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  1. I don’t need another Emma but I’d be happy with those. If they did box sets that is.
  2. Yeah it took me a long time to get the rescue ones. People who have Max mates want to keep them. Those unreleased vehicles from 2010 are still stellar. If only they could pull a Hasbro...
  3. This would be an amazing wave (or 2). I think it’s pretty impossible to do it without Moira, Charles, and Magneto. Leaving only 3 slots unless we could get a BAF. Sadly, I’d have to go with Storm, Exodus, and Magik with Apocalypse as the extra figure (Moira would be the BAF). Exodus being selected as he’s the only member of the quiet council that’s undated in any way.
  4. Target works since they carried the Big Bang. Also agree though that the Max line is a rough sell.
  5. I cannot Jodi Foster that behaviour! From first contact to contact I’ll be here allll week. Don’t forget to tip your server and ask for the dessert menu.
  6. Dusting my shelves and I came across my old Max plane, Enterprise, DeLorean, KIT and the Pirate ship... we really didn't know how good we had it then. Those Vehicles were/are stellar even still. I wish we could resurrect this line somehow and got those waves that got shelved completed.
  7. I don't know who created the Recipe but I did love the look of the Darkseid head and cap on a Blastarr body.
  8. I knocked my Enterprise off the shelf and now I am even more irrationally mad that I don't have more TNG, Voyager, DS9, Discovery (meh I'm not that mad about that).
  9. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Ironically my birthday is that week and I just realized that I hadn't actually preordered these-- grateful Luke's store still had some.
  10. I’ve been meaning to ask, is that the bunker that they sell?
  11. I’d imagine in store returns of online purchases but it’s 2020 so who knows.
  12. same here! I have the sci-fi set in my cart just in case I like the set I got.
  13. Over 10 years later, I’m curious since the pictures won’t load. Whatever happened with this glider and who made it?
  14. Amazing! Which set did you buy? I got the military one.
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