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  1. Wow, online sales are projected to reach 25% of all retail transactions by 2026. In 2019, almost 6K brick and mortar stores will close based off of US Retailer announcements. I really need DST to get on that online store experience STAT.
  2. Glob:
  3. The first one that came to mind is Glob. Then Honey Badger, Quinten, and Pixie are all lovable but not exactly genius level.
  4. I don’t have enough exposure to Cho except for Champions so 🤷🏻‍♂️. I do agree though there are too many geniuses in the MCU. Either way it would have been nice to get say a Champion set or even Young Avengers which I also can’t believe hasn’t happened.
  5. I’m insane so I’d want something like an X-Men uniform pack like this image with a male and female form. Or even just a pack of henchmen that mimicked the “lost” marvel legends wave 13: AIM Scientists, Hellfire Goon, Hydra agent, Doombot, Skrull, Hand Ninja, Kree, Brood Drone, Sons of serpent, and Purifier.
  6. I’m so thirsty for a MockingBird that I could care less just give me one. I did a kit bash of her and it’s embarrassing. We need a real one.
  7. That’s how I feel about Acme Comics and cards. If you are in the central Florida area ever it is worth a trip. If you collect a toyline, they have it. I can see what you mean but for the most part I think it’s because comics themselves aren’t selling at huge numbers. They have done a better job at a story lines though but I doubt they get that much of a heads up. I’m shocked that we don’t have a Ms Marvel but then again we have 3 Spider-Gwens and a Gwenpool. I am more surprised that Amadeus as Hulk hasn’t been made as the other replacements have: Riri, Jane Thor, Sam Cap, and Laura as Wolverine.
  8. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    I’m a huge Miles fan. I didn’t recognize the costume at all nor did I want it. I understand the reason the selection and TBH I’ll probably just slap a miles face on it. That way I will have a civilian look for him.
  9. Is this your guess or is this confirmed?
  10. @DSTZach do we have any idea yet as to whom is packed with whom? I’m trying to do my math for how many packs I need to order from Luke.
  11. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I would say, I think it would be great if it was a comic wave that minded the gap. Filling in holes from teams like: Greg C Warpath and Sunspot MockingBird And Vance Astro Crystal and Gorgon Jocasta and Swordsman BAF Caliban It’s not clean but it gets a lot of requested mates out for people.
  12. In the Avengers Thread Zach said “Moving forward with Marvel Series 78, soliciting next month.“
  13. And that doesn't even include the brands that have ad deals with them.
  14. They haven’t been seen in the wild yet but last time we had them in hand before DST was allowed to say they existed 😂. I’m just on a general hunt for a second set of Captain Carol, Wave 9 for a friend, and the alleged Wave 10 (Hammerhead, Warlock, etc) which leaked but it was accidental.
  15. Well for once Walgreens distribution saved me from something.
  16. I don’t know what happened so I am grateful to miss spoiler gate. I will say that I just went to 3 stores and found only one mate that was needed but nothing from this wave.
  17. Wow I haven’t seen another set of Captain Carol in the wild. I have only seen mine.
  18. This is just mean. You know they are not ever going to give Trek the love.
  19. Well, my Walgreens restocked! With Wave 9... anyone need them?
  20. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Yes, but If I have to have a Wolverine figure I’d want one I didn’t have instead of version x of him in y costume.
  21. Yeah I was thinking of taking the He-Man armor and seeing what it looks like on a mate and go from there. Not perfect but better than the DST release.
  22. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Wish I could say I coined it but honestly not that creative. It was rampant on AOL message boards and I think it was even in wizard. It’s been over 20 years now but it was a thing similar to HEAT and the ToyBiz Brotherhood.
  23. Has anyone bought the He-Man mega construx? I kind of want to but them, and use the accessories and kit on minimates to make my own customs.
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