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  1. About ducking time. It does look like a food site though. Not sure if it is ADA compatible but it definitely looks better in mobile. I’m not completely disheartened since it seems like a soft rollout and they don’t really have anything “on sale” Minimates wise if you think about it. Series 80 was preordered a while ago and Series 81/82 haven’t gone up for preorder. The other Minimates that are available are exclusive to Walgreens. I wouldn’t read too much into it until wave 81 goes up for preorder and we don’t see anything there.
  2. Looking good! I like those Falcon wings.
  3. The real gag would be if they made it so you could get the two characters out of the first.
  4. 😂 I’m going to have to block you if you keep giving me these great suggestions!!! My wallet can’t take it!
  5. I’m going off the numbers from All Access which they did reveal to advertisers at a certain level and am focused on US (no offense). It’s interesting that there’s conflicting info but the book their media team uses doesn’t have the alleged drop to that degree. Rotten tomatoes is cute but not real in my evaluation. Given the production costs and the second season pick up I’m more inclined to believe that there was churn but not half the audience. It would be fascinating to see how it did globally and if the 2nd season was built into the original order. Also the whole future of the franchise is
  6. I broke down and bought a MASK figure to test scale... it wasn't successful.
  7. It's cool to have different opinions. The ratings do suggest you are alone though. lol. Either way I want TNG mates as for me that is my Trek and it's frankly been too ignored by the DST team.
  8. I cannot believe this series is turning 20 next year. Also I am looking forward to this show. Anyone else going to tune in?
  9. I hope that we get new mates but thinking about it we still don’t have Picard ones and that show has been doing great.
  10. Well from what I’ve seen/heard so far it is being done by people that love the franchise. I personally loved the reboot but agree the ending was a little off.
  11. Well BSG Reboot seems to be on track for a release this year on Peacock. It’ll be interesting to see if we get mates from it.
  12. I have a follow up next month. What are you looking for? They only had black widow though... and I mean literally 4 of the Natasha pack.
  13. I have a dr’s appointment in the am and there is a Walgreens next door. I’m planning on making a trip in since I’m already out. Anyone need anything in case they have mates?
  14. Hope these go up for sale soon. I can’t wait for them-even though we already have half the wave I am excited for Gladiator, Lilandra, and Corsair! Not to mention that Jean hair piece.
  15. I have been counting down for the Dark Phoenix and FF waves. Espionage is good but those are the two I want the most.
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