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  1. They already do it, it’s just having a different release schedule. So instead of announcing the wave all at once it’s more of a ramp up. They have 9 to 7 figures in a wave and with two comic waves alone that gives them a year of chatter.
  2. I really wish that DST took some pages from the Hasbro play book on how to do press and advertising. This reveal once a month thing that they have going on is so good and does a great job of building up excitement in between waves.
  3. Too right. It’s from the He-Man Masters of the Universe Minis toyline that had a build a figure Greyskull. I didn’t buy the line but just the parts.
  4. Sounds like a perfect mistake!!! I do wish that the line had done better and that we had gotten the kitten’s on real flying boards.
  5. This apparently works if you were a sucker like me that couldn’t afford the Cats Lair when DST made it.'s_Lair_Playset
  6. They aren’t a perfect match but I have been using the 90s Beast face and hair on mine.
  7. Yes, she should be wearing Alex’s Jacket and tennis shoes but the jacket covers up the majority of the chest block so until I can cut it to fit I’m just displaying as is. For the shoes, well who’s seriously wearing Nike’s for a battle when you have Moira and Forge tech on hand.
  8. Trying to keep this thread alive. For those of you that managed to make He-Man customs this grey skull fits in and is stunning. I’ve been using it to display my New Mutants and loving it.
  9. More than just two! This is a wave you need at least two of! In addition to those two you can take the Polaris hair piece and add it to the Jean head and the strike force costume to make her “government approved” costume. Also took the face to update the original Lorna. The spare Scott can be used for an X-Man, the spare Jean for a Husk, the Beast can go with either X-Men/Avengers, as for Wareen you can use a Kree head and the spare Alex hair to make an uncowled look (sure he had a mullet but we ignore that) or use the hair piece for Cannonball in his X-Men costume. I’m taking scissors to his wings to do a retracted wings look. Rahne of course needs three looks: full out Wolf Girl, her hybrid look, and human. I have all the photos ready to go but trying to only post on Instagram once a day.
  10. Well, guess I’m not the only one impacted as there will be less than 100 Duane Reade pharmacies left in NYC after today.
  11. It’s probably more me. I just have specific looks in mind and to me the face and hair for Rahne is off. I’m looking for either a Ken Lashly or Larry Stroman look. The face is too light skinned and the hair is too small imho for both. As for Hank, he looks like a Liefeld version and I’m not feeling that.
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