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  1. I do like the themes I am just half in for this wave and losing more interest the longer it takes to get it. I’m more X-Men and FF focused as a collector so I can’t wait to get to wave 81/82. I’d argue that Lilandra and Corsair aren’t exactly A list but they aren’t obscure given their popularity in the XTAS and all the speculation around their inclusion in the Dark Phoenix Movie. But then again I want a Crystal sooo.... I’m probably the wrong audience for choosing obscure.
  2. Nah, she was part of MC2 for years, had a limited series, but more importantly had merch and featured in games. You can still buy her costume for kids... granted that statement is problematic in and of itself. Shannon is the alternate reality daughter of Steve and Sharon.
  3. Mocking Bird’s as well. I’m still surprised that there is no She-Thing, Vance Astro or American Dream. They just seem like low hanging fruit fit variations. And I seriously am iron man armored out.
  4. Yeah, it tough right because you have to have kid support to be in retail and succeed. Comics aren’t dead but they aren’t as big with kids as they were. So that leaves us with LCS and that industry is also not doing that great. I would imagine that Covid impacted shipping things but apparently not. I don’t think there is a quick fix either and at best Q421-Q422 is going to be bumpy but there is a path between Marvel, Transformers, GiJoe and ?!?! That we have the potential to have monthly releases— if they can make it till then.
  5. Yeah.... the only Armor I want that I don’t *think* we have gotten is the Jim Lee Heroes Reborn one. I know we got Heroes Return but hey, that’s just me.
  6. 😂 If it wasn’t for constrictor, Deathlok, and Mockingbird is say skip this wave and get straight into Phoenix and FF waves.
  7. Yeah I’m bummed I only have Mark and Eve but at least I have them 😂
  8. Anyone watch the show today on Amazon Prime?
  9. Im preordered up but I do have a sticker shock. 4 mates for almost $30? Hope they come with a lot of accessories.
  10. I’d imagine we will get Wanda in a Dr Strange 2, 2-pack wave, down the line. I honestly still don’t blame DST For not making these before the show aired but maybe we will get some down the line.
  11. Boooo. Last I read they were meant for Q4 20. Thanks for the update
  12. I quit legends at the same time. Between the Target and Walmart issues and a lack of space in the apartment the only toys that stayed with me were my minimates... and then that blasted Psylocke with wth butterfly effect happened and here we go again...
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