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  1. Yeah mine are in Australia so odds of seeing them again at this point are slim to none. Just came across the motorcycle in a toy group that they are selling and I am tempted.
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't be too quick to pin the total blame on Walgreens. I spent three years working with them and this minimates phenomena is not something I have ever encountered-- even when launching a new product, product line or a store opening. Maybe things have changed since I know there have been a couple changes in how corporate is run (especially with the Duane Reade/Rite Aid acquisition). I do find it frustrating for fans that they can't access the products that they want so I am always willing to help out. Currently on the hunt for a Peggy for a friend and always looking for a few of my
  3. Did we ever solve the mystery of M.A.S.K. Vehicles were compatible with Minimates?
  4. I agree! I am actually surprised we only got one wave since I thought they were beautiful but I guess they didn’t sell well.
  5. I am often surprised that we haven’t had more AIM scientists. I did love the three pack that Hasbro did of 3 army builders in a pack. Wish we had something similar.
  6. 😂 so all it took for them to carry the figures was me never going back? Figures. 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  7. If they could, I think they would. At the very least they would try to solicit them like John Wick and Jackie Chan. Don’t get me started on Disney, The store, or the parks— my blood pressure can’t take it lol. I will never understand why minimates aren’t sold there or we don’t have park exclusives. It’s been 10 years since I went to IOA but I don’t remember them selling them there... plenty of Marvel Legends though... plllllllenty of Legends.
  8. Stinks to hear but makes sense. Hopefully we will still get three comic waves a year and that means two more waves are announced since 2020 “lost” waves 80 and 81.
  9. Yeah, you see these are never going to happen as things I really want rarely get made if DST is associated.
  10. Do we know when the XTAS sets hit?
  11. Woof that’s a beauty. I’d use it only twice or else I’d buy it. Still haven’t bought the rick and Morty sets Or even the Jada Batcave. 😂
  12. Hey if you need one the last time I went to the store they had 4. Send me a message here or Instagram and I will see if they still have her.
  13. Les really is a talent! Love their work.
  14. Yeah, I think the look I want won’t ever be achieved to be honest as it would have to have that gear molded to the jacket so they are both 3D. Either way I am ok with the whole thing. Hopefully they keep the blues the same so there is mix and match options.
  15. They basically are but with better paint but that is what the XTAS did. It will be interesting to see how and if they tackle Storm. I hear everything you are saying for Juggy but as someone that broke his Excalibur one that lacks @Heinous skills I will go with this one. I did see someone post a photo with a POPS Juggy and Minimates that looked good. As for Jean, I cannot believe I am annoyed that the head piece isn’t painted on 😂 normally I’d be jumping up and down that it isn’t but now I can’t put a long hair piece on this one. The Cyclops having gear was exciting since I expected it t
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