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  1. I look at these almost every day. I sincerely cannot wait.
  2. I need this recipe! I have been looking into building the parts but the LEGO website annoys me.
  3. @dstzach is your NYCC panel going to have minimates info or is it more select focused?
  4. Luke is trying to hunt them down if you feel generous.
  5. By LIU! I don’t get to Brooklyn that often to explore the other stores but give my main store on 23rd is closing I am sure I will be venturing out further.
  6. They may not be in your part of Brooklyn but I have found them around Jay street before. Also come into the city! They were everywhere around downtown up until 14th.
  7. With the announce of the show and since the molds are made, what’s the over/under that our long missing GhostRider wave may reemerge? I’m hoping for a 4 pack at the least.
  8. They are a great wave and almost in line with the comics. Until Ivan gets the real shots up on the database I took a 360 view of them in my insta stories. Its a great wave and also some are going to make amazing parts for other characters too. My favourite thing though is the Dr. Strange power fist. That was an amazing surprise.
  9. On my (successful) hunt I came across the White Tiger/Medusa wave.
  10. This is why we can’t sleep! Walgreens and DST are in cahoots I tell ya! I bet they put out another wave before the end of the year.
  11. Yeah I hear you logically as Animated 10 just hit too but this is X-Factor!! I have waited for a red costume Jean for decades! And now I have been preparing for these lot since they were announced.
  12. Apparently wave 10 is out in the wild!
  13. NOVEMBER?!? What happened to end of September?!? I’m so impatient because I just want them so badly!
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