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  1. Lol, it did? I had no idea. Thanks. 👍
  2. Hi Zach, Are one-off promotional Minimates like Goth Girl something Diamond will still produce?
  3. elmeaux

    TRU 25

    Thanks for the info.
  4. elmeaux

    TRU 25

    Just curious if anyone has seen a restock of these since the TRU closeout began. I don't think they've ever hit the Houston area but I'd been hoping the warehouse dump might finally land them here.
  5. What about motorcycles in black suits?
  6. Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of doing an exchange - limited distribution, short packed items, online purchases, etc.
  7. Just opened my boxed set and also had 2xT'Challa hair. Last time I contacted customer service, I emailed them in August and they didn't reply until December. And they didn't have the part in stock.
  8. Throw in a Spinner w/Gaff and you guys have a deal.
  9. Don't know if they're old news, but I saw these shipping containers (also had red) at TRU today for $12.99. Seems perfect for Netflix Daredevil.
  10. It's hard to imagine Hot Topic would pass up a Supernatural set of some sort.
  11. So take the lab coat off and use the extra set of arms that comes with Palmer.
  12. Mac really needed to come with a disposable razor!
  13. Too bad Luke's can't get God cases that are just the shortpacked blind bags.
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