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  1. Macross-Junkie

    Marvel Universe 3.75" Figures

    Here's a site that sells clear action figure stands... You would think some place like BBTS would carry them, but no such luck...
  2. Personally I love the idea. I've been reading Star Trek TOS comics by IDW for a while now, and they have some very well done stories and art. I'm actually quite excited for the POTA / TOS crossover. Naturally I won't buy it until the trade paperback comes out, seeing as I can't stand buying individual comics at 24 to 30 pages each, and wait a series of 4 to 6 months for the whole story to come out. But I'm patient like that...
  3. Macross-Junkie

    The Alien™ Franchise

    I know all the reaction stuff that my local B&N got in, they haven't sold a single figure, and they've had them for atleast a month and a half...
  4. I've blown so much money on Blind Box Japanese Figures over the years that I refuse to purchase anything Blind Boxed or Bagged EVER AGAIN!!!!!!
  5. I know this is a bit off topic, but I think this little story of mine might rekindle faith in some of the younger generation falling in love with Classic Trek. So, about a week ago I took all my vintage Star Trek books, IDW Star Trek Comics, and my 2 HUGE Star Trek Comic Strip Collection Books (1976-1984), over to Edward McKay Used Books & More Fayetteville to sell to get some trade credit to help buy my son some PS4 games for his birthday. But I've had a sinking feeling ever since I got rid of the Comic Strip Collection Books (I really liked them and got them for X-Mas over the past two years). So flash forward to Sunday when my wife and I were out shopping for my sons Birthday gifts, we stopped by Ed McKays, and low and behold there was a cute young girl (short boy hair cut and glasses) that couldn't have been much more than 14 or 15 years old buying the Comic Strip Collections. I stopped in passing and told her that I had sold those earlier in the week and that I hope she enjoyed them, then she proceeded to assure my wife and I that they were going to a good home. She was very excited about them, and she about shit herself when she noticed that I was wearing a U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Jerzy. It made me very happy to know that there are still those in the younger generation that won't let the past of Star Trek die. And it made me very happy to know that the books I loved so much were going into the hands of another loving fan. So maybe, just maybe there's a chance that there are some younger collectors out there looking forward to the next wave of Mates, as well as what ever else DST and Art Asylum have to offer...
  6. Based on Star Treks last 5-Pack they put out, I don't think they would do very well at all. I know the Mirror Universe set was a peg warmer at many online shops as well as every Comic shop within a 100 mile radius of me...
  7. I would love to see a Red Shirt with all kinds of accessories to show multiple deaths. Stuff like Phaser Burn Torso, Horta Burned Face, or the Over Easy Egg Monster (Neural Parasite) from Operation Annihalate...
  8. Captain Paco, with all due respect, you've lost your frakking mind. Releasing ANY Star Trek waves without atleast one TOS two-pack is ludicrus. I read somewhere a year or two back that TOS product acccounts for 40% of the Star Trek liscensed merchandise sales, with TNG falling in second, then DS9, VGR, and finally ENT. So as much as you think there shouldn't be any TOS stuff, I'm affraid you'll probably sadly disappointed. Plus just because you have some kind of itch to scratch you want all TNG, VGR, DS9, and ENT, what about us TOS fans that have been waiting for stuff like a Enviromental Suited Kirk or Spock, as well as the Aliens. Hell, I'd even be happy for an Ensign Davies Red Shirt to kill off over any of the other lines, but hey, that's just my two cents...
  9. Personally I'm a HUGE Anime fan, and I'm also a member of Senior Staff for North Carolina's largest Anime Convention, Animazement, and even though I would love Anime Minimates, I have to agree with Zach, the markets just not there for it. Granted our attendance at Animazement has increased by atleast 10% per year since the Anime bubble burst around 2006 / 2007, which would make you think that if conventions are still pulling in the cash, then why not have the merch. To tell the truth, the major draw to conventions is the Cosplay, Guests, Panels, and Artist Alley, while the dealers room is put on the back burner. You see, while Japanese fans still go Gaga over Anime toys, the U.S. market is more interested in model kits, high end statues, and highly detailed trading figures. They are interested in what looks as close to the Animated character as possible, and not a cute posable figure. This is why Kubricks produces very few Anime properties anymore, and iMen is all but non-existant. The truth of the matter is, the U.S. market has far less people truely dedicated to Anime as a hobby, and far more that look at it as a passing phase in their adolesence. Hell, thanks to streaming and bit torrent you can't even get the casual fans to purchase their Anime anymore, they rather hurt what little industry the U.S. has left and pirate it. To sum it all up, I'd love to see Anime Minimates. I think a set of Ranma 1/2, Strike Witches, or Fate/Stay Night mates would be charming and awesome, but in reality DST is somewhat familiar with the Anime toy market (seeing as they've gone to Japanese toy shows before like Wonder-Con), and I don't think we'll ever see these wishes come to fruition.
  10. My TRU has sold completely out of minimates, Star Trek, Battle Beasts, Walking Dead, Marvel, and more...
  11. Macross-Junkie

    Battlestar Galactica

    To be honest, I never had the pleasure to build one of the Revell kits, but I've heard from fellow modelers they were ridden with flaws and inaccuracies. But the Möbius kits for the Viper mkII and mkIV are phenomenal, so I'm guessing this one should stand up to scrutiny...
  12. Macross-Junkie

    Battlestar Galactica

    This ones for the fans of Classic Galactica... Did anyone know this came out. It's a 1:32 scale Classic Viper released by Mobius Models. Perfect scale for Minimates...
  13. Macross-Junkie

    Walking Dead Dioramas

    When I was doing some scale modeling with my Star Trek minimates, they came out in the same scale as the AMT Shuttle and AMT Bridge Playset, which was more around 1/32... Scroll down about halfway through this thread to see an example of the Enterprise Bridge...
  14. Macross-Junkie

    Star Wars Minimates

    I didn't read the entire thread, so I don't know if it's been mentioned, but doesn't Disney own the rights to Star Wars now? And we all know they own Marvel, and we get Marvel mates, so regardless of the situation with Hasbro, is so hard to concieve the idea that there may be a slight possibility that we may see Star Wars mates some day???