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  1. Ninja turtles was the best of everything so far.
  2. I saw the anti-venom set on eBay. It's a New York based seller.
  3. Just checked today after I saw this. Not in panhandle of Florida yet.
  4. I like these but I think it's a big miss on not doing a spider-verse boxset. Hopefully DST will do one down the line.
  5. Thanks zach for the update. Love getting more spider-guys and hopefully these will match up well with the comic line.
  6. J-rodst

    TRU 19

    Around 12:30pmct Friday. I just noticed that the payment went through but it has not shipped yet, hopefully it's nothing but I have a bad feeling that nothing's coming or that the wrong things going to ship. Oh well, we will see.
  7. J-rodst

    TRU 19

    My order went through. I only order one of each of Ezekiel and vison packs.
  8. J-rodst

    TRU 19

    I don't know if this is news, but has all of them back in-stock.
  9. AWESOME!!! That's where I started and I don't know if I would have found them if not for seeing them in TRU. Thanks Zach
  10. Found wave 18 and tomb raider in panama city. All the marvel ones are there except ultron ones and the tomb raider exclusives are gone. Wave 18 was 3.98 and tomb raider was full price. Hopefully I'm wrong but I think after next wave marvel Minimates are done at TRU.
  11. the first teaser trailer from the movie is out.
  12. Here is the best of thing and the tru 15 thing broken down to Ben.
  13. Quite a few of them take this long.
  14. For you guy's waiting for and don't like ebay. There's a transforming thing and silver surfer on amazon for 19.99. Still marked up but wanted to let you guys know about it.
  15. finally, found them all!!!!!!
  16. Is this still coming out next week?????????
  17. Talking about all this violence is a perfect way to lead into this question. Has anyone heard if Diamond making the many face of wolverine boxset for sure? If they make them, I'm getting 3 of those space/underwater suits.
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