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  1. CountDestro

    wave 77

    That RE in reveal isn't an hint is it? Resident Evil??? Or just a typo?
  2. Hey thanks everyone, but you know what would make it an even better birthday? One of those red Raphs from NYCC to go with my avatar pic!
  3. You can also go to to see pics of wave 3.
  4. I got the same breakdown in my case. 3 out of 100 on my box.
  5. Well bbts just charged my card for two sets of wave 60, Avengers blind bags, AoU wave 1 and wave 7 of walking dead. Should have them all in hand by Saturday! My poor wallet though!
  6. Ezekiel is in stock at right now. Says limit 10 per customer.
  7. Just to throw this in, right now has the Ezekiel walking dead pack in stock and it says limit 10 per customer. Don't know if your voices have been heard or they are catching on to certain peoples buying actions online?
  8. So happy my case I ordered came in today. Now my stress level has fallen down until the next release and get to do it all over again!
  9. I sell figures on ebay from time to time when they don't move in my trade needs and wants list. He has won several of my auctions and I know he is just going to resale them later on for a larger mark up. I never put up a auction either starting at a crazy price like he does. If the auction goes up high then so be it but I will never start one with a high price right off the bat. Like his TMNT Kraang. $59.99? What? Do people pay that?
  10. Well from what I saw they had some. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath. I would rather buy extras then not be able to buy any at all. My store is one that always gets minimates in but this time with the trucks it has been a fluke.
  11. So my TRU showed a box of wave 7 on the last two trucks manifests this week but nothing ever came. Luckily I could work my magic and they are ordering a whole case for me. Said I should have them by next week. We will see a course, because this is TRU we are talking about but if I can get them to do this with every wave they get it will make my life much more.... Less stressful.
  12. Do we have a sku number yet for the TRU wave? or upc?
  13. Wow these traveled fast. Found them on the west coast. They brought me the case straight from the back. Left a couple of the Iron Man set and Wolverine set for the next guy.
  14. Well after opening 18 packs I came across my first "missing piece" from a footbot with three out of four arms. Then I opened another Krang bot and found out he comes with a gun? Now I need to go back and search the wrappings to look for a missing gun from the first krang I opened.
  15. Found a strip of 11 the other day (no Shredder) in Bakersfield CA. So they "have" hit the west coast already. edit- Also found a full strip of 12 in Tehachapi CA today.
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