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  1. I believe Zach said somewhere that even though in the display it was separate on the figure it would be a separate visor with the blast connected
  2. Any update on accessories for Cyclops? Does he come with parts to make him jacketless?
  3. Any update on when these might be solicited or a new timeline for when these might be released? Also Zach are the accessories shown the only ones they will come with? Will Cyclops have an extra set of arms to make a non jacket version? I am so excited for this wave!!!
  4. Zach, any update on when we might get to see pictures of the x-men animated wave 13?
  5. Bummer, thanks for the heads up!
  6. Can anyone who made a wolfsbane custom with parts from the New Mutants Wolfsbane say how close the browns are between the new one and that one. I am wondering if you can use the head from New Mutants with the X-factor body or if the matching is very off and it will look off.
  7. Any news on when these are going to be available? Also can we get any details on what extra parts and alternate looks we will get with these figures? I know it won't happen, but I am kinda hoping for a pair of 3/4 length pant legs for Iron Fist so he can look like the way Sanford Greene drew him during the 2nd half of Power Man and Iron Fist. I always thought that was a cool throwback to the original costume! On another note like Zach said, these may not be as up to date when they release, which is fine but I am a little sad that we aren't getting Luke's Defenders yellow hoodie look. I like that way better than the shirt and vest look but now we probably won't get that look any time soon.
  8. Any idea when these are coming out? This is probably my favorite wave I have seen in a while!!!!!!! Any chance we could get some photos of Daredevil and Iron Fist without the masks?
  9. Are there plans to show this wave at SDCC at all? I am hoping it is a street level wave as well Daredevil/Bullseye Iron Fist/Misty Knight Luke Cage/Moon Knight (With parts for Mr Knight, would that be 2 characters?) Jessica Jones/Punisher
  10. Zach, Is there anyway the Quicksilver figure might have green gloves and boots in the final figure so it is more comic accurate? Also any chance there is a Magneto and Scarlet Witch 2 pack coming at Toys r us to complete the Brotherhood?
  11. These are AMAZING!!!!!! Now the only figure on my x-men wishlist from the era is the Shi'ar Polaris, but I think that might be wishful thinking
  12. With all the great casting choices that have been announced for Daredevil, I would love a boxset or whole wave for the shows with some supporting characters. A D'Onofrio Kingpin is a must
  13. Captain Marvel Matt Murdock (With parts to turn into Daredevil) Foggy Nelson Misty Knight Spider-woman All-New Moon Knight All-New Punisher Current Dr. Strange Black Cat Lady Bullseye
  14. All these figures look amazing. Not sure if I am going to get all of them yet, but definitely picking up the PM and IF set as well as the Hawkeye and Ant-man set.
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