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  1. More of a "hit in the faceplate" rather than a punch in the face. I have a regular version if the camera effect is not allowed I have no idea why the image is attached upside down
  2. Can we use other camera effects aside from sepia nd black and white?
  3. I'll definirely "buy" a copy when that comes out
  4. ^ No, that one is Luke's I think. Sorry I didn't mention that earlier.
  5. Here's my take on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier teaser pict
  6. I was going for the long white hair look like in the picture but Mole Man's hairpiece would definitely be in the variant
  7. Glad you guys liked it. I wouldn't have thought of making him if I hadn't seen this thread
  8. I'm no Luke but I liked kaipo's suggestion so much that I just had to make one for my own...
  9. Thanks! I'm bookmarking your thraed!
  10. Great QCs! I can't wait to copy them. What's the recipe for Skin?
  11. Congratulations to all winners! Thanks for organizing and sponsoring the contest Luke.
  12. Seing your customs evolve gives me hope that someday, I too shall be great!
  13. Yes it is. He can also go sleeveless or wear a jacket, just swap out the arms
  14. Thanks. I got the idea of using Cubeecraft designs at the Factory
  15. I started reading Invincibles a few months back but got sidetracked by other things. It's a fun read and I'll definitely get back to it again. Was it announced when they plan to release this set?
  16. I thought I'd share this here until I get enough pictures to create my own thread. I modified a Cubeecraft design to make myself a movie Bane minimate. Edit: I uploaded a smaller picture, don't know why it's still showing the bigger picture
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