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  1. So I just finished off Val and now have my complete Richards Family unit. I tried an Alice hair piece on her to see if that would give her more of a feminine touch but that didn't work for me. For some reason the pink legs popped into my head. I am not 100% convinced but for now am happy.
  2. I am all for this. Even a Hellfire Club 4 pack would work with Shaw, Leland, Pierce and sewer Wolverine. Yes, I am that desperate for this pack.
  3. I'm referring to exactly what stack and xexion just said really. I know we are getting some great new characters in 50 and 51 but they are imminent (I hope!) and after that we currently have very few if any new characters (and certainly classic ones) announced to look forward to. Plus we have known about 50 in particular and 51 for a long time now, hence my point that it seems ages since any new character announcements. Like I said I appreciate that many of the sets that have been announced lately are very popular with board members, they just haven't been ones that appeal to me personally. But as we know you can't please all the people all the time. I think that is the trick of press releases. Say something too soon and we are bored when the date arrives. Plus weren't these waves held? I feel your pain about not getting characters that you want/are clamoring for. I know that every character is someone's favorite but it is tough when I know that besides Phoenix, all of my favorite characters are C or D list and odds of getting them are beyond slim to none.
  4. I think the component of Angela wasn't set but the rest of it was. For all we know they were going to intro Marvel Man but then something happened with those rights again.
  5. High 5! SInce they weren't posted here I sadly assumed the person wasn't a poster here. Well, now is as good a time as any to show my finished Franklin Richards. Sadly, the parts for Val haven't come in just yet. The reciepe was just a Mr. Fantastic (the first one) with a Flame on Torch Hair with a Peter Pan Tootle's legs and a Michael Darling face. HERBIE is from the FF Three Pack from Marvel Universe. I will update later with Val.
  6. Wait a holy pronoun second there... The Villian is male but the new character's gender isn't revealed BUT is a relatively new character not a classic? My money is on Abigal Brand for the win. She is popular but not a classic and relatively new in Marvel speak continuity wise.
  7. The songbird is making me crave a Genis Marvel. We almost have the complete Avengers Forever lineup. Now THAT was a good yarn.
  8. These are not mine but I just HAD to share. This guy, dinosaursinf14s, has a great blog and I am so freaking jealous of his Power Pack. You should all take a look. It makes me wish I was a better painter/decal user. I would totally buy these in store. *** Note the multiverse wasn't letting me link the image correctly so I had to put the image on my photo bucket.
  9. I don't know why this popped into my head but didn't someone somewhere say something about redoing Kitty Pryde? Since this version (Hail Ivan) was out of date and is part of Marvel Now? Be gentle, I am on cough syrup.
  10. Somebody is about to be in a world of trouble..
  11. Wow. This got me interested. Previously I was just going to buy a loose Rulk since he was the only character that I didn't have but these all look good. I'm holding my breath on Elektra that she has something to redeem her but if not 3 out of 4 ain't too bad. Funny how this set is better than the comic it is established on.
  12. I thought that set did fairly well. There was maybe one or two sets that hung around for a while between 3 different Toys R Us stores. It seemed like the Secret Wars and Captain America sets hung around lot longer on the shelfs. That is what is so funny about geography. That Secret wars set flew off the shelves in NYC but the Galactus set has been hanging there for months.
  13. As much as I love Sue, I would rather have a character that hasn't been done before or is in a need of a redo. That said the Galactus line has been a peg warmer at my TRU so I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have a set of lesser known characters again.
  14. I was thinking of doing This version of DarkChylde Using a Seven of Nine as the base, remove the Star Trek insignia, Vorin's Feet, Azazel's Tail, and then I got stuck... I was debating taking a Disney Thor helmet and choping off of the "ears" and glueing on painted red Loki Horns. But that seemed too messy. Then I thought about Gluing Magik hair to a painted silver Loki Helmet and that didn't sound right either. Would love to hear what you come up with.
  15. I am confused by this too. Do we know when we are getting what? I am starting to feel like we are getting wave 51 before 50.
  16. I am in a huge minorrity but I LOVED the Ultraverse! I am still annoyed they didn't mention it during the Exiles run or during any of the Phoenix sagas. Last time we saw the Phoenix Force and the Infity Gems they were in the UV but then they magically appeared here and all of those stories were forgotton. Could one swap out the feet then if Toes are your thing? I can't believe I just typed that...
  17. I didn't have issues but I remember reading soaking it in hot warm did the trick. Anybody confirm?
  18. Has anyone put the "flash" spider sense piece on a Magma yet to see what it looks like?
  19. I think that her Shadowcat costume still works but it is my favorite look of hers. To make the one you suggested would be tricky unless you can use decals for the chest. If so it is pretty simple since it shares parts with 90's Scott and Jim Lee Logan. I wish they would make her like that since it is very similar to the Jim Lee X-Uniform for a woman and then I could finally get my Strike Force X-Men.
  20. I second both of these things. It should at least be the set up for the next X-Film.
  21. I wish I was able to show off as many of my mates as you all do! I have a 25 mate display policy only. It is good because it doesn't look cluttered but I do get sad that some of them are just in the "toy box".
  22. What really makes sense is the 3inch DC Figures. I wish there was a way to make Giant-Man Taller and still look Manufactured. I use to pose him with Bane legs for added height but got ashamed by my false hood.
  23. I didn't know either at the time and bought the Peter Pan set so that I could add the slipper feet to the Kid legs to make a shorter Puck. Whomp. I think he looks shorter because of the hair.
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