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  1. I dont post much these days but I still keep an eye on this thread. I'm really glad that it's still going strong after all these years. Awesome community!
  2. Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I've been out of the game for a while. TMNT, will they be at TRU or specialty shops? Godzilla is looking mighty cool too. These days I need to be very selective about my toy purchases but TMNT is a must for me.
  3. I agree. The faces looked a bit goofy. Some looked pixilated too could be because of the close up. If they are based off someone else's work, he shouldn't be selling them.
  4. I wouldn't buy those... I don't think they look all that good. Not to mention everyone here is willing to do requests for free.
  5. I hope they'll have these at Jay and Silent Bobs after the show...
  6. Any sign of these guys at TRU yet? Don't want to burn my lunch hour checking if there's no hope of finding them.
  7. I'll have to take a ride to Jay & Silent Bobs after SDCC to pick up a set!
  8. Spotted the Sisco an Janeway packs today at TRU. But no Enterprise. It will be at TRU no?
  9. Thats what I did. The Mugato is a good place to start for a Sassy custom... I did ditch mine when we got the official release though.
  10. Stupid facebook/Youtube. Got me automatically searching for the "like" button. Stupid conditioning...
  11. Stupid facebook/Youtube. Got me automatically searching for the "like" button. Stupid conditioning... LOL I did the same thing!
  12. Right on brother! I'm lucky enough to own a Buscema Hulk original comission. As for writing I love Peter David, but the definitive Hulk writer was Bill Mantlo.
  13. I need to find an LCS with these...
  14. Just use any flesh colored acrylic paint. You my need to lighten it a bit to get the correct tone. Just be sure to prime the area with white first so the color will be true and smooth. These look great sha_ckwave! I am jealous of the bin. Where did you get it? My current project is Firestar but I am still stuck on finding a skin tone paint for the chest. I also revised my Namorita with parts from a Tinkerbell. Thoughts on the paint?
  15. Damn! I wish you would have posted this last week. I threw away three extra sheet when I was cleaning off my desk... A lot of them we now have in official release anyway...
  16. For mates with no hair I prefer decals to stickers. Only because they are thinner so you don't have to worry about a decal peeling up over time. As long as you cut the decal to the correct size (use Luke's template) it will look fine.
  17. The best part is when I finish a custom and DST announces what I just made is getting an official release!
  18. I use the thing Luke uses... Been using it since High School... Not always for customizing. Man if that thing could talk...
  19. Thanks hellpop! Now without further ado... Marvel(ish) Dracula
  20. After a chat I had on Facebook with DST I decided to make a decal for a Gene Colanesque Marvel Dracula... Ummm... What happened? How do I insert an image?
  21. I bought that set on my wedding day. One of the best sets ML ever did. You missed out my friend!
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