid packs. For Countdown maybe a Captain Atom/Monarc or Jason Todd/Hush or Black Atom/evil Mary Marvel or packs. I didn't read Countdown so I'm not too shure which characters were heavily featured in the series. We might have gotten Alan Scott in any number of packs...with Kyle Rayner as a GL/hero pack or with Dr. Mid-Night or Mr. Terrific as a JSA pack or with Solomon Grundy as a hero/villian pack. We could have gotten another Titans pack with kid Flash and Beast Boy or a Modern Robin and Ravager. We could have gotten a modern Hal Jordan with a modern Black Hand or Manhunter robot. Or a battle damaged classic Hal with a classic villian like the Shark. And we could have gotten a JLA pack with say Martian Manhunter with Firestorm or the Atom with Elongated Man. Or we could have gotten a modern Manhunter/modern Atom pack. I miss this toy line.
  5. This license has a great chance to produce some really cool Minimates. I hope DST gives us a bunch of diferent ghosts instead a bunch of variants of the three main guys.
  6. I think you're on to something here, DST could be seeing The Godfather (and other movie licenses) as something to get non-Minimate buyers into the line. The Godfather could get a couple boxsets, but from what I remember from the movie, the characters weren't too visually interesting. I just hope these figures don't end up being another 24, aka, just more bland cilivians in suits. I wish DST would produce some Monster movie mates.
  7. hypno

    DC Minis

    I'm pretty sure Mattel is making these and not DCD. But yeah these figures aren't that exciting. They're a little bit better than Hasbro's Superhero Squad but still look like pencil toppers to me.
  8. MinimateEspo25 could you expand on these a bit... What all was said about the DC Minimates? Any chance we will see more made? Is DST thinking about doing a Minimate BAF? No variants at TRU? And was there any mention of a second Platoon set? What up comming Minimate series or sets were shown at ToyFair? Thanks!
  9. 01) BEST MINIMATE (top 3 choices) GL Salaak Lobo Sgt Bob Barnes 02) WORST MINIMATE (top 3 choices) Professor Hulk Lucifer First Appearance Hulk 03) BEST PACKAGING (one choice) Marvel Invaders box set 04) BEST BOX SET/WAVE (one choice) Platoon 05) WORST BOX SET/WAVE (one choice) BSG series 4 06) SEXIEST MINIMATE (top 3 choices) Gamora Marlena Moreau Dagger 07) BIGGEST SLEEPER (top 3 choices) Sgt Bob Barnes Bucky Havok 08) IF ONLY... (one choice) Mr. Freeze 10) BEST ACCESSORY (top 3 choices) Hannibal's straight jacket Fire foot blast Flame thrower 11) WORST ACCESSORY (top 3 choices) Duck feet 12) BEST VARIANT (one choice) Archangel 13) WORST VARIANT (one choice) Spock's Brain and finally, because he deserves it: 14) BEST IRON MAN OF '08 (top 3 choices) Modular Iron Man War Machine Stealth Iron Man (movie)
  10. Last years was fun...looking forward to this years.
  11. I had a lot of the figure factory sets at one time, (though I was never able to find Storm, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or Daredevil). I picked up most of them on deep Christmas clearance so rarer ones were too pricey in comparison to track down. I posted these pics a while back...
  12. The Sentinel head is from a series of pre-painted Marvel puzzle figures called Marvel Figure Factory that ToyBiz made a few years back. They came in a nifty plastic crate. Unfortunatly the Batmobile is sealed tight. Being remote controled, Mattel probably didn't want kiddies to get their fingers in the gears. I'm pretty sure though, that there is a Tumbler version about this size that can be opened. I remember a forum member posting a photo of it back when the Dark Knight toys first hit retail.
  13. Funny you should say that. There actually is a small Heroclix sized Sinestro inside the construct's chest. It's sealed in and unremovable, and is really hard to see even up close.
  14. Figure Factory Wolverine base... ...and a remote control Dark Knight Tumbler that I picked up for $5 at Wal-Mart
  15. I finally took some photos of the Heroclix Sentinel... ...I also took a couple of photos of the Sinestro construct that Heroclix put out some time back...
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