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  1. I think that’s the pinmates one I have. It’s pretty good.
  2. Depends on the vehicle. I display mine with a classic HISS and a cover girl custom with a Wolverine.
  3. Korvac saga wave could have the original 4 GOTG, Korvac, and one more. The whole Vance is a future Cap may have some pull.
  4. Phoenix is perfect and I didn’t even want her! Lilandra is worth the price of admission: Corsair is amazing as well! Cyclops is better than expect!
  5. They did indeed get here on Wednesday and I’m loving them! A little too much as I went rogue and bought a set at the LCS and have a case coming from Luke…. And figures from eBay…
  6. I've actually forgotten the last wave for Walgreens.
  7. not that it's the best but with minimal paint to a Squirrel Girl tail, Felicia, and Black Cat bits I did this.
  8. If they went wit the mix of Animated show nostalgia with Toybiz, it makes sense to have Corsair. Personally I was hoping for a Proteus as when these figures were originally going to happen it would have been around the 40th anniversary of both stories and we did just get a Mastermind with the Brotherhood set. Although side bar a pack in Morph head would have made my day,
  9. I hear what you are saying but I would counter it with the packaging is a sore spot. Environmental concerns to one side.. individual but all together? So if I choose not to open a Scarlett because the mocks seem the same as the release… what then? I have to keep this whole box? Or just have another loose figure running around? You can accept that even though something doesn’t bother you it can bother others. If we *have* to have reissues, The Snake Eyes, Commander, and Storm Shadow redecos do seem to have variation but it does seem “tight” to have them released in this format so quickly. Commander looks like a easy solider swap and Snake Eyes looks like a different figure. But Scarlett and Storm Shadow aren’t as different and therefore make it more challenging. Especially since Storm Shadow has several different costumes. Scarlett I would have either done a short hair piece to match the actual release, or redecod into a Cover Girl, Glenda, or another figure all together. Is Scarlet more popular? Yes. But could we have gotten her redeco later in the line? Absolutely. It’s what the original line did. Lastly, I don’t want to be too heartless here but as the youth say FAAFO. We have had MULTIPLE lines cancelled due to low preorders so some people buy more. I personally bought more than I should have because I wanted this line to succeed and I prioritized buying the set instead of other toy lines. If people aren’t willing to invest and preorder, that’s on them. Maybe now they will pay attention and buy the stuff at solicitation time instead of waiting and then the line get canceled. To me, exclusive means exclusive. We have 12 figure slots and we are getting and having 4 figures released as redecos means we are only getting 8 new characters in a line that JUST launched. I get the need for the Commander and Snake eyes as the most recognizable Joes, but the other two slots? Easily could have been a twin in each pack: Tomax, Baroness, Roadblock, Snakeeyes in one. Xamot, Duke, Destro, Commander in 2.
  10. Apparently we are getting Power Rangers.
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