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    wave 79

    I laughed so hard at that! I have a very strict rule when it comes to a cosmic wave and that is a mandatory Vance Astro addition. I will not compromise. Also kind of digging this Lilandra head surprise in the Mystique Legend soooo.... get to it DST.
  2. Technically we will have Animated wave 10, Cap Marvel, Infinity War, Spidey Wave 77, and X-Factor 78. Which I am assuming will all be at Walgreens (and LCS/online) which is a lot for the drug store to carry. We haven’t had any announcements on Animated Wave 11 or 12; any Con exclusives, or anything for holiday like the surprise BC and “lost” Wave so there could be more but even still that is around 36 figures in one year which isn’t the least amount of minimates we have gotten but weirdly I think around average.
  3. This makes me happy but gutted at the same time!!! I want them so badly and far more than wave 77.
  4. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I think it’s time for an FF wave so I hope it goes that way.
  5. Just for context, Bonecrusher isn’t that tall in the toy biz sense
  6. In! I have versions in Jim Lee suits but I could be persuaded by New Mutant body with female and male chest block and heads. 😂 at this point this “two” pack is a box set. Although I did turn a Madame Masque into a Freedom Force Mystique do so this is definitely my jam.
  7. Completely agreed. The weird part would be whom to pack them with from a storyline perspective. We could take a TV route and pair them with a Shiar warrior as they attacked the Shiar war ship in the tunnels but other than that I am pressed as to someone besides a Sentinel that makes sense and Inwould want to army build.
  8. Also still a WIP but liking him so far... and yes Lady Deathstrike is riding him.
  9. Finished! Age Of Apocalypse Box Set (#2)Jean Grey arms and Bolero Jacket, Marvel Minimates Wave 76 Black Cat Torso, Watchmen Minimates - Toys R Us Two PacksSilk Spectre (2) and Jessica Jones Netflix Box Set Trish hair. As always Hail Ivan and thanks Luke!
  10. I went to 11 stores on Friday... goose eggs for new things but they did have Infinitity War and Animated Wave 8.
  11. Here she is and she completely stands up next to the other characters. :
  12. Start saving those pennies!
  13. If either of you need help let me know I have tons of Walgreens stores and go on hunts every Friday.
  14. Wonder if the web series would revive this. The web-series, titled Alien: Isolation, which will stream directly from IGN, will follow the story from 2014's Alien: Isolation game by Sega and expand on the tale of Amanda Ripley.
  15. Are you reading my eBay history?!? I just bought a bone breaker from eBay for this purpose and parts from Luke last week! I’ll let you know how we go.
  16. I’m with @stack32 except that it *might* be an access point for new fans/parents buying toys but they could still stumble on these at Walgreens. Far from Home has more accessibility and figure selection and who knows maybe they will actually do have stuff but can’t say anything because of an embargo 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. Completely! I just changed her face and she still fits in.
  18. Well, this is exciting. I hope that DST takes Advantage of Target+
  19. I honestly think everyone got caught with their knickers down when it comes to into the spider-verse and no one was expecting the cultural impact the film has had.
  20. After watching the first half of season three i really wish these were a thing.
  21. Yeah it’s a little disappointing but thankfully the Wolfman is easy to come by 🤷🏻‍♂️
  22. So who knows maybe next year or it will be a Walgreens wave at year end?
  23. Nice! How did you get the halo off of the Angel figure?
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