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  1. Well, I guess the Iron Giant will permanently sit with the JSA.
  2. The statue looked a little different in real life and was actually a good looking piece.
  3. I didn’t dig it but I’m always here for DC minimates.
  4. I just hope they easily slot in with the comic line in terms of looks. Especially in the face.
  5. Been meaning to post this but I never got the other photo share things to work. Anyway if you can't get the Marvel Legends Mastermold this is my substitution.
  6. It will probably be cancelled and virtual only.
  7. As far as I know she’s never been made before in movable plastic so who knows. Minimates have been the first to make characters before.
  8. That Phoenix hair piece is so great. Can’t wait to get it.
  9. I like the cosmic universe as well there is just a rhythm to Cates’ writing that I don’t like which stinks because I like him as a person. I read his GOTG and wasn’t completely annoyed and will try his Thor but the Venom and Dr Strange runs were just there.
  10. Great recap. I’m looking forward to ignoring the story though. Cates is apparently the new “it” boy.
  11. It’s a good wish and a great idea.
  12. Not that it’s apples to apples but if you paint a Dazzler head pierce white and then use a silver sharpie paired with a blue eyed female you can update Silver so she Looks like the cover of her first series. It’s not that hard of a paint job and if I can do it I know you can as well and probably a thousand times better.
  13. Well... not exactly what I wanted but very very close. Love the new attachments for Reed and excited for a HERBIE (RIP 3.75” HERBIE). My heart will always want a Franklin and of course the Frightful Four but that Doom is a beaut. Wonder if my luck will hold out for wave 83 and 84.🤷‍♂️
  14. Man I wish these mates existed.
  15. It’s only the 30th year anniversary why would they get any attention? Don’t worry though I’m sure that Marvel Legends will give them attention. We already have gotten a huge section of the team and the add ons. But yes a 4 pack of Thrasher, Vance, Speedball and Firestar would be Amazing. I would be into that. Having only 6 minimates a wave is just so bloody depressing so at this point I’d rather them fill out what’s missing like a Greg C Warpath, Sunspot et al.
  16. No. So waves with high numbers are typically for local comic stores or your preferred online retailer. I personally love Luke’s Toy Store. Anything that is a movie ir cartoon typically is what you will find at Walgreens (if you are lucky). Walgreens has had two comic lines but for the most part these are the rules of the game.
  17. You can always try an instagram link as well.
  18. THIS!!! Also, I would love Robocop but I doubt we’d get him even though the property is seeing a resurgence. If anything, they would get the license and try to force Vinimates down our throats.
  19. It would never happen, but I would love to see these costumes get the minimates treatment. the show was great but I remember it struggled to move product. Or maybe that was just my perception.
  20. After years of begging, emails, and posts about this The Rocketeer, like the Buffy Mates, are a big eff you to me and unless I’m gifted them there is no way I will buy them. But they are pretty.
  21. Well, this will drum up some interest in these again.
  22. I really cannot wait for this set. Wish there was a Shiar Army Builder but can’t win them all.
  23. I drunkingly went and bought 4 Vinimates last week. Bringing up my tally to 8 I think. I have Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Darkseid, Iron Giant (that I pose with Stargirl), Batgirl, Nightwing, Slimer, Manhattan, and Cthulu. I have been debating buying Godzilla and an Alien just to have monsters around for the REAL collection but I refuse to spend more than 5 bucks on any of them.
  24. I do the same thing with their press releases or solicits.
  25. Crap! Someone did but I couldn’t find it with a scan. Maybe in the Ghost Busters thread?
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