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  1. Sent an email to DST customer service on 3/27/10, requesting a missing pistol for wave 27 Nick Fury - no response. Sent an email to DST customer service on 5/15/10, requesting the missing whips and one hand for Iron Man 2 Whiplash - received a reply from saying, "We'll get something shipped out this week." Nothing was ever received. Sent follow up emails both to mchris and DST customer service on 6/3/10, 6/10/10, and 7/8/10, perhaps more. No responses to any of my emails and no replacement items received. :sad:
  2. I'm in Modesto, Calif. and the TRU here got wave 7 last week. There were two Hulkbuster packs and two Lockjaw packs and I grabbed 'em. I only need one of each, and I've been drooling for a wave 28 Deadpool. Anyone want to trade W28 Deadpool (with accessories, of course) for the two two-packs? PM me if so. p.s. Sorry if this should instead be in the want/have section - I just thought people who were hunting for these specific mates would be more likely to see this here. UPDATE - Someone has now spoken for the 2 two-packs. Thanks for your interest!
  3. I've gotten a lot of parts and sets from bricklink (dot com). It's a community of individual sellers each with their own stores. You'd probably have to buy from a few different people, but you can search everyone for the part(s) you need. I've purchased hard to find and missing parts, minifigs, and complete sets from bricklink, and while a couple of transactions took longer than I liked, every transactions worked out good at the end. Jawfin
  4. I agree, the movie was very good. Don't expect very deep, emotional plots, though. This show is being aimed at a young audience. As long as Star Wars fans go into the movie (and the following tv series) with that in mind, and are prepared to accept "tween" age-ranged stories, then you should be able to enjoy the action packed ride with a number of "Yee-Haa's" and "All Right!'s" thrown in along the way. Honestly, I loved the movie. I was more excited and engaged in this movie than most of the prequel movies put together (some notable, obviously important prequel scenes excepted, of course). I give it a thumbs up! Jawfin
  5. I got my son one of the V-19 sets on Saturday, Aug 16th, after going to see the movie with him. The middle wing wasn't remaining flush against the underbody of the ship, hanging down slightly. I inserted one of the spare blue 4274, Technic, Pin 1/2's into one of the holes in the swinging edge of the wing so that when the wing is in the down position the little bit of technic pin grabs just enough of the underside of the ship so that the wing stays in place, for the most part. You can't tell any difference, but the wing doesn't droop any more. It's a very nice ship and both my son and I like it very much. Jawfin
  6. I'm in support of some non-minimate subforums. Lego (definitely), Kubrick, Palz, Hasbro Minifigs (galactic heroes, etc), perhaps even DC Pocket Heroes (...avoids tomatoes and rotten fruit being thrown...) Jawfin
  7. I got a red Spiderman from SM3! I see the email address to Limited Edition on the back of the top label, but do they have a webpage? I think that might have made more sense. Anyway, this is going to be a nice collectable with both L.E. and MMMV references on it. I think it looks real cool! Many thanks to Limited Edition, Shanester and MMMV! Jawfin
  8. The Marshalls in Modesto, CA has one UCS Batmobile for $29.00 and one Arkham Asylum for $39.00. The Batmobile appears unopened, but the Asylum has been torn open, bags have been opened, and there are clearly pieces missing. They also have two Avatar - Fire clan boats, but I forget how much they were. Jawfin Well damn, I spent all that time getting into these and they cancel the goddamn line. What a fing waste. I really love these little guys too.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking this was just a STTNG lineup at the start. So I was thinking, "okay, Picard and Worf, there must be Data and Dr. Crusher somewhere..." But Dr. Crusher and Polaski didn't fit. In the second section, I had initially thought Captain Picard, but couldn't find anyone beginning with "I" and only four letters in the TNG universe. "Admiral" also took a while to come up with. But when I saw a picture of the STTMP Admiral Kirk, I thought, "Decker?" Then Ilia made sense. Once I got "engineering" then "sick bay" wasn't far behind. I wonder which "Admiral Kirk" it's going to be? DST has all the uniforms from four motion pictures to choose from. And Scotty, as well. We might have a white longsleeve with black vest Scotty for engineering, and the red uniform for dress. OR they might make the dress version of TOS and the STTMP for the engineering version. So many choices and variations!!! An incredible line-up with many many many customizing options! Picard and Borg just scream Locutus! Jawfin
  10. Hurray for me! I had Picard and Worf, too, initially. When I saw JMWII didn't get it with that, I was thinking, "What the heck is wrong?!?" I'd almost given up after searching for different "guls" when the BORG attacked my mind! The next step was trying to actually POST the comment. I had to register with MySpace...but wait! I'd already registered about a year and a half ago (I'd realized that after they said my email address was already in use...). SO, I had them send me my password, copied JMWII's answer so I wouldn't have to type it all over again, changed Worf to Borg, and voila! Well, actually I kept checking back to see if I was right, and MySpace did eventually DELETE my post, but the good folks at DST had seen my post and I won! Thanks for the contest, DST! Jawfin
  11. Cinderalla almost got my vote (due to the shower scene ), and Sleeping Beauty was way up there (due to the beautiful and stylistic artwork), but Night on Bald Mountain, Sorcerer's Apprentice and dancing hippos gets my vote! Jawfin
  12. The newer SD Gundam models make cute companions for minimates. The plastic Gundam action figures make for some cool custom minimates. In particular, various shoulder pads and head can be used to customize your minimate. On a side note, the Rescue Heroes Micro Adventure playsets and vehicles work pretty well with minimates, also. I've used a Rescue Hero Micro Adventure space fighter as a makeshift Viper for Apollo until something better comes along. Jawfin
  13. I'd pick up a couple sets as well. Good luck! Jawfin
  14. I can't view it through the link, either. Using Windows Vista Business with Internet Explorer version 7.0.6000.16546. Jawfin
  15. Just wanted to drop word that the FYE on McHenry Ave in Modesto, CA has about half-a-dozen Modern Cylon 5 packs on clearance for $12.99 each. Jawfin
  16. Mine was the C3 Minibatmobile w/Batman and Robin. I, my wife and son were at Chuck E. Cheese's, a kid's pizza restaurant with play area and games, including games where you win tickets. When it was time to go we tallied our tickets and went to the ticket/prize redemption counter. We saw the C3 set there as an option and thought it looked like a neat lego set with a couple of big minifigs. We paid the difference between the ticket count and what you were supposed to have to get the item and brought it home. My son managed to loose 2 wheels and 3 gloves rather quickly at which time I stored the rest till he was older. We now have around 200 minimates, though I've never actually counted them all.
