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  1. I just ordered my first two Figuarts , MMPR Armored Red Ranger and Dino Charge Red Ranger. I'm stoked to get them in hand.
  2. Thanos should be 325 max. I really like the detail in the armor but I would expect a more expressive additional head sculpt like a huge grin or screaming for the amount of money they want.
  3. I have to get that Cap. I have every Cap except Golden Age. Does any one have a Golden Age Cap they want to sell?
  4. Awesome video! You told the story well , I was super into it, LOL. I met a craigslist toy seller once, in a shady part of town, all his toys were in a shed in his back yard. He didnt seem murderous though, just really high.
  5. I'm loving every marvel figure shown. I did some quick math in my head and I'm guessing almost 3 g's for all?
  6. My son loves Mashers, after expanding the line to transformers we both were hooked. He's 4 years old and he will take all the mashers pieces and line them up ( row of heads, row of bodies, arms , etc) and just got to town making some crazy mixtures of marvel and transformers characters. The newest series kicks major ass, we just got Deadpool, red hulk and ghostrider. My son likes minimates too but manages to lose the small pieces within 5 minuses of playing. I think mashers deserves the award , it's really the best toy for KIDS on the shelves rightnow IMHO.
  7. Why is this so expensive? What happened to the good ol days of a " human" figure ( widow, Thor, hawkeye) being $189 - $210?
  8. I've got the following circle disks for trade space armor x 5 Infinity guantlet x 1 Team Up:Iron Patriot x1 Alien symbiote x2 Team Up:Ant Man x2 SHIELD Helicarrier Strikex2 SHIELD containment Truck x1 Dinosaur World x2 I need TEAM UP:Winter soldier TEAM UP:White tiger Falcons Wings Spider Glider Jack o Lantern Glider Ghost riders chain whip Lola
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that Deadpool looks really good? At least the promo shots look good. $230 is pricey, I would bite if it was $175
  10. Who was the seller? That way I avoid an accidental purchase of minimates plus genetically altered ants.
  11. Finally got the picture to load..
  12. I use Spice racks that I painted with a hammered metal spray paint, in a ikea detolf case
  13. I picked up the Captain America First Avenger premium format figure at a auction during stockton con. Only $225! I am more of a hot toys guy but I'm enjoying this statue.
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