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  1. Well from what I’ve seen/heard so far it is being done by people that love the franchise. I personally loved the reboot but agree the ending was a little off.
  2. Well BSG Reboot seems to be on track for a release this year on Peacock. It’ll be interesting to see if we get mates from it.
  3. I have a follow up next month. What are you looking for? They only had black widow though... and I mean literally 4 of the Natasha pack.
  4. I have a dr’s appointment in the am and there is a Walgreens next door. I’m planning on making a trip in since I’m already out. Anyone need anything in case they have mates?
  5. Hope these go up for sale soon. I can’t wait for them-even though we already have half the wave I am excited for Gladiator, Lilandra, and Corsair! Not to mention that Jean hair piece.
  6. I have been counting down for the Dark Phoenix and FF waves. Espionage is good but those are the two I want the most.
  7. As long as the Dark Phoenix wave comes out this year ?
  8. Well it will be a thing. The leaked Marvel Legends figures look horrible.
  9. Unsuccessful run today. No XTAS, no Winter-Solider. No Miles wave whatever number it is. Anyone else having luck?
  10. Yup that’s it. I’m not that big of a fan but know some of you are.
  11. I’m not going to lie, I’m not too keen on the reaction figures themselves but the licenses that they have are impressive! I’ve been tracking them to see if they will release a Catslair or Buffy Library play set so my minimates can finally get a home.
  12. I’m not enough of an aliens fan to justify the purchase but have you all seen the reaction play set Super7 did?
  13. Interesting. Maybe with they will do an approach that includes the skipped over parts.
  14. Maybe I am being pig headed but I don’t see a wave from that movie. At most I see 2-Two packs and that is being generous. What would you have liked to see? I’m not interested in ever sticking up for DST or Chuck but I do think the right call was made as the only “uniques” would have been Night Monkey Spider-Man and a weird Molten Man. We hadn’t had an accessible comic Mysterio in years at that point nor any of the others that the spiritual wave included. Also I vaguely recall the license being an issue. Who knows. I agree, this new movie may be the way to fill in the holes. Also outside of marvel, most of the successful lines of minimates have been decades old movies so fingers crossed!
  15. I’m one of the few that doesn’t care Far from home was skipped- especially after the Sony drama.
  16. I wonder if/how Walgreens would support all that product. Especially with the launch of the X-Men Animated Series wave (fingers crossed it does well) and then of course Avengers & Spider-Man Animated.
  17. I think a 4 pack of Hand, AIM, Genoshian Solider, Hydra could work but I still think the StarTrek 4 pack would kill it. Also would love a new mutant X costume and Hellion 4 pack with both male and female chests. Sadly I do think those days have passed.
  18. I wonder if it it too late for a Luke variant? Maybe a Spider-Woman in her new duds and X-Force Deadpool two pack?
  19. Great knowledge and thanks for doing it!
  20. Good luck. I had a 45 day fight with them over a wardrobe that only ended when I posted a paid tweet about them and they sent their marketing team to me telling me they were going to get twitter to suspend my account. It didn’t end well for them but I did end up getting my wardrobe for free, reimbursed delivery fee, and a store credit that had an expiration date.
  21. Hopefully someone out there in custom land makes one...
  22. I wonder if Deathlok is coming with translucent claws. Wish there was a Luke exclusive variant in his X-Force costume.
  23. Hurrah!!! Love seeing another Aussie here on the boards. So glad you found us.
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