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  1. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Do we know if these are going to be announced at SDCC?
  2. As a whole, I think the line has done a great job of finishing teams it’s just the few that aren’t finished are rather shocking or easily completed. To me it would be easy to have another x-wave to finish off Greg C X-force Warpath/Sunspot, Phoenix 5 Magik and Namor, Liefeld Rictor and Boomer with a Greg C Feral build a figure. I know there are several more Avengers that need to be taken care of but off the top of my head the X-fill in wave would be easy (but very niche).
  3. The more and more I hear about the Picard show the more I think it’s going to be a hit and I am irrationally mad at DST we don’t have TNG mates. GET IT TOGETHER CHUCK!
  4. I agree with this in theory but it can be hard to do in execution. Sometimes it’s a license thing. Another and more real challenge is that home releases are challenging now thanks to all of the streaming platforms and aligning that. I’m probably wrong but wasn’t the Cap Marvel 4 pack released when the DVD went on sale? Did it make a buzz? I would be interested in seeing how DST is using their social listening to define intent to purchase.
  5. The problem with this is comics just don’t sell the way they use to. There is a limited audience for event specific things and they gamble on spiritual tie ins (like wave 77) to connect sales. Avengers BC may have changed that but tbh I am not sure.
  6. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I’m only mad at this because I want my Vance. Although I don’t remember when they announced the shows if they announced an on air date. Also it would need a Satana with her new name for the show so sadly Magik would lose out. Maybe this is wave 80!
  7. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I have had options for this FOR YEARS.
  8. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I hope you are right but I have a feeling we will see GOTG Thing and Star Lord. As long as I get my Vance I will be ok. - as long as he isn’t the build a figure because that will totally piss me off.
  9. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Yeah I just can't get the maths right though. Redo's that are requested would be a comic Peter, Yondo, Gamora, Mantis, Drax and Warlock which could all be in the Annihilation story (or close enough) mixed with people like DarkHawk, Quasar, Lilandra and maybe finally my Vance Astro.
  10. Well, I guess I’m not most fans since Mysterio and Upgraded Spider-man are the only two I would want to purchase and I pretty much buy them all.
  11. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I’d happily go with Operation Galactic Storm as it could give us Quasar, Gladiator, Lilandra, Death Bird, Binary, MockingBird, Hercules, Vision, Crystal, Sersi, US Agent, Wonderman and even Hawkeye as Goliath.
  12. Because FFH is a separate license and therefore costs more? Am I just missing something and people are actually craving more civilians? After seeing the movie I’m actually impressed that DST skipped this and saved their pennies.
  13. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    I think it’s a reality of doing business when you are in the middle of a trade war and you lost a part of your distribution plan. I also think it may make the wave more palatable to LCS. That all being said I think it’s FF/Cosmic related.
  14. After watching the movie I’m actually hard pressed to see 9 figures that I would want/buy from this movie. This could have been a two pack or maybe a four if I stretch. I mean besides the new suit, the black suit, and Mysterio I don’t have a “need” for any of the other characters.
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