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  1. Good to know i'm not the only one; both the writing and the art have me in awe (as long as they use interior hair art and not McGuiness' awful mullet). I'm cardboard backing and polybagging Captain Marvel and Hawkeye, something i never do, because they're just so incredible. By far my two favorite books out right now. (With Wonder Woman and Winter Soldier not far behind) Dr. Strange's hybrid classic and modern look is really sleek too. Usually black-themed redesigns fail hard but i like it, especially drawn by Deodato Jr. Could get some great updates with this series, i hope DST realizes. Yeah Pretty convinced here that it will be Cap Marvel, Cap America, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Nick Fury Jr.,and probably Thor. To which I will end up getting them all.
  2. Ah. Well, from watching the episodes he appears in again, it seems his X symbol is on the front of his jacket, not his arm. I bought some tampo paper and stuff recently to try and maybe make that actually. Just need to test run things before I do anything first. >_> Yeah but from a shelf you can't see that. I like it! I did a few updates to a few mates including my Nita
  3. I think you meant to type ugliest. It is very well-executed though. This, I concur with full heartedly. I would have preferred any other character from the storyline, but the technical aspects of the manufactured piece are phenomenal. I hate having another IronMan as much as the next guy but sorry that figure is stellar and the most work that they have ever done on a minimate. I usually buy two boxes (one to collect and one to display) but when it comes to box sets I usually just buy loose figures but in this case each of the figures was great and this Ironman deserves to be displayed and is easily in my top 5 of mates.
  4. Can we all just agree that this Iron Man is the best minimate ever?
  5. Think time and budget were the enemies here more than anything else. I mean, maybe we could have gotten a third AvX set, but that may have meant waiting till sometime next year for the second Alpha Flight set. I dunno. For all the Ph5 hype, Cyclops was the driving force behind the 5, and in the end it was everbody against Scott anyway. I'm not that upset by only having Scott. But then, my pro Avengers, not quite Anti-X-folk but not far from it bias is well documented. I would argue Emma is the other necessity; it was really everyone against Scott and Emma. Sure, Scott turned on her and really screwed her over (Dark Phoenix or Scott's subconscious guilt, amusing), but she stood right by him with equal power until the end and still stands by him in All-New. The other three were cannon fodder (maybe not Namor) but Emma is fairly essential to the plot. IDK Namor did destroy Wakanda and inadvertently cause the divorce of Storm and Black Panther.
  6. It is my opinion and not a criticism but I am curious as to why there weren't 3 AVX sets? An Avengers one, an X-Men one (which there was), and then the mashup one of two slots each. It makes sense to me to have lead off with the mashup set with Hope, Wanda, Protector, Juggie Colossus. Then an Avengers set that included (Phoenix 5 Namor & Ironman) with two other Avengers and the X-Men set that had the other 4 members of the 5 (Scott, Emma, Magik, Piotr).
  7. I am super late to this party BUT I want to see some minimates for things that will help expand the minimate universe which unfortunately means Tween. Give me some Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural minimates. Give me some cult classics like Chuck, X-Files, Firefly. AND bring back the Trek for the new movie!
  8. So an extra red armor piece? sounds like a great compromise AND a hint that there will be more Phoenix Five members. Ok I made that last part up.
  9. Seeing that GOld really reminds me of the GOTG Phoenix... Could be a good custom.
  10. That's an error. They are shipping to TRUs, and should not be on any Previews lists. Whomp whomp. Well, thankful TRU online carries stuff.
  11. This week's madness: Visions of Love Phoenix & Starfire Nick Fury Enjoy.
  12. I was about to say... Someone's hormones are outta whack. Yes - he is a boob for breaking up with Crystal, not once but twice. Never liked that JB story twist and now I feel vindicated. Yes, I'm that evil.
  13. Great stuff! Recipe for crystal? So glad you enjoyed it. The pride and joy of my minimate collection - Crystal was made by taking a Nova (Heralds set) for the base, Ultimate X-Men Jean for the face, Movie Jean for the hair (add in some sharpie for her headpiece and her belt) The boots and gloves were from a TRU Calico Jack
  14. Well this is my first post, although I have been around the cybersphere for years and instagraming the heck out of my mates. Anyway, I thought I would post a few quick modifications that I haven't seen on the thread yet. First one I ever did was Cloak & Dagger. Just took Mr. Negative and added the Cloak from the original. Dagger stole Moonstone Ms. Marvel's hair. It was a fair fight.Das Flicker
  15. Just a fan of the mates that is waiting for his inhuman minimate dreams coming true.

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