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  1. My main pull into Minimates was the MvC3 line, but I've bought The X-Files ones, Big Bang Theory, Peter Pan, Thundercats, Spongebob, some Ghostbusters, the majority of the TMNT line and the odd other one. TMNT was ended just as it was about to get really good, Spongebob continuation seems like a no hoper, Pan was unfinished (those dang missing lost boys), and the X-Files release was so long ago I figured that the second set was probably nixed too (I kinda have a feeling we'd get more versions of Mulder and Scully too, rather than the Gunmen or Doggett). I suppose I was hoping to be able to boost my MvC collection, as they are by far my favorites and they make up the bulk of my collection. I was annoyed at the time we didn't get the Ultimate cast (Frank West, Strider, Rocket Raccoon etc), and I figured Infinite was our chance to get them. I guess not :(. I'm not a Kingdom Hearts fan (at least not yet as I've never played it) and I've got just about everything from Marvel I'd want, short of a set specifically aimed at the 90s animated X-Men/Spiderman shows.
  2. Oh well that's that, then. Too bad, but with the TMNT 'Mates cancelled, no chance of a Buffy line and no more MvC ones. I guess I'm done with 'Mates :/.
  3. Is there anything you can say about potential Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Minimates? Maybe we can finally get Frank!
  4. That's a bummer... I was going to get both sets, but I didn't pre-order because I wanted to wait until they were both released and order together. Shipping to the UK is getting more and more expensive and I wanted the full lot together.
  5. I'm so happy about the 80s 'Mates, and while it's disappointing that we didn't get some of the 2012 characters I'd have liked (Dogpound/Fishface among others), I'm just happy about those 80's Mates! I don't know if we can expect any more waves from the 80's, as they've done pretty much every 'necessary' character, but I do feel like at the very least Erma was important to the identity of the show and should get made. I for one would love to see a 3rd and 4th 80's wave look like: Wave 3: Erma Zak Kala Genghis Frog Napoleon Bonafrog Undercover Donatello Punk Rock Mikey Slash Wave 4: Leatherhead Vern Burne Dask Atilla The Frog Genghis The Mad Frog Leather Jacket Raph (Ghetto Blaster) Human Disguise Leo
  6. Would be interested in seeing this too. Stay Puft looks really cool.
  7. Understandable. Though Usagi was in the original 80s figure lineup which I believe retailed for quite low costs too.
  8. Depends really. Sakurai is working on a new, unknown project. We don't know how much input he'd need to have into a Switch port, even if it's enhanced. With Mario Odyssee coming out around the holiday too, Smash is a bit iffy as to when it would conceivably release.
  9. Thanks There are persistent rumours that a Smash Bros port for the Switch is in development. The source is solid. Odds are if it's true, then it could be released around the holiday this year.
  10. Can someone list me all of the 'criteria' for the rumours so far?
  11. If this is Smash then this'd be a HUGE deal to me considering I write for Source Gaming. A predominantly Smash Bros-centred website.
  12. He's the only character to have been in the entire series so far. It sounds like he won't make the base game, but I think he'll be the first DLC character.
  13. For people who are worried about the lack of Fox characters, the guy who initially leaked the existence of MvCI has said that they won't be on the base game but they're a 'done deal' for DLC.
  14. I didn't really know whether this thread would belong in the Marvel or video games section, but I think Marvel would be more appropriate. With the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, could some Minimates be around the corner? We got ones for MvC3 after all.
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