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  1. This is the brand: Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Minis Potions Classroom with Exclusive Harry Potter Figure and Accessories, Kids Toys for Ages 5 and up They kind of scale. It’s just a little bit off.
  2. Ok I’m glad to know he’s alive and hopefully well! It’s been a while so glad that he’s still in the game!
  3. Hopefully waves 3/4 adopt the VHS format packaging and come soon!
  4. Has anyone heard from Ivan? The database hasn’t been updated in a while and I hope he’s doing ok.
  5. Weirdly to me, the locker format should be the con exclusives and the vhs format be the regular waves.
  6. I got mine at the con have been in love ever since. Wish Scarlet had the iron Man shoulder effect thing but otherwise I’ve been happy… except for my usual rants.
  7. I think that’s the pinmates one I have. It’s pretty good.
  8. Depends on the vehicle. I display mine with a classic HISS and a cover girl custom with a Wolverine.
  9. Korvac saga wave could have the original 4 GOTG, Korvac, and one more. The whole Vance is a future Cap may have some pull.
  10. Phoenix is perfect and I didn’t even want her! Lilandra is worth the price of admission: Corsair is amazing as well! Cyclops is better than expect!
  11. They did indeed get here on Wednesday and I’m loving them! A little too much as I went rogue and bought a set at the LCS and have a case coming from Luke…. And figures from eBay…
  12. I've actually forgotten the last wave for Walgreens.
  13. not that it's the best but with minimal paint to a Squirrel Girl tail, Felicia, and Black Cat bits I did this.
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