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  1. Well...not anymore...
  2. It's honestly really hard not to be discouraged by the lack of new product.
  3. Thanks for the info, Zach. I’m looking forward to stopping by the booth.
  4. Up until now, they’ve always had a general DST panel and a separate Minimates panel. I never went to the general panel, but the Minimates ones never had GREAT turnout, so I suppose combining them makes sense.
  5. Sooo... no Minimates panel this year. There’s only a general DST/GG panel.
  6. @DSTZach Are you guys going to limiting the quantity of the Concept Sandtrooper sold per day or is it going to be sold through first come first served? I’m trying to figure out if I need to swing by first thing on preview night.
  7. I put Instant Kill Mode Iron Spider in the "other" category.
  8. To be fair, Marvel Legends also got the color of the Team Suits wrong. Must have gotten old reference material.
  9. If you care that much, delete the post, apologize, and clean up your act. Otherwise, you have no business being here.
  10. @Shanester Alright, I'm calling for a ban on this one. 🔨
  11. If it's a spoiler, you put it in a hidden banner. They are literally used in this thread directly above us. If it's a spoiler, maybe don't post it. That is a major plot point. If it's a spoiler, there likely won't be a MiniMate of it. Honestly, you need to think before you post. This isn't the first time you've stirred up BS on these boards (heck, even this thread). I thought this is the one place I could go without being spoiled...
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