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  1. Hey there: It's an easy kitbash. Basically I ordered a second set specifically for this. With the second set of X-Factor 90's Take Lorna's chest piece and put it on a Havok body add a blue eyed female face and blonde pony tail to get this: With the Havok chest piece, put it on Lorna's body add on a Quicksilver hear piece to get: Take the extra Wolfsbane and add human piece and a spare Rahne head to get her human form. For the three 80's X-Factor folk, Cyclops comes with an alternate head, you can kit bash Beast in his ape form taking the Secret Wars trunks and hair if you don't mind a different blue. Finally add a blonde hair piece to Jean and you have a Husk figure.
  2. Look I appreciate that there are distribution problems but I am exhausted with the narrative that minimates are dying. They have had far worse years. This deal with Luke is extremely positive and I really hope it sells out quickly to justify more deals like this in the future. I cannot wait for these toys to come out! I have wanted them for years and am thrilled to see them. It’s also the first poseable Jean in her red costume ever!
  3. Can we please remember that they are in Walgreens which is one of the top 20 retail outlets?
  4. I just realized that we now have no news to look forward to until SDCC...
  5. I really hope this exclusive sells out quickly! I am so excited for these figures!
  6. Well, this changes nothing for me as I still need 3 sets pending Luke’s exclusive being a game changer.
  7. THE DREAM!!! Get me more Warriors!
  8. Blue Quicksilver is harder to get since he was TRU and the X-Factor Set Bobby I weirdly feel is common but I fully expect to be wrong. The Multiple Men pack although I feel would be the most fan service is interesting. Luke only has a small batch so it could still trigger multiple sales of the prime two pack from the cases. Or who knows maybe it’s a Iceman/Quicksilver and they are both wearing the X-Factor costumes. Maybe it’s the X-Terminator uniforms. Whomever it is I hope they do pack in extra Jaime faces.
  9. Amen! I kind of just thought maybe the exclusive is Bobby Drake and an Iceman. Although extra Jaimes.
  10. Considering the buzz Picard got at he Upfronts I would think they would be on it.
  11. I think all of these are good guesses. I hope one comes packed with a baby Christopher.
  12. It is a good wave and I will be buying a ton of Widows for that blonde hair piece.
  13. Also, thanks to the Hulk/Warmachine trick you only "need" to buy one of the Rocket two packs.
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