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  1. The winners are: THE_CRIPPLER Dave Youbastards Smashmaster12 Congrats! Please DM me your address.
  2. Im not familiar with this Bullseye costume; but after a quick Google search I found out that there's multiple of this Bullseye. In case anyone else didn't know. So I might be more inclined to buy second a set to get a second radar piece and an extra Bullseye now.
  3. Zach was nice enough to give me extra AEW promo mates to pass along to friends. So I'm going to give them away here! I have 4 extras, sound off below and I'll do a random pick for the winners on friday.
  4. Some pics I took today:
  5. Some pics I took today:
  6. I will be there, but only on Friday.
  7. All we can see from the picture on Facebook is: Classic stealth Iron Man Ghost Current costume Spider Woman Probably Constrictor And maybe, Deathlok and Yelena Black Widow
  8. I got to go Thursday and Friday, first time I've been since 2012. It was a lot of fun, good to see Zach again. I got to meet ROB PAULSEN! Anyway, I picked up 4 of the bats if anyone needs one.
  9. I found a bunch by my parents house, but I couldn't pick up any extras. There's 3 full sets in the Flemington, Nj Walgreens.
  10. Tru Spiderman 2 pack I'm hoping the red matches pretty close the animated half mask Spidey.
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