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  1. Agreed. I feel that these should have had fully sculpted heads.
  2. Zach, do you know if comic versions are a possibility?
  3. "Minimates are planned but we were not allowed to take pictures of them. Shown was Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Kraang droid #1, Kraang droid #2, Shredder, Foot Ninja human, Foot Ninja Kraang, and April ONeil. There was also a posted of more characters coming but we were not allowed to mention the names of those characters at this time." Quoted from toy hype.
  4. While I'm ecstatic for this line, I wish it was the Eastman and laird version, or even the IDW version, I hope that they could make vehicles such as the shellraiser.
  5. And when I posted a question about TMNT on Facebook he didn't say no he redirected by saying that toy fair is in two weeks and that there will be plenty to reveal. I hope if they do have the license, it's from the comics, and that they can make figures as well as 'mates.
  6. So are these still going to be released? They are slated for this month or December. Hope they didn't get cancelled.
  7. I'm glad because I missed out on most of these characters, cause I had other mates to buy at the moment.
  8. This years minimates reveals made me pass out then die from happiness
  9. King Kobra

    Tru 17

    I just want a proper comic monger to fiht silver centurion.
  10. What would be cool is if we got a carrying case size boxset but instead in the center put a base body and around it put pieces Of all the new armors from the movie so people can make any armor they want (just a thought)
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