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  1. Thank you! Does anyone have a designed decal they would reco to make this version of the Guardian costume?
  2. Yup. I think as an adult I would agree if it wasn’t a children’s property. The movie had a completely different story tone which is great— except that wasn’t communicated to the audience. If I was a parent I’d be taken aback if I was taking my kid to see a cartoon movie of a show that suddenly went very dark without warning.
  3. Does anyone have a sticker paper they recommend?
  4. I begrudgingly ordered but Dead Prime is making my list as the worst Minimate of the year on principle 😂 That figure owes me therapy!
  5. Please promise me the AT and don’t deliver in favour or RAH… 😂
  6. Her costume was different as it didn’t have a Tunic or the shoulder pad things. There’s also the case of her hair getting burnt off. I agree with you on the deep cuts. It will be really hard to get to my New Mutants Holy Grail: I did a kit bash Rusty in his Red shirt and khakis and one of Skids but sadly those two characters were victims of the Liefeld of it all. Sadly, these boxsets, even if sold at LCS need anchor figures and Cable *is* the X-Force anchor. So if I *have* to have one then I’d prefer the Mastermind/Professor X trick and have it be Cable as Stryfe. Exodus has come back into relevancy so I think that would also help. Sunspot also is a current star of the X-Avengers Realm. I do love the idea of just adding in the pieces to make both a Liefeld and a Cap Warpath. I was hoping we’d get a larger Minimate for him similar to Strong Guy but at this stage of the game, beggars and what not.
  7. I just feel like they need a “name” to sell the Boxset and a fake Cable (Cable as Stryfe) would work to get the set sold in.
  8. Well, we still would need Liefeld Sunspot, Skids, Rusty, and Wolfsbane not to mention Boomer’s other costumes. One could argue we need a Cap and a Liefeld set!
  9. And here I thought you’d drop a Warpath! Well played with the plot twist!
  10. Jada has given us a Batcave a Hogwarts, and Two daily Bugles! The bugles are a scale fail but the Batcave and Hogwarts work depending on the angle.
  11. Now we are TALKING! I’d love this and buy multiples just for the accessories for my Joes!
  12. SAME. But that’s not the game can only have 5.
  13. Quick revival bump for this post since the game has changed and now only 5 characters per set. I would love: Wrecking Crew with Thor. X-Force: Knock out the Greg C costumes of Sunspot, Warpath, Feral, Exodus, and Stryfe or Cable as Stryfe. 60 Years of X-Men: Changeling, Morph, Sprite, Bunny Wolverine, Maggot. WCA: Mockingbird, White Vision, Hank Pym, Firebird, Thing that should take us 3 years to get through
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