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  1. If we do end up with a Silver Sable update, I really hope they give us a Lilandra head like Marvel Legends so we could at least kitbash her. At this point I’m not excited about these clues and much lease excited it’s a fall release.
  2. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Yeah, I hear you but at this point I’m at closest to the pin wins. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be collecting the line for and really wish that team was represented accordingly.
  3. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I think for me as time has gone on the more disappointed I am with this wave. I went from this could be ok to meh. I can rationalize the character selection but it doesn’t mean I need to spend money on it. I only want a Darkhawk and a Moondragon and the rest will be custom fodder. It would have been far better to have the uniformed Guardians as they could have given us more characters through swapped parts. At either rate, regardless of portfolio status, another Angela and Cosmic GhostRider are just space filler.
  4. Amazing! Looks like they figured it out for certain items. Shipping to a store is free with any order total - no minimum required. (Every item in your cart must say "Ship to Store" for your order to qualify.)
  5. That's more a Walgreens issue. They haven't managed to figure out pick up in store which is weird given that's basically what the pharmacy does.
  6. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Funny enough I thought that was their first smart decision. Either way I think it’s safe to say this cancellation announcement has really put a lot of fans on alert. I’ve been disappointed with a lot of the decisions. Hopefully it is going to be resolicited but even then the wave isn’t strong. DST need to take a look in the mirror and see if they really know what’s going on with their business and see if they are going to be able to survive 2020. The thing that drives me mental about all of this is knowing that they could have gotten ahead of this and let their loyal supporters know what is going on but instead it’s buried. This is an unnecessary self inflicted wound that is the norm for them.
  7. Given the news around 79 this wave will be cancelled as well.
  8. Exactly, I doubt they (Lego) even know who DST is. If they do they probably think that DST wants to bring back C3 and that's why they probably don't take the meeting. Sorry but I have lost all faith in minimates. It had a great run but now DST is obsessed to chase after POP! scraps and failing at that miserably.
  9. Normally I would agree with you but sadly it seems like DST can't get people interested in the line. If I had my druthers Target would be the target.
  10. I would think anyone that carries Vinimates would be low hanging fruit as that shows they have a business relationship with DST.
  11. BUMP in case Collect DST doesn't realize we want ACTUAL DC Minimates.
  12. Seriously. Telling us you don't want to make them or that there isn't a demand or distribution partner or any other lie in your arsenal but don't come here and fucking tell us you didn't know we wanted them when this board, the Facebook group, ASK Chuck, and instagram are filled with images/mentions/and pleading for Buffy mates. It's bullshit.
  13. To be fair... I did write in and ask Chuck in March of memory is long. Get to mates making.
  14. Same here! These are all good suggestions thanks team!
  15. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS DST? Sorry I feel personally trolled with this since I basically have been begging for this for years and don't collect Vinimates except for ones that fit into the standard minimates line like a Dr Manhattan or a dino. This is some f^*%ng nerve.
  16. Hey everyone. Anyone know of a white male figure with a black tank top on it? I checked the minimate database and came up with nothing but hoping one of you knows of something.
  17. This to me is the most shocking considering how long they kept the regular figures alive and even the Library play set. Buffy has been a hot property for years and is about to get hotter moving into the new show. I never had issues with TRU or corporate but they did have a tendency to resist digital and it ended up costing them in the end. Distribution will always be important and in some instances it can be as important as the licenses themselves imho.
  18. If it makes you feel "better" a lot of Americans didn't know about it either as it wasn't taught as a part of the "normal" history curriculum.
  19. THIS! Also My favourite.. oh xyz franchise isn't interested in minimates... and yet they then announce they license in question announces they are part of Super7. Archie just announced they are having them even,
  20. I have yet to meet anyone that actually collects the vinimates line. I know people pick up one here or there ( hell I think I have 5) but no one that actively seeks them out so this wouldn’t surprise me.
  21. I have to say I’m really annoyed that there aren’t Arrowmates or any DC ones. I know it’s been a decade and I should get over it but the lack of new licenses and lack of product is driving me mental.
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