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  1. It's that time of year again! We don't have baseball yet but pandemic or not, nothing stops Bobby Bonilla day! Congrats on the greatest contract ever.
  2. That looks great, nice job! I love the use of multiple Flashes for the speed effect!
  3. That looks great, nice job. I also do not use Facebook.
  4. I'll second the good riddance to the BAF, was never a big fan of the concept for minimates.
  5. Well, that's not the reveal I was hoping for as I'm happy with the original Dark Phoenix and certainly don't need another Cyclops. But some of the re-dos over the last year have been pretty spectacular so here's hoping. Still pumped for a Corsair! Lilandra and Gladiator are a nice start to an Imperial Guard section on my shelf too.
  6. I also wish Constrictor had a slip on mask, otherwise it's perfect. The colors of this wave really pop with that four color goodness. Very excited to see them in person!
  7. I really hope D'Ken is in that last pack! Can't wait to see better pics of Corsair too.
  8. I'm curious who the other two cosmic X figures are. Gladiator, Corsair and Lilandra will be nice additions to the collection. As for wave 80, they all look great. Deathlok, Constrictor and Stealth IM are the winners for me. I think Ghost' helmet might be sculpted? Looks nice regardless. Great to see a few more comic waves that I look forward to purchasing.
  9. Yeah, if this somehow got me comic Eternals that'd be great. Otherwise, no interest. Those move looks don't tickle my fancy.
  10. Huh, and there it is. I stand corrected. Can't believe I was missing that detail. 🙈
  11. No, I'm not seeing it at all. The original had a slight detail pattern on the inside, the new one does not. Are we talking about the same thing? I can't stop admiring this set. Seven villains/antagonists in one wave, that's got to be a record! I haven't even added these in with my other Spidey villains yet... I've got them by my desk in their own group. I'll keep them there for a bit.
  12. Right?! I think every baseball fan knows that day. It's like the unofficial halfway point of the season. My friends and I text BB Day messages back and forth all day long.
  13. Ha! Every July 1st they could release a new Bobby Bonilla mate. Pack him with two accessories... a smile that gets bigger every year and piles of money. Smartest. Contract. Ever.
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