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  1. I'm hoping for some Evil Dead 'mates may be a possibility now that Starz has an Ash Vs Evil Dead TV show on the way! Just a couple of four packs would do XD
  2. Had my first minimate breakage in ten years today. Bought the alien four pack, opened it up and Kane's leg broke at the top joint the first time I tried to move it anyone else had any troubles?
  3. I'm too a UK collector. Older Mates I tend to get from eBay if I can find them at the right price. As pedro said, red hot comics is a good place on eBay. I tend to get most mine from forbidden planets in Leicester, notts, Glasgow and Manchester. Birmingham has a place called nostalgia & comics that's pretty cool too.
  4. I do commentary for wrestling shows here In the UK!
  5. Well I love that cotton wool effect. I'm totes stealing that when I get a mysterio haha. I too stuck an amazing spiderman Petes hair on flash to make tv flash. Looks really good
  6. I'm all for a That punisher set MisterMiracle!
  7. I think so too. She's been very supportive of my minimate habit. Even the great green arrow hunt of '13
  8. Haha. Yep. She sure was. It odd to say the least. Still... I did alright outta it xD
  9. I think my next batch of mates after my first ones is a better story.... For some unknown reason my ex bought me a replica highlander sword for my birthday. Feeling a bit put out of place, my then girlfriend (who's now my wife) who had only been with me a little while decided while we were shopping together that she would buy me every minimate Forbidden Planet had. Around £150 worth. I that point I knew she was a keeper xD
  10. Parker/spiderman green goblin pack was my first. Never seen Minimates before. Just picked these up coz they looked cool. The rest, as they say, is history.
  11. They could keep releasing the turtles with different faces and I'd keep ketting them haha. Love me some turtles. But yeah youbastards idea of slight variations then themed ones would be best.
  12. Well they are awesome. This is solidified this line as being my fave minimates ever. A bold claim I know but man these are wicked. My only gripe on the second set from the pic is Donnies gap tooth is a little out. I'm sure that will be rectified tho.
  13. Yeah. I don't have a green thin pen like I do a black one lol. I will remedy that tho for my second Raph.
  14. Well my full box of TMNT arrived today from Luke and.... They are amazing. They, as others have said, are fast becoming my fave mates ever. A couple of tiny paint bits slightly off and one of my shredders didn't come with a stand (lol!) but nothing that would anger me. On a side note... Has anyone painted in Raph's crack on his shell? I've done one in black and I can't decide if I like it or not.
  15. All the guys together look amazing. Really can't wait to get my hands on these. Both those April look fantastic . Well done!
  16. The new TMNT toon is amazing. Season three has so far been fantastic. No spoilers but I love how they take their time with the stories and don't rush things. It's like a proper tv show
  17. Not a huge fan of any of the Alien films but I picked up an attacking Alien today (forbidden planet in Nottingham for the UK guys out there ) and it is amazing. Only had about four aliens. Left in the counter top display tho.
  18. Yep, and now I want a Napolean Bonafrog minimate! Me too! Hope they do well as there's a ton of characters they could 'mate up
  19. Shogi..... That is amazing. Bravo! You win the internet today
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