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  1. That's a pretty weak point considering how hard they are to find at any Walgreens. They may be top 20 in overall sales but that ranking wasn't earned on the merits of how they handle minimates. Their distribution is terrible at best. To the point of the thread, I ordered a set and the extra Multiple Man 2 pack. I can't wait to see them in September! While I normally don't feel the need for multiple Madrox, having 3 for this grouping of the 90's team feels right. Plus I wanted to support the exclusive 2 pack in hopes of getting more in the future. Looking forward to more comic waves!
  2. For those that don't want to click, it's this..
  3. I knew I'd screw that up. 😕 I would gladly purchase that PBS 4-pack. A Mister Rogers figure would be outstanding, great idea.
  4. Strong Guy for the win! That's a pretty neat baf, can't wait to see how that chest piece works. This wasn't a set I needed but getting the team in one wave is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Two comic waves back to back and I'll be getting them both! Feels like old times. Keep those comic sets flowing DST. 👍
  5. How did this not make the front page from Toyfare?! I think I need to own this... I always loved watching his show, still do. Never in a million years thought they'd make an action figure. Sold!
  6. I could go for something like that. I especially like the inclusion of Attuma. I'd love a Whizzer from that era. If the wave had more villains I'd be happy with that too. Either way is good for me.
  7. An Avengers wave with as many villains as 77 would be amazing.
  8. I'm going to throw a wild guess for classic Avengers. I think we could get a few of the missing characters people have been asking for. Maybe a Hellcat or Jocasta or Swordsman or even a FA Wonder Man. Mantis would fit that list too. Regardless, I'm excited to see what's coming. I'm very glad comic waves are rolling out frequently again, that's what got me into this line from the start.
  9. Zach said there would be mates for Endgame on the "Best Of" thread a day or two ago.
  10. Very curious to hear more about this. Hoping it's classic.
  11. Ha, me too. 👍 The second I pulled it out of the box I thought "hey, that's Ralph!" It works great.
  12. No, you're right. For classic comic look it should definitely be gold or yellow. Translucent wouldn't fit with that, though I admit I haven't seen the modern version. Not sure if it's different or not. Man it's nice to see a comic wave thread rolling along again. I thought about this wave all day.
  13. That's a good point. Most of the redos in this wave are pricey. It's cool that people can get them at normal price with this set. DST covered all the bases with this lineup, something for everyone. I've had a zombie Vulture sitting here for a while now waiting to be turned into the Drago version. At this point it'd be easier to get the new one and save myself the hassle of trying to match paints. So if I'm now buying three of the packs, might as well grab the fourth to complete that neato Spider-Slayer. Looks like I'm in for the set!
  14. I hope not. Looking back on the translucent Torch from the FF series (was that 48?) It's kind of hard to make out details. Maybe the flame attachments could work? To be honest though, I plan on losing those the minute I open the pack.
  15. Prowler and Molten Man, hurrah! That Spider Slayer looks pretty cool too, can't wait to see the whole thing. The updated figures look good, I really like the hair choice for Hydro-Man. As someone that prefers yellow over gold for minimates (yes, even on the golden avenger) it's not bothering me with Molten Man. I thought it would but I like my first look at that figure. 👍 I'm definitely down for the Molten Man and Prowler packs. Not sure if I'll buy the rest as I already have versions I'm happy with. Guess it'll come down to how bad I want the Spider Slayer vs buying packs I don't need to get him. Regardless, it is a great looking wave. Nice job DST.
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