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  1. I will be there, but only on Friday.
  2. All we can see from the picture on Facebook is: Classic stealth Iron Man Ghost Current costume Spider Woman Probably Constrictor And maybe, Deathlok and Yelena Black Widow
  3. I got to go Thursday and Friday, first time I've been since 2012. It was a lot of fun, good to see Zach again. I got to meet ROB PAULSEN! Anyway, I picked up 4 of the bats if anyone needs one.
  4. I found a bunch by my parents house, but I couldn't pick up any extras. There's 3 full sets in the Flemington, Nj Walgreens.
  5. Tru Spiderman 2 pack I'm hoping the red matches pretty close the animated half mask Spidey.
  6. I'll take the 2003 loose blue blank please. Thanks so much for doing this PK!
  7. I have 3 full sets of the Walgreens wave(found two sets at one store!), and 1 full set of the TRU Wave up for trade if anyone needs them. Looking for a full set of Wave 62 and a couple winter Hydra troopers, among other things in my wants/have list(2nd page, middle).
  8. I got just got these with the help of a co-worker's buddy who is a manager at a local Hot Topic. I picked up a one of each hot topic exclusive for anyone that needs them, and I was able to get the box for BHM too.
  9. Finally found a Kmart strip after four trips since these started showing up. Of course Muta Mikey was gone, but they did have Kraang at least. Found the TRU ones at 3 locations, I thought the paint apps weren't terrible. The Ralph/April packs were the worst, mainly because of April; but I only have 2 blind bag Mikes to go off of for comparison. I'm looking for a Muta Ralph and Muta Mike, I have a Kraang and a Muta Leo if anyone wants to trade.
  10. I'm really in need of the TRU set from this line. I've struck out at 5 TRUs and their website is sold out; I was hoping to get one for someone as a Christmas gift. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. I found these at two out of four Gamestops by me(one in NJ and one in PA). One was full and one had 17, both had completely different order of figures. Then yesterday my closet Gamestop had two cases of these, and they were in the exact same order! They were apparently put out the night before and untouched. The order was from front to back: Illusive man Wrex x2 Liara x2 Jane Doe x2 Ashley x2 John Doe x3 Garrus x3 Tali x3 I thought this was strange, especially after Arnim's comment about the box and blind bags being separate. I tried talking to the guy who rang me up about it to get more info, but he was less than helpful...and was in the middle of bidding war on ebay too. It makes me wonder about how the bags come separately. Maybe there is an order to them and it depends on how they are opened and put into the box? Either way got all the ones I needed plus a couple extra Illusive men. Going by feel was going to be pretty easy, with every character having some kind of unique piece, then Arnim's pictures with the accessories made it even easier. Thanks for that! My standout favorites are definitely Tali and Garrus. Never played the games and completely unfamiliar with the characters, but I really like their designs. The weapons are very cool too. I would like to trade my extra Illusive men for the TMNT exclusives Muta Mike and Ralph. Pm me if you can help.
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