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  1. Found the Black Panther movie Minimates today at Walgreens in Des Moines, IA.
  2. Those aren't toys. Those are Jolly Ranchers.
  3. Find the lead for my new screenplay, "Weekend at Bernies Tres: South of the Border"?
  4. boyd

    wave 74

    Hey, that looks familiar.
  5. Still hurts we never got that Plastic Man or Two-Face.
  6. Anyone need a full set of Walgreens Wave 2? My local Walgreens just restocked with them.
  7. Tony Almedia from the 24 box set? (Hail Ivan)
  8. I saw them in my local comic store and thought they were neat, but resisted buying them. Then in a Suncoast (remember those?) I found the black-suited Spidey variant from Wave 2, and grabbed it on a whim. Then the next day I went back to my comic store and bought the rest. That was 15 years ago. If you had told me then where I'd be with Minimates today, I would have said "How do you know the secrets of the future? Give me your time machine!".
  9. Thanks everyone! And a happy late birthday to Luke and Jason!
  10. Oooh, camouflage Zartan. Or bluish-green Zartan in homage to his color-changing roots. Hurry up and finish Zartan so you can get started on Zartan variants. Have fun at Disney!
  11. Dang. Very nice for a WIP. An Ares chestpiece would be perfect for Zartan's body-armor tank top.
  12. Seconded. Even the Wizard got a figure from the 90's Fantastic Four line.
  13. Marvel branded lunch meats coming in 2017. Will launch with Sliced Spider-Ham and Fantastic Franks as the first products.
  14. That is indeed Ultimate Green Goblin.
  15. Had the same problem about a month ago with two of my local Walgreens. Both of them restocked last week with wave 2.5 with the toy aisle reset. So there's hope. Hopefully.
  16. Aw man, I always forget about Heroclix. A Whizzer Minimate would definitely be the first Whizzer action figure. But it has to be done before Funco see all this Whizzer love and makes a Pop! of him.
  17. I don't know. Off the top of my head I think Speed Demon and the Squadron Surpreme appeared first on the Avengers cartoon. If Whizzer were to get a Minimate, that would make the first Whizzer action figure (or probable merchandise) ever.
  18. Oddly enough, the Whizzer has been on the Spider-Man cartoon as a teacher in SHIELD Academy. Complete with his classic yellow costume.
  19. Recently had two sets of this wave pop up at a nearby Walgreens. Which was great, considering they previously only had Wave 1 and I'll take any excuse to stock up on Hulkbuster armors. The down side is two other local Walgreens have rearranged their floor plans, and made their toy sections smaller, and now no longer stock Minimates. Has anyone else seen this happen at their Walgreens?
  20. Black Wid-Cho has a certain ring to it...
  21. Very jealous of that new piece, Shane.
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