  17. Hey, I didn't know there was going to be a Gimpy Knees & Legs two-pack in this series. Is this DC's first chase set? Kidding aside, I agree with Jason on the quality control issues with the some of the recent releases. I hope the factory has worked out these bugs. With such a big push on this particular line, issues like this can often make or break the future of the product. I picked up the full set yesterday. Batgirl has two left arms (a little exacto treatment can make that work out), Flash's right knee was locked-up with a spot of paint in the joint but I got that worked-out this morning. Deadman's left knee was locked-up with paint as well but I was able to work that out yesterday. Bane's cable won't stay stuck in his mask - it falls out way too easily. Many figures have very loose boots and some have knees that are almost too loose. BUT - I love Steel, Cyborg SM, Batgirl and Bane! The other four were almost a "no-buy", but then I wouldn't be able to recreate the DC Minimates Poster (graciously gifted by my LCS) with the real minimates! Price per 2-pack at my LCS: $8.99 ea. Jawfin
  18. Rad, Well, since they sent me a lot more than what I was asking for, I decided to try a little customization myself. I took a single-stud lego cylinder that had a hole in both ends and fit it on the end of the cylon's arm. I painted it with a silver paint I had left over from my tabletop wargaming days and inserted a spare silver lego wrench (actually was an extra lego IG-88 neck) for a makeshift claw/hand. He can now hold any lego item with that "hand", and while it does not look exactly correct, it's close enough not to stand out too bad. Sorry to hear about your Raft Sentry and Stealth Cylon (from a different thread). jawfin
  19. Gillbob316, My son recently lost the right hand to a "downloaded" cylon from the Suncoast/FYE exclusive cylon 5-pack. Shanester got me in contact with dstchuck (via PMs). dstchuck let the people at DST customer service know to be on the lookout for my email pleading for a replacement right hand. Then I received an email from Chris Myers (from DST marketing) saying he'd be sending me a replacement in the mail right away. A few days later, there's a new "downloaded" cylon in my mailbox. You can try PMing dstchuck and asking him for assistance. At least see what he can suggest. Alternately, you can always do what I had to do with one of my classic cylons. One had two left arms. I just slightly trimmed the sharp angular part of the elbow on both the upper and lower arm pieces to let the arm bend the appropriate direction. Yes, it can still bend backwards, but the amount of trimming is nigh undetectable. Those arms were black. Dawn is solid red as I recall, so the trimming shouldn't look too wierd. I'm not sure about Witchblade. I seem to recall that the base color was grey with flesh colored paint apps but I could be wrong. Trimming might not be too noticeable - it might just look like part of the armor. Anyway, it may be worth a shot. Good luck! jawfin
  20. Just wanted to let everyone know that an entire (not just the right hand) "downloaded" cylon was sitting in my mailbox Friday evening when I got home from work. That was a very pleasant surprise! Thanks again to DST and everyone who helped. jawfin
  21. We've got two decent comic shops in town. One hasn't been ordering any minimates and the other says no BSG minimates came in today . I actually expected them last week, but was told their shop had a week delay . We are on the west coast, so I was at least hoping they'd be arriving here today. No joy! Starbuck (from db97's ebay auction - thanks! ) needs some friends to mop-up all the cylons (1 case classic, 2 FYE/Suncoast 5 pack moderns) attacking my son's room! Patiently waiting.... Jawfin
  22. Just wanted to leave word that, due to a colaborative effort between Shanester, dstchuck and Chris Myers from DST, a replacement part is in the mail today! :biggrin: Thanks again to everyone who helped or offered comments and suggestions. Jawfin
  23. Yeah, I can understand that - they can't replace what they no longer have. I just hope they have something I can stick on there. Even a standard cylon right hand (or cannon, I'm not too picky) that I could paint with Mithril Silver (or some other bright silver paint) would probably be okay. I just can't steal one from one of the other cylons or they'd be short a part as well. Thanks! Jawfin
  24. Thanks for the kind words, Shanester. I'm glad there's hope. Jawfin
  25. Hi all. First time poster, long time lurker. I was just curious if anybody had ever had any luck requesting replacement parts from Diamond Select Toys. As I mentioned in the topic description, my son lost the right hand to the "downloaded" cylon (it had to be the shiny-silver one, of course ). I sent an email to DST today asking what my options are and what they could do for me, but I was just curious what kind of response other members might have had. Thank you, Jawfin
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