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  1. Shame these died before we got anything transformer or marvel related.
  2. Well, the serial killer himself, Professor X, Laura, and a villain so Donald Pierce
  3. Did they limit these to 1k? If that’s the case no wonder they just did basic reissues. Also if we can do this fan set that @buttheadsmateis talking about I want my wrecking crew! Or at least my new Mutants guy/girl chests vs a hellion guy/girl.
  4. I think every toy line has experienced FOMO at some point although I think the secondary market that exists now makes it different than the hey days of the 80s when it was nearly impossible to get a figure if you missed it first time around. That said best of and greatest hits were fun ways of offering product that came with new features/accessories so it felt like a must have. I would think avengers campus in LA would be a great home for them and also Islands of Adventure. Defenders may be a tough sell given they don’t have media pushing them forward at the time and the boxed Netflix sets allegedly didn’t do great. I still love my Jessica Jones set and alllll the stuff that came with it. I remember Luke had an amazing exclusive Spider-Man Foes set and I was shocked it didn’t sell out instantly. 3,000 units if I recall correctly. Some of my favorite villains came from it.
  5. I surely didn’t. I got the pro-tip after packing all my things and swearing this place off for good. I also regret nothing but have found it far more enjoyable. “Never say never!” Honestly, I reached my limit and paying almost 100 bucks to get two sets of things I already own without enhancements is it. I’d much rather spend that on Luke’s sale this weekend or on my growing Marvel Legends collection.
  6. 1. My comment isn’t about figure selection it’s about a brand ambassador entering a fans space and making an announcement. 2. It’s not shooting the messenger for the message to point out its not a clear message. Had it been, I doubt there would be as much speculation and as much negativity toward the actual release. 3. Since you want to talk about figure selection, You can have the same 6 figures with differences to make the figures a must have. For instance, Black Widow with red gauntlets, blue piping and blue knee pads similar to the cosplay costume that was sold would be enough of a variation to feel like an exclusive in my opinion. The figure for her in the set looks just like the original which can be easily bought on eBay. Great for new collections but not necessarily a must buy for older collectors. 4. This brings up a different problem for completionist fans. Yes, playmates 1701 idea was flawed beyond belief but these are not limited to 1701 sets. So in order to have a complete collection one must spend almost $50 bucks to buy a set that’s USP is… a box. Not a great position for anyone especially since this leads us to. 5. being told exclusives don’t sell well at conventions which is why we don’t get them consistently. Except, this isn’t an exclusive… it’s a reissue in a new box. It’s nuanced but if they don’t sell through I can already hear the “well, we tried” speech. All of this could be cleared up by level setting the expectations clearly. “Not sure…” was typical DST baiting given their last two announcements were “actually” unexpected.
  7. Not really sure what to say to that. There are ways to be the voice of the brand in a fan forum that are a bit more beneficial for both sides. The same announcement could have easily been: We have some exciting reissues with enhancements that will be offered as SDCC exclusives that I hope you all enjoy! Explains the situation in a way that doesn’t get the fan bases hopes up but drives curiosity. But then again that’s me and I’m not into walking into chainsaws.
  8. I also had my second jab yesterday. But what I mean is you can buy these same figures for roughly the same price on the secondary market. So to me they aren’t exclusives that add anything to the over all collections. I get they have slight modifications and some have different faces but they are Minimates… anyone can give them different faces. Obviously these are aimed at completionists and to people that missed out the first time. It would have made sense to me to show off the same 6 characters just in looks we hadn’t gotten yet from the same movies but I am sure there was something behind the scenes that caused it to be this. Nothing to rage about until or if they bomb and we get told no more exclusives because they don’t sell well— except these aren’t really exclusives but reissues in a new box.
  9. Hope those that want them got them and those that want exclusive to mean exclusive… I will see you at the bar. We can chat about when we got exclusives that weren’t available anywhere else like them dirty new muties, AOA, or even the “horrible” selling Alpha Flight. @Mattallica I hear you brother and as someone whose said far worse I have found the mute function to be really enjoyable.
  10. I would buy the EFF out of this. Also I agree get something Luke can Army Build!
  11. I would buy the Eff out of this. Even a Data and Crusher with alternate heads.
  12. Wait... they aren't coming until JULY? do we know why?
  13. I thought they don’t dooooo announcements someone just comes across them.
  14. Personally that’s why I think they failed. There’s tons of TNG and beyond love that is dying for merch. But then again I’ve never been a TOS Fan
  15. I can safely say I never want another Kirk mate again. TNG and up only!
  16. I do like the themes I am just half in for this wave and losing more interest the longer it takes to get it. I’m more X-Men and FF focused as a collector so I can’t wait to get to wave 81/82. I’d argue that Lilandra and Corsair aren’t exactly A list but they aren’t obscure given their popularity in the XTAS and all the speculation around their inclusion in the Dark Phoenix Movie. But then again I want a Crystal sooo.... I’m probably the wrong audience for choosing obscure.
  17. Nah, she was part of MC2 for years, had a limited series, but more importantly had merch and featured in games. You can still buy her costume for kids... granted that statement is problematic in and of itself. Shannon is the alternate reality daughter of Steve and Sharon.
  18. Mocking Bird’s as well. I’m still surprised that there is no She-Thing, Vance Astro or American Dream. They just seem like low hanging fruit fit variations. And I seriously am iron man armored out.
  19. Yeah, it tough right because you have to have kid support to be in retail and succeed. Comics aren’t dead but they aren’t as big with kids as they were. So that leaves us with LCS and that industry is also not doing that great. I would imagine that Covid impacted shipping things but apparently not. I don’t think there is a quick fix either and at best Q421-Q422 is going to be bumpy but there is a path between Marvel, Transformers, GiJoe and ?!?! That we have the potential to have monthly releases— if they can make it till then.
  20. Yeah.... the only Armor I want that I don’t *think* we have gotten is the Jim Lee Heroes Reborn one. I know we got Heroes Return but hey, that’s just me.
  21. ? If it wasn’t for constrictor, Deathlok, and Mockingbird is say skip this wave and get straight into Phoenix and FF waves.
  22. Yeah I’m bummed I only have Mark and Eve but at least I have them ?
  23. Anyone watch the show today on Amazon Prime?
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