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  1. Joshua30

    Amazing Spider-Man 2 Minimates

    Well mom and dad are allowing me to get the Toysrus assortment of The Amazing SpiderMan 2 MiniMates, started ith SpiderMan MiniMates and ending with Amazing SpiderMan 2 MiniMates! Got Flashback SpiderMan & Max Dillon yesterday and hopefully I'll get the other two packs today.
  2. Joshua30

    Tru 17

    Well, I managed to find the Superior SpiderMan/Ultimate Electro two pack. Mom and dad say ok as for that and dad will pick it up for me today on his way home!
  3. Joshua30

    Marvel Minimates Wave 51: Marvel NOW!

    Well, change of plans. A comic book store of mine has ordered me my three two packs from wave 51 and I'll be picking them up tonight!
  4. Joshua30

    Marvel Minimates Wave 51: Marvel NOW!

    Mom and dad are allowing me to get Marvel MiniMates wave 51, but since the comic book stores near me in PA don't have them, mom and I will order them from Luke's Toy Store site
  5. Joshua30

    Iron Man 3 Minimates -

    YES! I called a Toysrus in New Jersey and they have all four two packs and they are on hold as my mom will pick them up on her way home tonight! So I'll be getting my Iron Man 3 Toysrus set tonight!
  6. Joshua30

    Iron Man 3 Minimates -

    Well, my comic book store is not getting wave 49 in. So, I have to keep trying until Toysrus gets their set in
  7. Joshua30

    Iron Man 3 Minimates -

    Maybe I can get the exclusives before I leave on my big trip starting April 24 until May 4
  8. Joshua30

    Iron Man 3 Minimates -

    My mom and dad are allowing mebto get the Iron Man 3 MiniMate wave as my final set. Really happy they are allowing me as I just love the movie MiniMates!
  9. Joshua30

    TRU wave 15

    Yes! I got my three two packs from wave 15 today after dad picked me up from my volunteer work! I love all three two packs!
  10. Joshua30

    TRU wave 15

    Well I just called the Toysrus near me and they have all of wave 15! So they have the following on hold for me and with any luck, my dad will pick them up for me on his way home tonight! Nova Flame Human Torch/Annihilus transforming Thing/Herald Silver Surfer Firelord/Airwalker
  11. Joshua30

    Marvel 'Best of ' wave

    I must say this looks like a very nice new Best of Wave indeed. I would try to get them all, but I promised mom and dad I'd stop getting them. Luckily I showed mom the picture of them and she said I can get the Hulk/Loki two pack, plus the fact Hulk and be transformed into Bruce Banner is a nice addition. That one will be my last MiniMate two pack. I gave my promise and I'm sticking to it. Now, if I could only find a way to get Blaxk Panther & 90s Storm.