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  1. So hastings closes in 3 days and i got 3 four packs and 4 two packs for about 21 dollars. One of the 4packs i got was the hulk TTA since i only had the maestro hulk but someone stole the composite hulk sorta a bummer because when i opened it i noticed one of the maestros accessories was differnent than my origianl he came with a different ironman helmet so im pretty happy with it
  2. Yes to speed demon! Now if only we can get the other superior foes members to show up in ultimate spiderman
  3. Snagged this up today was going to leave it for another day when the price dropped more but noticed the other one was taken and didnt want to risk it got him for $37
  4. Got kylo ren today hes a real awesome figure the only thing i dont really like is that he didn't come with a second hood. Another hood that was down instead of having to take the hood off to display his helmet would've made this figure better than it already is. Heres hoping they release an unhelemeted head with either rey, finn or other force awakens figures down the line
  5. been looking for the mobb forever finally ive found it thanks zach for posting the link
  6. MC hammer minimate confirmed i was looking at the costumes hes worn and i cant really see anything an a lister wore besides the phoenix jean grey which looks like shes out its probably red hulk dressed as deadpool or that new Asian hulk
  7. i hope its jean grey sucks no uncanny mags or cyclops a bulked up beast would be cool tho the second bulked up character may be colossus since hes in the deadpool movie but i dont know if hes considered A-list
  8. godzilla still looks dumb those control art pictures that were shown earlier this year made him look way better
  9. nice im working on a tim drake robin based off the arkham series i just need the cape from hobgoblin so i can paint it and itll be done
  10. i look from time to time if theres going to be a second wave for dbz 66 but i cant find anything, tho kamen rider has other waves so theres some hope of getting a second wave
  11. been thinking about making one but i dont know which wings to use but i did order a second hob pack so ill try the hood thing
  12. same here i saw an episode of evolution growing up and i was turned off when i saw they were in high school or something and mystique was the principal, human night crawler and orange wolverine
  13. theres these little statue things called WCF volume 1 and 2 they're 7cm and around 12 dollars from what ive seen then theres these things which are 3 1/2 inches tall they go by tamashii buddies and go for around 13 dollars but in terms of the same articulation and almost the same height as minimates it goes to action 66
  14. started watching this show a couple days ago its alright i kinda like it i just dont like the montages the music is kinda lame and it seems as if alfred just wants to kill bruce
  15. it came with the hob/carnage axis pack. its how hob looked in a promo pic but i guess they went with the original mask
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