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  1. Pretty sure I no longer have the AI files I used to make the decals & labels first time around (and I'm the worst kind of data hoarder who generally keeps backups of everything!). Probably just better to let it be part of our wierd history and let it go, I'm also guessing anyone who wasn't around back then wouldn't be excited or interested by it anyway. T. Donny. PM me, you're welcome to mine If you want it?
  2. There seems to be a lot of minimate peeps in PDX. I've thought about driving up for ECCC, So if you are in Seattle there might be a road trip on the cards for me! T.
  3. Yeah still here more or less - I don't post much these days though. My collecting is at best sporadic these days, we don't seem to get as much of the lines I'm interested anymore and Marvel the line has been around long enough that I pick and choose what I pick up due to repeats etc. My desk is still scattered with random or QC minimates but the excitement is just not there anymore for me. The Bomber-Mate reference gave me the warm fuzzies though, it really does seems like a lifetime ago now! T. p.s. Good to see the A(n)dycarter bot still checks in occasionally too!
  4. TBT!

    wave 74

    This one? Yeah it's a custom. T.
  5. Given, that we've had Tomb Raider and Kingdom hearts, then I'd guess we might be looking at another Square enix property, So Final Fantasy or DragonQuest? If I had to pick Game Licenses I'd want to see it would be the likes of Fallout, Borderlands or perhaps an assortment like the last sony series. T.
  6. I usually burn through comic books pretty quickly and if you're looking to fill 3 weeks reading they I'm guessing you could get through all 3 in that time without rushing them. Having said that, you might want to take one volume and something else to read so you don't get tired of reading the same thing. Each one is about 50 regular comic sized issues, if that helps you figure it out how fast you'll get through them. oh and 3 week vacation... who gets to do that anymore, you lucky bastard! T.
  7. The expanded license is going to be that they can now make... wait for it... Vinimates of the original series crew!!! T.
  8. Do it... You know you want to... You definitely qualify as one of the collectors who has to have 'everything', so would be interested to hear your thoughts. I think that as long as we all play fairly nice & don't take it personally then it's a interesting conversation to have & I'm assuming part of the reason you started the thread? It's a shame we don't still have the AA boards around as the conversations were probably pretty close to the one we're having now, but with more shouting (see Miry's PTSD for proof). We must have all gotten old & mellowed or something. One or two folks were pretty salty there for a while over the whole thing back then though. T.
  9. HOW DARE YOU...... Oh wait... you're just suffering from PTSD from the 'good old days' aren't you? Yeah, feel free to ignore the word 'true' is if brings back any nasty memories Miry. That wasn't my intention, Mostly the point is 'If you want something you can usually get it, it really just depends on how far you are willing to go to have something special. And if nothing was special we'd all have exactly the same stuff and no one would have any reason to talk to one another or be collectors. That forum would sound like this: Hey Newbie welcome, My collections exactly the same as yours, I was talking to BHM and he has exactly all the same stuff too but keeps it all in Marmite so the badgers don't run off with it. (Those British people are weird!). T.
  10. To an extent I agree with you as Wallgreens seem especially hit and miss with what goes where, but perhaps the TRU/WG threads would be a better place to share those concerns? In here you're just confusing and diluting your message. So basically you're complaining about life, we all have things we see that are limited in quantity, too expensive or owned by someone else that we want and they are out of easy reach. Most things are obtainable, It's a case of how bad do you want them & how much effort you're willing to go to or what you are going to sacrifice to get the thing you're coveting. I'd actually go as far as to say that being a true collector isn't about the easy stuff, cos there's no challenge in that & a collector should relish when they are chasing something special/hard to find. If everything was easy we'd all just be guys with lots of identical stuff and frankly that sounds boring as fuck. T.
  11. I picked these up at TRU today (PDX folks, Jantzen beach had 2 full sets on the shelves when I left) They are great but I really don't see the logic of them selling at $7.50 a pack in TRU and the 4 pack at specialty is $25. You can go to TRU and get 6 characters for less that the price of the 4 figure specialty boxset, where of the 4 figures are the same. T.
  12. I was joking when I was giving Zach crap on this earlier, Honestly I'm no longer a completest, and really don't want/need a minimate of a guy who owns a distribution company. I have one question for all of those that are griping about the lack of distibution on this one... How many of you can claim to be completists, and by that I mean you have at least one of EVERY produced minimate that was ever made? I ask because those guys are the only one's who should feel aggrieved and even then honestly you should see it as a challenge not a chore, as Zach says there's the secondary market as we know being a completest is not a cheap undertaking. T.
  13. Happy 35th Anniversary Mr Geppi, I genuinely hope your employees are content enough that they don't use these toys with your likeness for awkward or unsavoury things then take pictures and post them all over the internet! The draw of the set as i see it Zach, was the surprise factor and relative rarity, we're a curious bunch and the completists are even curiouser, I think it's safe to say though that It's unlikely that we're all going to be clamouring for a vinimate of this guy to be made & have full distibution. T.
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