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  1. After enjoying this latest Wolverine wave I thought of this: You know what I really want? I may be alone in this but an Albert variant of Wolverine would be great. And who knows... we might get it eventually. In case you don't know who Albert is he was a robot version of Wolverine created by Pierce. He and Elise Dee ( a child robot) were created to kill Wolvie. Which leads me to something in the Logan movie: So yeah, in another year or two perhaps we can get another Wolverine wave or even just a 4-pack that includes Albert, Elise Dee, Donald Pierce, and maybe Wolvie in a classic civilian brown jacket comic look. If we can expand to a whole wave, throw in Maverick, Classic Silver Fox, Dr. Cornelius, swappable heads for the Weapon X tactical gear (heads being Logan, Silver Fox, Sabretooth, John Wraith). You can call it Wolverine chronicles or something.
  2. Sold out at my closest ToysRUs Not sure if I want to go visit the others... The one I went to, by far, carries the most so I am not sure if it would be worth a trip. *Edit Nevermind! I found some in town not too far. They are holding them at customer service for me :D. Best free comic day ever.
  3. Any news on a release date? I think this wave may be my last purchase for a little while. I am not too interested in anything else coming out soon and my wallet could use the break for some holiday purchases. Of course I say that now but some awesome person will sell some stuff on facebook or I might find a good deal on ebay, heh. Always happens when I am trying to take a break.
  4. Thank you sir! I am actually working on more AoA customs. I have 2 others done which I haven't shown yet. Maybe I will get around to it soon.
  5. It's a repainted Wave 47 Dazzler jacket. I love that Storm figure but really felt it was missing her jacket even though it's a part of her chest detail. I love her even more with the jacket.
  6. Thank you for sharing these! I just mind do a few pics with these myself.
  7. Makes me sad for Hastings. Got some great prices on minimates from them the past few years. But I loved them most for their used DVD/Bluray prices. I got Batman Begins and Dark Knight Bluray for under $10 bucks each. I think I got the first Avengers Bluray for like $12. Man now I need to find another used place for Blu Rays. There is a great place in town that sells super cheap DVD's and blu-rays but they rarely have anything current or super-hero type because I'm sure those sell fast.
  8. I was wondering why I couldn't find this a couple months ago! Well done!
  9. Hmmm, I've used Goo Gone myself and it did the trick. I used it to remove some of the details from Chloe's (Uncharted) pants. Surely you can find some that is relatively inexpensive online?
  10. LOL BigVis... we think alike. I just did the same thing last night... except I have one extra Storm that you don't have hehe
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