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  1. I have yet to meet anyone that actually collects the vinimates line. I know people pick up one here or there ( hell I think I have 5) but no one that actively seeks them out so this wouldn’t surprise me.
  2. I have to say I’m really annoyed that there aren’t Arrowmates or any DC ones. I know it’s been a decade and I should get over it but the lack of new licenses and lack of product is driving me mental.
  3. Yeah I did a run and for some reason they weren’t a bogo in NYC. I did pick up a bunch of the venom ones and peg warmers for toys for tots.
  4. Looks like Marvel Legends is definitely supporting the movie.
  5. I love this set! I also bought the Star Ship Enterprise for my StarTrek mates. Shame about the Pop Hall of justice. Was hoping it would make up for the front part. I’m bummed that pinmates hasn’t done a play set like this for the Avengers or X-Men.
  6. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I actually like the skull as it reminds me of Thanos and why she received the infinity gem. But I thankfully got a Luke version. Couldn’t you use a paint remover to gently remove the skull?
  7. I understand what you mean the problem I have is the colour is off as Rahne’s fur is darker than the skin tone of the minimate in question.
  8. Has anyone purchased the Funko POP! Town Batman 80th Hall of Justice with Batman? I’d prefer not to give them a dime but if that Hall of Justice works with Minimates well... I don’t have a choice now do I?
  9. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Yeah without painting I don’t know of a triangle pointed green boot or gloves that aren’t Enchantress
  10. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I was thinking animated Enchantress has a good boots and gloves for an allllmost there look (once you add in different hands) But haven’t checked the greens yet.
  11. This is what I find so aggravating. This line is a much better line than other toys that have amazing distribution and licenses.
  12. I kit bashed a Paladin and an updated Silver Sable.
  13. And that to me is the biggest mistake and the biggest flashing danger sign.
  14. I could not care less about these movies but I want those mates (ok I want the dog) and this has passed ridiculous.
  15. Just some more fun with the X-Factor wave. X-Man Husk Human Rahne: Medium Wolfgirl And a Psylocke for good measure.
  16. I just went with Instagram.
  17. SAME! I’m honestly surprised that we haven’t gotten a set from it yet.
  18. RIGHT?!? MiniAlan76 always does amazing work but this piece completely shines a light on a huge oversight.
  19. I hope you all saw this GORGEOUS Captain Marvel figure on Instagram! I have been staring at it for days!
  20. They already do it, it’s just having a different release schedule. So instead of announcing the wave all at once it’s more of a ramp up. They have 9 to 7 figures in a wave and with two comic waves alone that gives them a year of chatter.
  21. I really wish that DST took some pages from the Hasbro play book on how to do press and advertising. This reveal once a month thing that they have going on is so good and does a great job of building up excitement in between waves.
  22. Yeah, I am in full agreement. Solicit and see.
  23. Too right. It’s from the He-Man Masters of the Universe Minis toyline that had a build a figure Greyskull. I didn’t buy the line but just the parts.
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