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  1. Blue Quicksilver is harder to get since he was TRU and the X-Factor Set Bobby I weirdly feel is common but I fully expect to be wrong. The Multiple Men pack although I feel would be the most fan service is interesting. Luke only has a small batch so it could still trigger multiple sales of the prime two pack from the cases. Or who knows maybe it’s a Iceman/Quicksilver and they are both wearing the X-Factor costumes. Maybe it’s the X-Terminator uniforms. Whomever it is I hope they do pack in extra Jaime faces.
  2. Amen! I kind of just thought maybe the exclusive is Bobby Drake and an Iceman. Although extra Jaimes.
  3. Considering the buzz Picard got at he Upfronts I would think they would be on it.
  4. I think all of these are good guesses. I hope one comes packed with a baby Christopher.
  5. It is a good wave and I will be buying a ton of Widows for that blonde hair piece.
  6. Also, thanks to the Hulk/Warmachine trick you only "need" to buy one of the Rocket two packs.
  7. Well, because with other brands and CPG goods they usually tell you in my experience. Considering one of the brands I worked on was with walgreens I did get these kinds of notices but you are right I am assuming that they treat all brands the same.
  8. Hi Zach: Understand this place hasn’t been extremely friendly lately but my post wasn’t meant to be taken as an attack. This is exactly the transparency I want. I want to be told the information in that tweet which I expect from Walgreens’ CSR team as I have worked with them in the past. Previously we have been getting vague answers instead of the reps using the internal coms sources to give us this kind of answer. Also, that stinks they don’t give you more of an idea on the distribution. People can pay what they want to but why I think transparency factors in is that people may feel like “they don’t have a choice” because they don’t know that actually it isn’t that you missed out it’s just that the figures actually aren’t out. Similar to how you gave me a heads up that Tombstone wasn’t out yet.
  9. This is just disgusting. If Walgreens and DST could be more transparent on distribution I feel like people wouldn’t be able to get away with this nonsense.
  10. Did anyone take the LEGO plunge and buy the Stark Tower set?
  11. Does John Wick come with a dog? Asking for a friend named Hawkeye...
  12. I have been all over the island and I can’t find Wave 9, Cap, or End Game at this point. Hoping it was just a bad week.
  13. Nicely done! How did you get the flame to stick to her helmet?
  14. Buy them and sell them on Ebay or find other Board members that are looking for stuff. That's how I have been triggering restocks at my stores.
  15. TBC - Zach we want one Herc not an entire wave. I feel like it is best to spell things lest we get another Blizzard where people get all annoyed when a character we wanted gets made and not in the way we want it to.
  16. Betty Brant but I thought the same thing.
  17. Best through a seller like Big Bad /Luke or through a LCS?
  18. Honestly the closest model would be Luke’s Spidey Foes set I think. It’s a shame this was cancelled though as I wanted that peace sign hand. It would be great if there was a way to have this distribution online.
  19. I'll take what I can get.
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