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  1. I would. Did you already get the marvel now minimates? I've been looking at toys r us no luck... Yet They aren't out yet, I just like to get my parts together so that it is just done once I get the figure. If not I goof off as my poor Firestar custom is finding out.
  2. Didn't they say there were less of these since X-Factor Angel was the "varient" of the set. I'm glad the factory messed up because at least you can pose Archangel with the X-Factor team and it is comic appropriate but had the original Angel been the varient and in so little demand I would have raised hell.
  3. Have we ever found out how many of them were made though? I have never seen one and for some reason I feel like there really was a short pack of it.
  4. Hey guys, I am getting ready for my Reaper modification and was just thinking, doesn't Sauron usually wear purple pants like the Hulk?
  5. I hear that! I used Shaman's hair for Moonstar, and am painting the white hair piece for Psylocke while using the black one for Spider-Woman. I just made a Moonstar with SFxTekken's Julia hairpiece but now that Luke sent me an extra Alpha Flight set for one of my $5 Anniversary grab bags, I may have to make another one with the extra Shaman I have! (Never enough Dani Moonstar pieces for me!) Great idea, sir! Thanks, I tried the Jill hairpiece too but for some reason I didn't like it. I think I couldn't get the black the right color. Can't wait to see yours!
  6. Marvel Pool would be great! Especially if we could then have an easy custom into the 60's Marvel Girl outfit. That seriously is one of my favorite costumes of all time.
  7. Is my holy grail for Marvel. Earlier this year I got Martian Manhunter. Besides that I have everyone I want but not a full minimate run.
  8. LOL it does take a while to get use to!
  9. Well, this is a compelete 180 from Alpha Flight. I am torn between my love for Deadpool and posing him in these ridiculous outfits and of course the fact that we lost 4 slots over this. It's the same issue I have with the Wolvie set where these could have been sold at a local comic book shop or TRU and we lost a shot at getting four new mates. Also side bar anyone else pissed that Marvel is doing Lego varient covers for their titles this fall?
  10. Okay, I'm going to tweak my previous Wave 54 line-up guess a little:- Captain America & Red Skull (Re-do villain) - Falcon (Fan Choice, New Hero) & Winter Soldier (Fan Choice, New Villain) - Baron Strucker (Fan Choice, New Villain) & HYDRA Soldier redux - Madame Hydra (One female, New Villain) & HYDRA Soldier redux (Variant) this would be awesome, and seems quite possible Especially since we now have the Red Skull Onslaught version that may be included.
  11. I hear that! I used Shaman's hair for Moonstar, and am painting the white hair piece for Psylocke while using the black one for Spider-Woman.
  12. Just finished rereading the Entire first run of the New Warriors and I would take a four pack of them if it meant we got a Wolvie thru the ages set.... Oh wait....,
  13. Yeah I'm going to pass too. For some reason, and this is completely ridiculous, I feel really disappointed that this is the SDCC exclusive set. This to me could have been a mainstream set. The SDCC sets are where we get the "Oh @*& can't believe that they made them!" and this is one where I would have expected to see that on the shelves. Regardless, I am not a big Wolverine fan anyway so that could also be the annoyance factor. So far I haven't seen a four pack set this year that I have been excited about but then again last year I got Alpha Flight and the heralds.
  14. Funny enough this is my broke plan too. Except #5 is Monica Chang for me.
  15. It's been selling for reduced prices at various outlets (Amazon for sure) for months. I'm not sure failure is the right word, but it certainly suggests that DST is right to be cautious about boxsets without a major character to carry them. Sadly I have to agree with this. I am a die-hard Alpha Flight Fan but it is hard to get two sets out for this classic team when they can't carry a series. Look at the X-Force team set with Psylock etc. That thing sold out like gangbusters even though it was mostly repaints. THe ALpha set had masisve tooling to it and is a peg warmer in NYC.
  16. But at least a Giant-Man with the waist riser so between that and his feet he is a little taller than the others. I would kill for a max statue of him.
  17. Me either. I think it was a cop-out. The blue legs are easy enough to swap out for but I like this one better. Besides it's date night! But Deadpool expressed his concerns on the matter as well and brought Box to support him. Piotr is upset about his college fund and letting the other strippers down. It will pass. Here's a together shot of the Colossus twins.
  18. So I decided to focus on some civilians this holiday weekend and started with Piotr. Took the boots from Outback Piotr. The legs, chest, arms and hair from Namor, the crotch of Giantsized X-Men Piotr same with the vest and the face of a random. THe cuffs are from a AVX Wanda. Kitty is just a Karma body with a Maya Hair piece. I also have a painted Original X head piece that she is displayed in when showing off Sprite.
  19. The only paint rub off I have had was Lion-O.
  20. She wouldn't be allowed at your dance, either.... I would suffer through "bare bones" versions of Spider-man in every pack. If it meant we got Mary Jane, Carly, Harry, Betty Brandt, Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker. I would take another BD Red Daredevil for Foggy, Ben Urich and/or Karen Page. I would take a 10 pack of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hulk, Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Wilverine, Cyclops, and Thing, all with limited tampos and no extra parts, if it meant I got Stan Lee. I would take a full case of "Best of" repacks if it meant we got a box set of the Daily Bugle/DB/Frontline staff. I think I would take just about any redos if it meant we got supporting civilian mates. Yeah but we gotten several MJ, Gwen, and Peters. to me, I would cash in for the never had rather than a redo.
  21. Not quite what I meant, but *when* we finally get him, I feel like he'll only look "right" if he's made with blue plastic, perhaps with black painted highlights. I feel it's only a matter of time before we get the bulk of the missing Avengers, with the only two least-likely candidates being Moondragon and Dr Druid. Tigra, Black Knight, Mockingbird all seem to me like they will get made eventually. As long as I finally, FINALLY, FINALLY get a Crystal that wasn't a custom I would be happy with that. Hell, a Moon Dragon custom is easy enough if anyone wanted one.
  22. Cosign. But for me, I would accept almost anything including: Cable's Six/Wild Pack If it meant getting: THE Power Pack
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