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  1. Perhaps next year I will stay home from SDCC , and spend the time with my family, or do what other companies directors do and not spend any time at our booth rather than spend 12 hour days there doing my best in a long week to answer everyones questions. I certainly find that preferable to having 4 minute conversations taken out of context and splashed on forums. Or perhaps the one asking the question could spend more time with me rather than rush off to another booth and have fun speculating. I've been doing this line with my team for over 10 years now, all the others have come and for the most part gone. Absolutely we have a great team and lots of great fans but I must be doing something right. I am not perfect. Isn't it always the companies fault not the lines fault from the fans pov? Next year I will consider long and hard having free discussions with fans and maybe a few of them would prefer to talk at the next SDCC with Mike Horn about Palz or Randy about the NECA block figures. Thanks to all that came to Taste on Wed. all were invited and I was there until 12:30 talking to any fans that came over and thank to anyone that spent time at our booth or panels or took the time out to say Hi...
  2. Forgive me...the question deserved better. If you guys are really THAT interested I can give it some thought and work up a detailed reply... LMK.
  3. Why would you want to smell a Minimate? I can tell you fresh plastic just painted from China REALLY stinks when you open the box! There is a cool interview with Digger posted over at the MM addiction blog you should check out, it touches on the naming process.
  4. Sorry one time offer just for Nessex...
  5. Cookie + DSTChuck at trade show = free promo figure for you. Why not try it, its easier than higher math and works every time!
  6. Bio's exist for MAX as well to go with their storyline.
  7. Hmm fun game, can I play??? Here is my guess for series 38. I think it will be Shadow Land themed and include. Spider-Man & Iron Fist Elektra & Daredevil White Tiger & Hand Classic White Tiger & hand Do I win anything if I get it right?? Maybe cookies??
  8. Hey folks! I am SO sorry but I can not make the chat this week. I am on vacation this week and due to weather in PA I need to change up my schedule so I will NOT be near my laptop Thursday night by 8:30. The following week I have some business travel BUT the week after looks good. I'll get with Luke and set something up. SO Sorry! DSTChuck
  9. Sorry guys having trouble with chat- Tried a Java update and it did not work . Still working on it.
  10. Another BTTF1 set for the anniversary is very POSSIBLE...
  11. Ok folks here you go....The factory messed up with the Angels. Its 100% against my nature to blame them for anything, they do amazing work and frankly for the low retail for MM I am amazed every day how much effort they put into getting all the little details correct. I used to really dislike it as a fan to see companies always blame "the factory". I also did not want to comment because we're not sure if we'll be able to come up with anything to help fans out. The factory is JAMMED getting all the MM they can (including IM2) before they close for the new year. SORRY for the mix up!
  12. please email;
  13. Hey folks just stumbled onto this thread (should it really be in the Marvel section) I checked and we do not have ANY part emails on our customer service log that we have not at least replied to (even if the answer was we'll check). SO if you have not heard anything from us please feel free to send your request in again. Do NOT send to Matt or Chris directly or PM them send it to the CS email - so we have a record of it. We'll respond to all request - even if its bad news. We do have a stash of parts but older stuff is always an issue, as are exclusives, but you might get lucky, we'll do what we can..
  14. Sorry folks it is one per case. By the time we get/got the sales reads from TRU we're a couple series ahead. Any real changes will take place starting with series 6. Hopefully no more one per case short packs and deeper stock at some locations. You will also see more synergy between comic stores , exclusives and TRU mixes. We love you guys but its been really amazing how many new fans are coming to this now that we're in TRU consistently and how young they are, so keep in mind we have lots of masters to serve to help this line continue/grow, onward to bigger and better in 2010 and beyond! "No one wins unless everyone wins"
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