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  1. Nice try on Meteorite. That costume is really hard to resemble
  2. This is one of those rare occasions when I'm glad that something isn't available for my country. I could have not resisted the temptation
  3. I love them. Great job! Both are spot on. What did you use for the scarf?
  4. Onyx, thank you very much for the pic. Awesome figures IMHO. That cap looks great. Never thought a minimate would look so macho!
  5. I'm no expert but in Spain won't be too much missed. Another story is the drama of the many people that works there. TRU never was so popular than in the USA and the prices were significantly higher than others. And no minimates at all. But the impression was of a big and strong company.
  6. Great story! I´ve felt very identified! This hobby should be considered a risk sport. One of the advantages of collecting Minimates over other figures is that they are much more easier to hide or justify
  7. You are brave, man. I still keep an eye on it, but I do not know who will be tougher with me, my own conscience or my wife!
  8. You're totally right MisterPL. Seeing Amazon prices should be avoided if you have heart problems. About my space, I'm close to reach my limit. I've skipped only a few figures and the Batwing. That plane is a beauty, but also a monster. My wife's patience is like my storage capacity right now
  9. I purchased it. I´m overall very happy with it, but i´m a sucker for the Timmverse so... Batman and Robin have the clothe capes to enter on the batmobile. The signal is functional and pretty awesome IMHO. But if you are not a completist, there are other options. The Batsignal only does not justify the purchase. Hope it helps!
  10. Sorry if this isn´t the right place for this, but i´d really appreciate any help on finding any of the S2 exclusives and the witches 2-pack. The troubles of living overseas... Thank you very much! Back on topic, i think this line is doing a great job with obscure characters. I love the movie and was really excited once the line was announced, but never would imagined we´d get so many different figures. Only if they were easier to find...
  11. Spoiler free. Today the movie has hitted cinemas here in Spain. Not the best from the MCU but a very decent origin story and very well played by the cast. Too much martial arts with fireworks for me. Would rather have more spells. And a bit less humor, but overall it's fine. Very enjoyable. Can't wait for the minimates!
  12. Reese´s Pumpkin Package! if i´m still on time...
  13. León? Awesome. But look that Sid Vicious! Bravo!
  14. We have talked in different threads about eventual Mindless minimates. I´ve never seen action figures of them.
  15. Female Citizen V then? ;P With parts for her disguise as a man!
  16. What about Citizen V or Atlas from the original Thunderbolts?
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