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  1. I'm obviously happy to get what we're getting and be happy we're getting it at all, but wave 2 should have had Riku and Kairi. I get Disney sells. This isn't just Disney. At this rate, I'll be shocked to get any of Organization 13 beyond maybe Axel. Hopefully that isn't true. Edit: and you open the game with Roxas.
  2. I'm so hyped about this. They look great. I was worried about some form of "shell" over the torso to add bulk, but nay. I feel that harmed some of the TMNT's posing.
  3. I'm pretty into KH and Sonic. These are major hits for me. Kind of can't believe it.
  4. Is it confirmed we aren't getting those? That's a shame. Those mates are some of my favorite ever. Still my go-to Spidey, among others.
  5. I have so many questions for these. Zach, any idea when we may get more info? I can easily say that as a 12 year old, this would have been my number one license pick. It's still in my top ten. Higher if Cloud is made.
  6. Hot damn. This means a lot of options. Zach, please tell me drive forms. This also means Roxas!!! And yeah, I totally googled that haha. Usually in the past, you can find some hint at these. I can't find anything other than this forum.
  7. I'll agree with this. I always hoped we would get the new show and 80s turtles co-existing as lines, instead of one replacing the other. I always feel disconnected from a line when you feel like it's difficult to piece together main characters or a team is left without a key member. It's like the Phoenix 5 mates and various teams such as that.
  8. That's what I was thinking for an example, too. I'm dying for more information.
  9. From the Toy Fair thread, it looks like this is for KH1 only. So no Roxas, Axel, etc. Still so much promise, but I was dying for a ton of KH2 stuff. No organization 13 :(. Edit: But wait, Zach! Tron is only in KH2, right??
  10. I could do some Holiday Merch from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, for sure. So KH1. That could cover a lot of ground with 4 waves, but I would expect a Sora, Donald, and Goofy variant in almost every wave. This also means Organization IIIX is out, so slight bummer there. Maybe they'll make the tiny heartless a snarf-esque choice to save some main slots. Still so thankful to be getting this. Cloud sounds so possible.
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