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  1. When is the Power Rangers 6 pack getting revealed?
  2. I know they showed off series 2 with the remaining MMPR rangers, but where is the exclusive 6 pack that was supposed to be revealed?
  3. They haven't shown the 6 pack of power rangers in the nex hex box
  4. Also becomes the Red Zeo ranger, Red Turbo ranger, Black Dino Thunder Ranger and in another timeline becomes Lord Drakkon and goes into the other Universes trying to kill all the rangers. Basically hes the most badass ranger ever
  5. Hahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks she is a terrible ref.
  6. If the look was on WWE programming then I doubt AEW would use those attires. So probably no NWO sting. There making Owen Hart figures but they had to use early attire he wore before going to WWE.
  7. I hope this line goes on for awhile that way we get alternate attires
  8. CM Punk is the one probably not in this wave since he came a bit later then most of the roster, my guess is Britt Baker. The tag team I think gets the first two pack is the Young Bucks
  9. Those vinimates look cool, cant wait to see what the actual minimates look like and the accessories they come with.
  10. Could this be the SDCC exclusive for the power rangers? Zach?
  11. Does the pink ranger come with an alternate head for Kat as well?
  12. Add me to the list, I would like a couple as well.
  13. I dont think hasbro has the rights to the movie suits or anything related to it,but I could be wrong. They did change the tengu warriors to tenga warriors for the tv series and never introduced Ivan ooze either. Maybe the metallic armor suits that way you would still be able to get the second team heads with the different mode of the blasters, or what about some translucent ones to mimic them teleporting to the command center, hell I'll even take some battle damaged ones.
  14. This, and if they do dive deep enough I might have to stop collecting the lighting collection all together.
  15. I have one, but I dont remember the circumstances around it. I think it was also the last TMNT mate made for that line.
  16. That mankind is awesome, but his attire was totally different in the new generation era that's more of his attitude era attire.
  17. I'm glad there making Black widow movie mates, but my MCU mates will still have a gap since we didnt get any FFH mates.
  18. lopez888

    wave 79

    I'm still hurting over those 80s TMNT😢
  19. That and Vince McMahon trying to replace Hogan with him. I do gotta say though I wasnt much of a big fan of his till his later years in WCW.
  20. I think your right its gotta be Lex Luger. He was a big star in wwe but never won the big one, or any other title in wwe.
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