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  1. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I agree on an official release I am just selfish as I have kitbashes of both I've been happy with and want more harder characters to make to be made.
  2. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I'm probably in the minority but I don't need an official Sersi in her green bathers release as its such an easy custom. Crystal and Binary however....
  3. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Operation Galatic Storm is one of my favorite stories ever! It’s why I have 7 civil war caps, I needed those Avengers Jackets!
  4. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I would buy the hell out of this set. I just think that we would have to pair them with the FF to sell them.
  5. Do we need a New Widow? Has her costume changed that much? I’d rather give the slot to another character like Ayo who hasn’t been made.
  6. I just hope that the lack of sell out online doesn’t discourage them from trying again.
  7. I would have to say it's a distribution thing. In Manhattan i have access to over 30 different Walgreens stores. The store s that still have mates are wave 8 (wasp) related. I have only seen one set of Captain Marvel figures. Just saw a second wave of Infinity War and I feel like they were held back for End Game.
  8. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Great that's a skip and we can have the others! I am still in shock I haven't realized I have had the wrong helmet on Captain Britain for years...
  9. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    SAME and I love the chest swap trick! Also I have been expecting an American Dream for a decade so who knows what can happen with the repainted Caps.
  10. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    OMG I just looked at mine and remembered I head swapped him years ago with a vindicator mask and a blond bearded face. As for the blue I recall it matching Kitty’s blue in the books which should be Union Jack blue. Now to find my Kitty...
  11. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    What was so wrong with it out of curiosity?
  12. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I'll be stoned by my in-laws but as much as FA Cap Britain would be, there are so many other characters that haven't even gotten one mate done and I think that is more important.
  13. If significance to Lore was a prerequisite I'd have official Crystal and Vance Astros instead of Gwen Pools and over half of the official releases. I think at the end of the day robot pirates outsell men in old attire.
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