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  1. Lol, it did? I had no idea. Thanks. 👍
  2. Hi Zach, Are one-off promotional Minimates like Goth Girl something Diamond will still produce?
  3. Just curious if anyone has seen a restock of these since the TRU closeout began. I don't think they've ever hit the Houston area but I'd been hoping the warehouse dump might finally land them here.
  4. Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of doing an exchange - limited distribution, short packed items, online purchases, etc.
  5. Just opened my boxed set and also had 2xT'Challa hair. Last time I contacted customer service, I emailed them in August and they didn't reply until December. And they didn't have the part in stock.
  6. Throw in a Spinner w/Gaff and you guys have a deal.
  7. Don't know if they're old news, but I saw these shipping containers (also had red) at TRU today for $12.99. Seems perfect for Netflix Daredevil.
  8. It's hard to imagine Hot Topic would pass up a Supernatural set of some sort.
  9. So take the lab coat off and use the extra set of arms that comes with Palmer.
  10. Mac really needed to come with a disposable razor!
  11. Too bad Luke's can't get God cases that are just the shortpacked blind bags.
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