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  1. Another wave I'll never see in store.
  2. I had my doubts in the beginning but I've grown to love this line. I think you and DS have done a great job of making the line work for the comic look.
  3. DC should be begging for as many ways to get their material out there as possible. DC movies are flat for the most part since the second Nolan batman film. They have TV but that's a big step down from the big screen. I have no interest in the action figure lines they have except for hot toys.
  4. You can say that again. I've been craving new news on marvel comic mates. Hopefully the wolverine wave hits soon.
  5. Never mind it should have been today.
  6. I think the panel is tomorrow.
  7. Amazing trailer. I feel like with what we see in the trailer we will need 2 waves for this movie.
  8. I do not care for vinimates but would have supported them if it was a path dc minimate. Since that's not the case I will focus on supporting Marvel mates. Thank you whoever for my heavier wallet.
  9. I was looking up toad earlier today and I have the same feelings about his costume. I want him but I hope when he's made that there's a classic look with parts for a modern look. While I'm thinking about it has anybody ever brought up frog man minimate?
  10. She found her way to me? I got a second pack and her mouth is a little higher up on the face.
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