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  1. Ops... I forgot there were redos...
  2. I know the Guardians of the Galaxy from the 90’s aren’t so well known, but it would be so cool and nostalgic to have them!!
  3. Dannii

    wave 77

    Great wave but I can’t understand that Miles Morales at all. What is he doing there? What a strange decision when we could’ve had an updated Doc Ock with his white suit, for example, or any other classic villain.
  4. Has anyone had any lucky in Las Vegas so far? I don’t mean by gambling... ahahahah I have a friend who’s in Las Vegas and I want to ask her to check for me, but she has no clue at all what Minimates are...
  5. Dannii

    WAVE 76

    I suppose you are right. This new cloak is way better than the old one but again, why not a Deathlok and a new Firestar? Well, who knows? Maybe on a TRU wave? As for the price, I’ve checked on eBay and it doesn’t seem to be that much compared to any other current sets, like wave 25 from TRU which is really expensive when you think that is the latest wave released...
  6. Dannii

    WAVE 76

    In fact I don’t know how much they cost nowadays but I still think that they didn’t deserve a redo.
  7. Dannii

    WAVE 76

    Not sure if a redo of Dagger, Cloak, Venom and Carnage is that necessary at this point, although I understand that it would make no sense a Maximum Carnage wave without them. I like the new figures though... It would be nice getting Deathlok and a new Iron Fist... and a new Firestar too.
  8. Only one vote?! I wish we could have ALL those suggestions in Minimate (I would pass Omega the Unknown though...)!
  9. I had to Google to be sure Screwball was a girl and not a man... I don’t watch the show but is she plain like that? Not even a lipstick? Wasp looks pretty close to her comic version if you keep her with the hair piece. Madame Masque looks like a robot to me...
  10. Dannii

    tru wave 24

    Has anyone found these in Miami? I am on vacation but I really don't know which store should I go first...
  11. Any friend willing to ship to Brazil (of course shipping fee is paid by me)? I am looking for the latest wave but I am not interested in the Spider Girl/Carnage set...
  12. Dannii

    wave 75

    This wave feels more interesting than wave 74 in my opinion... now we need a cool and yellow Hellcat!
  13. Dannii

    tru wave 24

    Is Silk a spider-verser???
  14. Dannii

    wave 74

    I think the legacy Avenger could be Kate Bishop... I was hoping for that UK Spider-Man... maybe we could get Silk again after those blind bags
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