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  1. That's great! I'm abit uneasy putting them on cuz I suck really bad at putting on decals.
  2. Post pics people of the decals in action! They're so unique. Thank you.
  3. One of my favorite boxed sets ever, thanks Luke, for giving us IMO a perfect Carnage.
  4. Thanks to the LTS Boxed Set, I know have my civilian Cletus Kassidy, love how it turned out!
  5. I'm in, I put this together around 2008, before I had kids...... hair is much more grey now, lolHere's mini nerv... mininerv.jpg That's awesome! The shoes are a great touch too! If this goes on, I'll be able to put a Minimate (instead of face) on a name, hahaha.
  6. Yep, photobucket is pretty easy, just use the tags, Flickr also works but photobucke is simpler to navigate. And I love seeing Minimates of people who make themselves! Please share if anyone has done theirs.
  7. Thanks to the awesome suggestions some of you guys gave me, I was able to make a Minimate version of my wife and I! Thanks, guys!
  8. Maybe Silent Bob Hail Ivan of course you will probably have to alter it a bit I think we're on the right track! May do that possibly.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation on the prof x chair, I had no idea he had a first release, traditional chair. Now I've got another question, which Minimate had the best trucker hat/baseball hat? I'm looking to make a Mininate version of myself and aside from TWD Glenn, I can't think of anyone else that had a hat accessory.
  10. The original Prof X. Whoa! I need to look up what that looks like. Sounds perfect.
  11. His hammer's not upsi- oh, wait. It is. I see.... Small price to pay for awesome minimates though, haha.
  12. At first I didn't think I was getting some of these but I can't resist minimates, who does me think me am?!
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