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  1. Hasbro is KILLING IT on every level from the PR to the Marketing to the distribution to the actual product.
  2. I bought 4 sets... but I love uniforms. It may be regional. In NYC I couldn’t find Carol merch. But how late it was to the party was unacceptable. Not in this climate. Walgreens buyers are cut throat... but with a smile. And here is the salt in the wound. The product is great the licenses aren’t. The good ones they do have they mismanage and are burning their canvases. They have had Buffy for decades. No Minimaates. StarTrek. A strong focus on the original with a blatant disregard for TNG, DS9, Voyager et al even though they have strong fan bases. Gotham was box sets of civilians (not all the buzzy characters) and the sets stopped once the show got costumes. Arrowverse completely ignored. TMNT, Kingdom Hearts, The list goes on and on.
  3. That is actually what pisses me off. The product is actually good. They just stuck to retail and refuse to adapt tactics until it’s way to late. They cling to retail like a life raft and refuse to build the infrastructure of an online store presence. There are so many things that they could have done along the way from SEO to digital banners to even leveraging their fan base that they just ignore or say “never say never”. They can’t even do their blog right. They seriously need to go on a show like the Profit to get whipped into shape or just get new leadership since they are acting like it’s the toy industry in 2001 and it’s 2020.
  4. I’d be ok with that if they also gave us a female Red Guardian chest block too. Even if they made this four back though I’m sure it would release in August after the DVD on sale and then they would wonder why it didn’t sell well before saying no more MCU 4 packs.
  5. Yeah it’s too small for my tastes. I do have to lol that minimates weren’t even thought of.
  6. When I had space, I collected both but I dropped off after the Walmart exclusive Kitty Pryde Wave (2006?) I only started back up recently because their accessories are too great to pass up. Minimates is making it a lot easier to switch to Legends only since they aren’t releasing product often.
  7. No lies detected. Well, thankfully Marvel Legends wants my money. I ordered the gray suit Widow in her Avengers jacket from Walmart.
  8. Shrug. DST likes to be last at the party in more ways than one.
  9. If we do end up with a Silver Sable update, I really hope they give us a Lilandra head like Marvel Legends so we could at least kitbash her. At this point I’m not excited about these clues and much lease excited it’s a fall release.
  10. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Yeah, I hear you but at this point I’m at closest to the pin wins. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be collecting the line for and really wish that team was represented accordingly.
  11. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I think for me as time has gone on the more disappointed I am with this wave. I went from this could be ok to meh. I can rationalize the character selection but it doesn’t mean I need to spend money on it. I only want a Darkhawk and a Moondragon and the rest will be custom fodder. It would have been far better to have the uniformed Guardians as they could have given us more characters through swapped parts. At either rate, regardless of portfolio status, another Angela and Cosmic GhostRider are just space filler.
  12. Amazing! Looks like they figured it out for certain items. Shipping to a store is free with any order total - no minimum required. (Every item in your cart must say "Ship to Store" for your order to qualify.)
  13. That's more a Walgreens issue. They haven't managed to figure out pick up in store which is weird given that's basically what the pharmacy does.
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