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  1. Fwoosheyman did one with the megaman boots! Unfortunately the pictures have been purged.
  2. I finally got around to open my gift, which actually arrived before christmas. I was so excited that I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the wrapped gifts (sorry). First thing's first, I got some christmas candy Then I got a much needed con exclusive TWD box set And last but not least... the best of the best... over the top awesomeness.... A custom Grifter and Deathstroke 2-pack. I don't even want to take them out of the package. Such a great haul! Thank you secret santa! Now, for my guess I am going with Mattallica. Thanks once again
  3. I'm really sorry that I hadn't had a chance to post this, but here's my gift: Thank You Birthday Elephant and thank you for wonderful card.
  4. hahahaha.... I did vote thought... it was hard... but I did it... when do I get my sticker?
  5. That's my only civil war cap so I won't be keeping capwolf. Just wanted to see what he would look like.
  6. Dammit, just needs a bit of paint but I like it!
  7. Good news, I was finally able to add my pics so I've edited my previous post.
  8. Sorry about the super late post but my computer isn't letting me post any pictures. My gift arrived so perfectly on time that I'm wondering if my Birthday Elephant actually took a cross-country trip to deliver it himself. I've been having a world of problems with mail delivery lately. Hopefully I'll be able to post pics eventually but I got Series 1 of Aliens which I wasn't able to get when they came out; 2 TMNT Foot soldiers, so shredder and bradford finally have some company; and a 20th Mallrats mate! And I also got an awesome sketch card from Lukes toy store. Here's a close-up of the card. Thank you very much Birthday Elephant, whomever you are (havent figured it out yet!) P.S. Here's a message from ol' deadpool himself. He's pretty upset that there were no chimichangas in the package.
  9. Sorry about the late post but I got mine a few days ago
  10. how about using the dc ambush bug head, with some modifications?
  11. I love Gundam, but due to a limited amount of space, I have only been collecting the sd gashapon figures. And now I think I'm going to get some of those Assault Kingdom figs as well.
  12. I recommend the OTHER version of that Cyclops, and drawing in musculature. It will still look rough, most likely, but better than this. Otherwise? LOVE IT! Use can use the torso from 90's cyclops or AOA cyclops.
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