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  1. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    It’s a different cape thankfully! I have to say I’m surprised with the comments about the figure selection. They are giving us 4 harder and more expensive figures to find that have mass market appeal (hi Walgreens) that should do really well for the line. I personally don’t have a “real” vulture (just a zombie one with a different head) a custom Hydro Man that’s embarrassing, an old Kraven, and a TRU Mysterio that I never opened because I weirdly only open exclusives once I have a double so selfishly I cannot wait for this wave. I do agree about Miles though but I will probably just parts bin him or just use him for a civilian Miles.
  2. thereasonsy

    Bruce Lee

    I’m happy so many of you are happy. These are going to the parts bin for me but they look great!
  3. thereasonsy

    Marvel 'Best of ' wave

    Agreed. They would make nice Disney store sets and would be great for the parks but otherwise I think we are sadly done. It would be a blessing if they gave us a female FF chest block somehow to match the Reed but I doubt it.
  4. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    Lol! I just got my bald head that is was going to use for Vulture from Luke this MORNING!
  5. thereasonsy

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Raises hand. I wasn't that keen because I don't like Carol's hair (although I may like it with a different face) and of course the painted on jacket. I was excited though that we got the basic male and female version of a Kree warrior to army build and head swap in carol into a uniform if we didn't get one in the main release (which we did).
  6. thereasonsy

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Thanks, I was going for this version actually as I hate capes (thanks Incredibles). Good suggestions though!
  7. thereasonsy

    Fantastic Four

    I want all of these but I also need a Crystal.
  8. thereasonsy

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Yeah the current ones in the wild I bet are causing a lot of heart ache at Walgreens and Marvel.
  9. thereasonsy

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I made a Prestige a little bit ago. No to hard to do but it could be expensive if you don't have the parts.
  10. The current series may not scream toys (who knows I haven’t seen it) but perhaps it will finally get is TNG.
  11. Well, maybe the Picard series will finally get me some TNG minimates.
  12. Well, this is upsetting. Am I the only person though that doesn’t have an attachment to OG trek? I love TNG but for some reason they don’t seem to get as much love as the OG franchise.
  13. thereasonsy

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    The only red jacket that I can recall is the one that comes with Netflix Trish. If you paired that with red arms and then a tie it could work.
  14. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    Amen. Although I have had success with my wolf Wolfsbane that’s just a painted Timber from G.I. Joe and I use Ms Lion from the old Marvel line.