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  1. It's that time of year again! We don't have baseball yet but pandemic or not, nothing stops Bobby Bonilla day! Congrats on the greatest contract ever.
  2. That looks great, nice job! I love the use of multiple Flashes for the speed effect!
  3. That looks great, nice job. I also do not use Facebook.
  4. I'll second the good riddance to the BAF, was never a big fan of the concept for minimates.
  5. Well, that's not the reveal I was hoping for as I'm happy with the original Dark Phoenix and certainly don't need another Cyclops. But some of the re-dos over the last year have been pretty spectacular so here's hoping. Still pumped for a Corsair! Lilandra and Gladiator are a nice start to an Imperial Guard section on my shelf too.
  6. I also wish Constrictor had a slip on mask, otherwise it's perfect. The colors of this wave really pop with that four color goodness. Very excited to see them in person!
  7. I really hope D'Ken is in that last pack! Can't wait to see better pics of Corsair too.
  8. I'm curious who the other two cosmic X figures are. Gladiator, Corsair and Lilandra will be nice additions to the collection. As for wave 80, they all look great. Deathlok, Constrictor and Stealth IM are the winners for me. I think Ghost' helmet might be sculpted? Looks nice regardless. Great to see a few more comic waves that I look forward to purchasing.
  9. Yeah, if this somehow got me comic Eternals that'd be great. Otherwise, no interest. Those move looks don't tickle my fancy.
  10. Huh, and there it is. I stand corrected. Can't believe I was missing that detail. 🙈
  11. No, I'm not seeing it at all. The original had a slight detail pattern on the inside, the new one does not. Are we talking about the same thing? I can't stop admiring this set. Seven villains/antagonists in one wave, that's got to be a record! I haven't even added these in with my other Spidey villains yet... I've got them by my desk in their own group. I'll keep them there for a bit.
  12. Right?! I think every baseball fan knows that day. It's like the unofficial halfway point of the season. My friends and I text BB Day messages back and forth all day long.
  13. Ha! Every July 1st they could release a new Bobby Bonilla mate. Pack him with two accessories... a smile that gets bigger every year and piles of money. Smartest. Contract. Ever.
  14. PL, this isn't directed at you, I'm just using your last post as a springboard into the general conversation that's been going on. Concerning minimates: Is there a next level though? Heroes in costumes and masks have always been the bread winner for the line, specifically Marvel and DC before they opted out. How often does any property without masks and capes really last? Besides the Walking Dead and Nightmare before Christmas I can't think of many more. And were those lines even selling or was it just that we had a large retailer willing to keep taking product? Even sci-fi and fantasy (TV/movies/video games) doesn't seem to have the pull of superheroes. I don't think minimates translate well to capturing likenesses outside of the superhero genre. Heck, even we complain about civilian characters. If we aren't interested, I don't believe it's realistic to think that a new retailer with wider exposure will turn things around and make every product viable. Sometimes it just is what it is and minimates (imo) are a small niche line that is best suited for the superhero product. Getting THAT product to a major retailer and/or getting comic shops back on board with better ordering options, I believe, could keep things rolling for a long time. But I just don't see it expanding much beyond that. My two cents.
  15. Oooh, that would have been perfect. Nice idea. Outside of the lame Miles and lack of legs for Hydro-Man i think this wave turned out great. Prowler and Molten Man are perfect. I love the non flame hands and feet for MM, thats a nice option for those that don't want to use the flames. Even though I'm not a fan of the BAF concept I really like the Spider Slayer too. Just enough details in the right places to make it work and the size is dead-on too. I really like the finished product. He was a pain to put together though, had to run the legs under warm water to get them to pop on to the t-crotch. As someone that was completely happy with the original versions, the Kraven and Vulture updates are far superior imo. I'll be making the switch on the display for both of them. Original Vulture will get a hood and become the Drago version. Not sure what I'm going to do with Mysterio. Even though the new cape lacks the inner detailing of the old one I think I like the new one better. However, I like the old clear helmet better than the new silver one. With the new one being one solid piece it's an all or nothing scenario. Either way it's another nice figure from this wave. Overall I'm very happy with this assortment and i hope we get more like it.
  16. That's a pretty weak point considering how hard they are to find at any Walgreens. They may be top 20 in overall sales but that ranking wasn't earned on the merits of how they handle minimates. Their distribution is terrible at best. To the point of the thread, I ordered a set and the extra Multiple Man 2 pack. I can't wait to see them in September! While I normally don't feel the need for multiple Madrox, having 3 for this grouping of the 90's team feels right. Plus I wanted to support the exclusive 2 pack in hopes of getting more in the future. Looking forward to more comic waves!
  17. For those that don't want to click, it's this..
  18. I knew I'd screw that up. 😕 I would gladly purchase that PBS 4-pack. A Mister Rogers figure would be outstanding, great idea.
  19. Strong Guy for the win! That's a pretty neat baf, can't wait to see how that chest piece works. This wasn't a set I needed but getting the team in one wave is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Two comic waves back to back and I'll be getting them both! Feels like old times. Keep those comic sets flowing DST. 👍
  20. How did this not make the front page from Toyfare?! I think I need to own this... I always loved watching his show, still do. Never in a million years thought they'd make an action figure. Sold!
  21. I could go for something like that. I especially like the inclusion of Attuma. I'd love a Whizzer from that era. If the wave had more villains I'd be happy with that too. Either way is good for me.
  22. An Avengers wave with as many villains as 77 would be amazing.
  23. I'm going to throw a wild guess for classic Avengers. I think we could get a few of the missing characters people have been asking for. Maybe a Hellcat or Jocasta or Swordsman or even a FA Wonder Man. Mantis would fit that list too. Regardless, I'm excited to see what's coming. I'm very glad comic waves are rolling out frequently again, that's what got me into this line from the start.
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