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  1. Another wave I'll never see in store.
  2. I had my doubts in the beginning but I've grown to love this line. I think you and DS have done a great job of making the line work for the comic look.
  3. DC should be begging for as many ways to get their material out there as possible. DC movies are flat for the most part since the second Nolan batman film. They have TV but that's a big step down from the big screen. I have no interest in the action figure lines they have except for hot toys.
  4. You can say that again. I've been craving new news on marvel comic mates. Hopefully the wolverine wave hits soon.
  5. Never mind it should have been today.
  6. I think the panel is tomorrow.
  7. Amazing trailer. I feel like with what we see in the trailer we will need 2 waves for this movie.
  8. I do not care for vinimates but would have supported them if it was a path dc minimate. Since that's not the case I will focus on supporting Marvel mates. Thank you whoever for my heavier wallet.
  9. I was looking up toad earlier today and I have the same feelings about his costume. I want him but I hope when he's made that there's a classic look with parts for a modern look. While I'm thinking about it has anybody ever brought up frog man minimate?
  10. She found her way to me? I got a second pack and her mouth is a little higher up on the face.
  11. I Don't know if I feel good about this line anymore then I did. I know 10 waves in other lines would be long but since we are guaranteed turtles and civilians in every wave that leaves two spots left for the characters that make it worthwhile for me and others. I will swallow getting turtles and civilians in every wave and love if there something different and great about them but if there's no staying power in that for me if it's 3 or 4 waves. I hope these over exceed everyone's expectation. I just wanted something that will be around a while. I know that there's aliens and others that are great but tmnt has possibility of greatness.
  12. Why are these not being made? New movie-✅ Enthusiasm in old and new tv show- ✅ Would make a lot of money(if done right)- ✅
  13. You make a good point. My problem is that the strongest supporters of these were put it in a difficult position with the blind bags and character line up. For the first two waves I grabbed both blind bags and TRU wave because I was excited for these minimates but with the same characters in both the wave and blind bags and me becoming tired of having 3 to 4(lot of the time more)of the same minimate I had to choose to buy one set of TRU or blind bag box and hope to find the missing one for cheap. If TRU had totally different lines(more mutants) then the blind bags or no blind bags at all maybe we are talking about the new tv wave. I'm glad that we are still getting tmnt minimates and no blind bags and will be getting acouple of sets of the first wave. I won't post anymore on this topic until the new minimates come out because I'm not trying to keep bring up. I just wanted to tell my point of view and let out some frustration and sadness of losing a great line. The new Tv show done and I'm hoping for a long run with this classic look. Last thing- I want to thank mattalilica for being a great poster for this board. I don't post a lot but I keep up with most of the pages and Matt is always brings a great point of view. Also want to thank zach. It's amazing that we have someone that will give us answers(when he can?)and communicate with us on all the different minimate topics and bring us his point of view.Thanks for helping with the minimate madness that we all have?.
  14. And look at the page number amount. WD is the only other topic outside of marvel that has more pages and that start like two/three years before TMNT. I guess I'm sad about The way it went down AND the Stupid blind packs. Oh well onto a newer brighter day. Just had to let that out.
  15. Am I the only one that thinks that the new tv show mates would be going strong if there was more mutant presence in the last two waves and overall. I love the classic ninja turtles and will be getting them(hopefully a long running series). I just feel like we have acouple different characters out of a vast collection and now we won't get anymore.
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